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  • Arabic Pancake

    French Toast

    Classic Benedict

    Turkish Eggs

    Chapatti & Karak

    Lotus Pancake

    Omelet in Bread Bowl

    Red Velvet Pankcake

  • 25

    Shakshuka; freshly baked eggs over tomato and red pepper sauce. Serve with garlic toast 25


    The Classic Benedict, poached eggs with saute asparagus over sauteed spinach and brioche toast, topped with hollandaise sauce 29


    Red velvet pancakes with chocolate sauce, raspberries, blueberries and red currants 29


    Lotus pancakes topped with biscoff spread, blueberries, and raspberries 29


    Arabic pancake with zattar, feta cheese, black olives and green olives 29


    Omelet in bread bowl; sauteed fresh tomato and red pepper omelet baked in a brioche bread bowl topped with blend american cheese 29


    Belgian waffles served with seasonal fruits and warm maple syrup 29


    The Signature omelet, sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, and scallions with american cheese 29

    Classic cheese omelet with cheddar 28 28


    Scrambled eggs with american cheese, tomato, scallions, and spinach 28


    Grilled slice halloumi cheese with spinach, pickles, onion, tomato, garlic aioli in pita bread 25


    Foul and feta cheese topped with chopped parsley, diced tomato, cucumber, green onion, served with olive oil and pita bread 22


    Chapatti and karak, chapatti bread, cream cheese and honey, served with tea with milk 29

    French toast with mixed berries, and salted caramel sauce 29 29


    Granola with maple and honey, rolled oats, nuts, baked until crisp, toasted and golden brown. Serve with blueberries and vanilla yoghurt. 29


    Turkish eggs; creamy yoghurt is topped with quickly poached eggs, drizzled with red pepper oil and served with garlic toast bread. 29


  • Lasagna Lovely Pasta

    Pasta Trio

    Caprese Salad

    New Orleans Pasta

    Ceasar Salad

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    SOUPSPumpkin Soup 25 25

    Chiken Soup 25 25

    Tomato Basil Soup 25 25

    3 9

    Ceasar chicken with parmesan crisp, fried capers and brioche crouton 39


    Caprese salad. fresh mozzarella with green onions, sundried tomatoes, and home made pesto sauce 75


    Chicken barbecue with mix green, sweet corn, bell pepper, onion, shredded cheese and ranch dressing 39


    Rocca salad tossed in balsamic vinaigrette, sundried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, pine nuts, feta cheese and shaved parmesan 39


    Chicken teriyaki over mixed greens, cucumber, red radish, sesame vinaigrette and toasted sesame seeds 39


    Margherita with mozzarella and ketchup signature 44sauce 44


    Grilled pineapple and chicken cutlets with white onion, bell peppers, mozzarella cheese, and ketchup signature sauce 44


    4 cheese pizza, blend american cheese, aged parmesan, cream cheese, and mozzarella 44


    Pepperoni with ketchup signature sauce, mozzarella, and aged parmesan 44

    . 44

    Pesto chicken pizza, ketchup signature sauce, home made pesto, grilled chicken breast, mozzarella and roasted cherry tomatoes 44



    . 48

    Pasta trio; Penne pasta with three kinds of sauce: marinara, alfredo and homemade pesto 48


    New orleans pasta with chicken, linguine, saute onion, bell pepper,green peas, and spinach in cajun spiced creamy sauce 45


    Fettuccine with grilled chicken, tossed in creamy alfredo sauce, with broccoli and mushroom 45


    Lasagna; Penne is tossed with creamy white sauce, layered in tomato sauce and ground beef topped with mozzarella and microgreens 45


    Lovely Pasta, fusilli pasta with cheesy pink sauce, capers, bell peppers, and black olives wrapped and serve hot in foil 45

  • Steak Lolipop

    Dynamite Fries

    Three Fries

    Mini Taco

    Chicken Quesadilla

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    Three fries and five ketchup sampler; batons with sea salt, wedges with parmesan and garlic plus sweet potato with cinnamon and sugar 36


    Chicken quesadilla with shredded lettuce, blend american cheese, served with guacamole and sour cream 38


    Mini taco with grilled chicken, fresh cilantro, lettuce, home made tortilla, served with tomato salsa, guacamole and sour cream 38


    Kunafa prawns; an exquisite appetizer of kunafa wrapped prawns deep-fried to perfection, served with lime and sweet chili sauce 59


    Chicken sesame; crispy chicken cutlets with sweet, savory sauce, toasted sesame seeds and green onions 35


    Dynamite fries; chili cheese fries with beef bacon and pickled jalapenos over a sizzling plate 36


    Steak lollipop; beef tenderloin steaks marinated in a selection of herbs and spices, sear and serve as yummy beef bites along with corn on the cob 75


    Orange-glazed salmon fillet with saffron rice, roasted cherry tomatoes, sauteed asparagus, and orange butter sauce 65

    Saffron risotto with grilled chicken breast, and cave aged parmesan 65 65

    Appetizers & Specialties

    Kunafa Prawns

  • Ketchup Classic Burger

    Homemade Buns

    Beef Slider

    Fried chicken slider

    Philly Steak Sandwich

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    Ketchup classic burger of american and swiss cheese, smoked beef bacon, tomato, brioche bun, paprika mayo, fried onion, lettuce 45


    Georgia style fried chicken breast, butter croissant, cole-slaw and dijon mayo, lettuce, fresh tomato and pickles 39


    Slider of beef on mini bun with american cheese, ketchup signature sauce, and home made coleslaw 12


    Slider of premier chicken breast, with american cheese, home made coleslaw, and ranch dressing 12


    Fried chicken slider deep-fried to perfection, ketchup signature sauce, pickles and home made coleslaw 12


    Philly steak sandwich, thinly slices of beef with sauted onions, wild mushrooms, bell peppers topped with melted american cheese and lettuce 45


    Homemade Buns

  • DessertLotus cheese cake 36 36

    French souffle with ice cream sandwich 36 36

    Chocolate brownie Sunday 29 29

    Pot cookies 36 36

    French toast bar 39 39

    Crme brulee 29 29

    Dark chocolate fondant 36 36

    Dark Choclate Fondant

    Frensh Toast Bar

    Creme Brulee

    Chocolate brownie Sunday

    Pot cookies

    Lotus Cheesecake

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    18 / / / / /

    Fresh Juices 18 Orange / Lemon / Lemon Mint / PineappleStrawberry / Carrot Juice

    8 / / /

    SODA 8Coca-Cola / Coca-Cola Light / Sprite / Fanta

    6 / 12

    WATER Small 6 / Large 12


    Hot Drinks

    Selection of Dilmah Tea 15 15

    Arabic Coffee 22 22

    Latte / Cappuccino / Cookies N Cream / White Mocha 17 / / / 17

    Espresso / Macchiato 8 / 8

    Americano / Double Espresso / Double Macchiato / turkish Coffee 12 / / 12

    Signature Drinks 28 28


    Hawaii Sun Rise fresh pineapple, fresh orange, line juice and grenadine.

    Peachylicious Peach puree, fresh mango and fresh orange juice


    Shasta CascadeSoda, Fresh lemon, grenadine and fresh mint.


    Arizona Mixed Fresh Pineapple, Fresh mint and Fresh ginger.

    Mojito Fresh lemon, mojito mint, soda and finished with crushed ice.

    Al Tahlia Road Fresh kiwi, coriander leaves & lemon

    / / /


    MILK SHAKE 24Pistachio & Vanilla / Chocolate Combo / Cookies & Cream / Avocado & Blueberry / Strawberry

    8 / /

    ICED TEA 8 Lemon / passion fruit / Peach

    / / / /

    SMOOTHIES 22Raspberry / Mixed berries / pina colada / Strawberry & Mango / Pineapple & Peach

    / /

    ENERGY DRINKS 22Red Bull with choice of flavor peach / strawberry / Passion Fruit

    19 / / /

    ICED COFFEE 19Vanilla Cappuccino / Classic latte / Caramel Machiato / Double Chocolate Mocha