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  • 1.Left to Right: Meme, Janes grandmother (fraternal); Sam, Janesmother; Jane; Roy, Janes father; David, Janes oldest Circa 1954

2. Annie, Janes Grandmother (maternal) 3. Alice Sanders, Janes Aunt Earline Sanders, Janes Aunt 4. Aunt Alice and Aunt Earline 5. Meme, Janes grandmother Pop, Janes grandfather in their younger years 6. Meme was a doting grandmother as well as an influential model andmentor to Jane throughout her life. Meme was a Latin teacher and spent many hours reading to Jane as well as cultivating her love of literature and the social graces of a gently bred southern lady. 7. Pop was another doting grandparent to Janeand from her stories of him, he was quite the character. 8. Janes parents: Sam and Roy, known formally as Ella Ruth Sanders Sarsfield and DixSarsfield. Sam was enamored of little children and frequently ran a Kindergarten attheir church. She was also very active in the PTA at the state level. Roy was thesports editor for The Charlotte Observer and later a reporter/editor for the Associated Press. 9. The Sarsfield family in AshevilleBack row, left to right: Roy, Meme, Jane, SamFront Row: Pat, Janes brother; Pop; Anne (Toot), Janes sister 10. The Sarsfield (immediate family) 11. Jane, 2 years old, 1932 12. Jane at 10 years old in Charlotte 13. Jane at 11 years old 14. Jane, counselor at Camp Janes graduation picture at WC,Dekoa, NC mountainspresently called UNCG 15. Jane at the top of Mount Mitchell, man unknown, so she says 16. WC jackets presented to seniors Jane, right. 17. Cliff Shoaf we always thought he looked like Bucky Waters here. 18. Jane and Cliffs wedding, Charlotte NC, August 2, 1952 19. Jane and David 20. Mama Jane what could she be dreaming of?!?Will those kids ever leave the house? When will I be able to stop gradingpapers? Could anybody have a more wonderful life? 21. Jane and Elnora Shields at Jordan High School cafeteria in Durham NC 22. Jane grading papers in her trailer at Jordan High School 23. Opening presents on Christmas Day Hilock Dr house, Raleigh, NC 24. Cliff and Jane the two lovebirds 25. The Shoafs Edenton NC, 1966 26. Cliff relaxing in his sailboat 27. Jane and Cliff going for a sail in Edenton Bay 28. Jane with daughter, Mary (Zeen) and 1st grandchild, Daniel. 29. Janes doctoral graduationLeft to right: Mary, Jane, Pat (Janes brother), Patrick (Janes nephew), Uncle Max (Cliffs brother) 30. Jane just loved living in Edenton! 31. Cliff and Jane with Mrs. Berryman who was our next door neighbor in Edenton during the 1960s. She taught the kids how to knit and we played I Spy with her on her front porch. She is 98 years old here. 32. The ScribblersJanes writing group, kind of like a book club 33. Jane accepting English Teacher of the Year award 34. What happens in Vegas doesnt always stay in Vegas! Jane with sister Ann 35. Jane at a curriculum meeting 36. Jane and John Donne, England 37. Jane Shoaf 38. Cliff and Jane eating hotdogs on the beach in Nags Head NC 39. Cliff and Janes garden in Edenton NCWhos doing all the work, Mom?It should be entitled The Construction Workers! 40. Judy Austin and Jane at Judys daughters wedding 41. Pat and Judy Austin with Jane 42. Jane at the Austin wedding 43. Jane helping Judy and Pats grandson with a project on Governor Eden 44. Jane is still grading papers in the trailer at Jordan. What would you do without that red pen? 45. One of Cliffs favorite pastimes: messing around with all thegadgets related to fishing well, and of course, the fishing too. 46. Dave and Sharons wedding with Jane and Sharons Mom, ThelmaEdenton NC 47. Cliff working in the shop Edenton NC 48. Before the days of computers, Cliff was very precise with documents and put a ruler to great use! The pipe was used as a weaning off process from smokingcigarettes all those years. He swore (well, I never heard him swear) he was notinhaling. I wonder if he knew Bill Clinton 49. Janes favorite pictures of Bones, the youngest child; born 1963 50. Young Bones 51. Bones with Cousin Leslie 52. Bones eating watermelon at Freedom Park, Charlotte NC 53. Bones at Yosemite Park 54. Bones in high school 55. Bones in Edenton NC 56. Bones at Yosemite making friends? 57. Bones in the 80s 58. Uncle Pat and Bones Black Mountain NC 59. Janes favorite pictures of Mary, fourth child we call her Zeen. 60. Zeen in high school 61. Zeen in 6th grade? 62. Zeen in 2nd grade 63. Zeen Hillock Dr house, Raleigh NC 64. Zeen, Jane, and Claudia at Dave and Claudias house in North Raleigh NC 65. Zeen with Hill and Leslie in Charlotte NC visiting Sam and Roy 66. Zeens 3rd birthday 67. Zeens 3rd bithday 68. Zeen and Bones late 1990s 69. Zeen at Boot Camp Orlando FL 70. Zeen and Bones 71. Rhode Island Christmas Ricks house Bones, Brianna, Zeen and Evan 72. Intense Zeen and Evan 73. Zeen and her babydoll 74. Zeen, Jane, Bones and Hill 75. Zeen and the Naval ReviewAnchors Away! 76. Cliff and Zeen 77. Jane and Zeen 78. Sam and ZeenBlack Mountain NC 79. Zeen and Sam 80. Bones and Zeen 81. Hill and Zeen 82. Zeen and Brianna 83. Zeen winning at Scabble Edenton NC 84. Zeen imparting wisdom to Evan, or is it the other way around? 85. Baby Zeen 86. Knock em dead, Zeen! 87. Janes favorite pictures of Hillary 88. Hillary teaching at Little RiverElementary, Durham NC 4th grade 89. Hillary celebrating Cinco de Mayo as Carmen Miranda at Little River, with Carrie and Deitra, 5th grade teachers 90. Hill in 7th grade Fremont NC 91. Hill and Daniel Manteo NC - 1982 92. Hillary teaching in Belhaven NC 93. Hill and Geoff in Edenton NC 94. Hill holding Ricks Telecaster in Durham NC 95. Cliff and Hillary in Edenton NC - 1990 96. Geoff and Winston - 2011 97. Hill and Geoffs Corgis Winston and Hannah 98. Hill with Chloe and Winston 99. Geoff and Hill Orlando FL - 1997 100. Hill and Geoffs wedding 1998Orange Methodist Church Chapel Hill NC 101. Geoff Alexander 102. Evan and Geoff 103. Toby and Hill 104. Janes favorite pictures of Rick 105. Rick and Evan 106. Cliff and Rick Edenton NC 107. Rick and Brianna 108. Rick in Mebane 109. Rick and Daniel Raleigh NC 110. Cliff, Rick and Bones 111. Brianna and Rick 112. Rick in Junior High School 113. Rick and the Dean Smith car 114. Little Ricky 115. Rick at Oval Park, 4th of July celebration Durham NC 116. Rick 117. Rick feeding the ducks at Freedom Park, Charlotte NC 118. Rick watching Dan play the guitar with Ben looking on. 119. Sam in Ricks Carmen Ghia 120. Rick and his TR-8 in Durham NC 121. Rick in Mebane NC 122. Ricks kids, Brianna and Evan hanging out clothes withMama Jane in Edenton NC 123. Brianna Jane Shoaf 124. Evan Cameron Shoaf 125. Evan Shoaf 126. Brianna didnt know what clothes pins were soshe pinned them to her hair for a new hair-do. 127. Evan and Brianna 128. Brianna inspecting Ricks guitar collection 129. Brianna trying on hats whatstyle at such an early age! 130. Evan is resting up for the next round of food. 131. Brianna sleeping without a worry in the world! 132. Brianna studying for the SAT 133. Down on the farm with Evan 134. Evan with his car like father like son! 135. Evan 136. Evan getting an early start as a rock star 137. How does this work again, Daddy? 138. Janes favorite pictures of Dave 139. Dave and Daniel 140. Sharon and Daves wedding withtheir flower girls Edenton NC 141. Dave 142. Daves first fish 143. Dave playing in the snow 144. Dave and Rick through all the toys out of the chest and got inside. 145. Cliff and Dan going fishing in Edenton NC 146. Dan and Wendy greeting folks at the front door 147. Dan and Mama Jane visiting California 148. Rick, Claudia, and Dan in Raleigh NC 149. Uncle Jerry, Dan and Ben in CA 150. Dan and Ben at the Golden Gate Bridge 151. Dan wants to see whats inside the jack-o-lantern. 152. Dan in the raw 153. Dan helping out in Raleigh NC 154. Dan getting a haircut 155. Dan and Claudia 156. At Brooke and Dans wedding in Las Vegas 157. Dan and Brooke saying their vows 158. Oliver Shoaf 159. Oliver, Cooper and Great Grandmother, Mama Jane 160. Oliver Shoaf 161. Cooper Shoaf 162. Frying the turkey Christmas 2011 163. Cooper 164. Cooper, Brooke and Oliver 165. Miscellaneous Pictures