JUDAISM INTRODUCTION Judaism is the Religion of the Jews Not all Jews practice Judaism “our...


Transcript of JUDAISM INTRODUCTION Judaism is the Religion of the Jews Not all Jews practice Judaism “our...



• Judaism is the Religion of the Jews• Not all Jews practice Judaism• “our religion”• “their religion”• Judaism is the 2nd largest religion in


3 Branches of Judaism

1. Orthodox Jews – the only kind of Judaism until the 18th

century– Emphasis on tradition and keeping the

Law of Moses

Reform Judaism

• Began in Germany • Modernize Judaism• Emphasizes ethics over doctrine

Conservative Judaism

• Middle ground between the reformed Jew and Orthodox

Practices of Judaism

1. Bar Mitzvah (boys)

Bat Mitzvah (girls)

• Coming of age ceremony at the age of 13

• Consists of Synagogue service and reception with full meal

2. Jewish Weddings

3. Observing the Sabbath

• Friday Evening through Saturday evening

• Abstain from:– Work– Driving– Lighting a fire

4. Dietary Laws

• Food must be Kosher

• Given in the book of Leviticus

Jewish Holidays

1. Rosh Hashanah (“Russia Shunna”)• Jewish new year• Special service at the synagogue• Marks the first part of 10 day period

known as “High Holy Days”

Jewish Holidays

2. Yom Kippur– Day of Atonement– Most solemn day of the Jewish Calendar– Many Jews will fast for 24 hours

Jewish Holidays

• Hanukkah– Festival of lights

• Commemorates the victory of the Maccabees over the Syrian armies of Antiochus Epiphanes

• Characterized by lighting the Menorah over a period of 8 days

Jewish Holidays

• Passover– Lasts for one week– Most popular Jewish Holiday– Seder: meal observed first 2 nights– Events of Exodus are read during the

Seder– Matzo is eaten (unleavened bread)


1. Scripture– Old Testament Especially the Torah


2. GOD• Personal • One God in 3 persons

• Deuteronomy 6:4 (The Great Shammah)


3. Mankind– Has a good and evil inclination– Mankind can be perfected by observance

of the Law


4. Sin- Many do not believe in Original Sin– One commits sin by breaking the 10



5. Salvation– Repentance, prayer, obedience to the Law– Believe they are born in a right standing

with God


6. Messiah– Will be human who is not divine– Will restore the Jewish Kingdom and

extend his rule over the earth– Will execute judgment

R.C. Sproul

"The reality in the first century was that the most intense persecution of the Christian church came, not from the Romans, but from the Jewish community.”