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Exclusive Exhibition Area for

Specialist Retail at BEAUTY

DÜSSELDORF: Perfumery,

Drugstore, Pharmacy, Concept Store

27 to 29 March 2015 will see beauty

boutique Düsseldorf, an exclusive

exhibition area for beauty and bath

accessories, being held for the first

time. This means manufacturers and

retailers of bodycare products and

equipment as well as high quality

accessories will, for the first time, be

given their own location in the

Premium order segment of Hall 10 at


retailers, here buyers exclusively

from perfumeries, drugstores,

department stores, pharmacies and

concept stores in Germany, Austria

and Switzerland will find a compact

and coherent overview of the

current trends and products for

complementing their cosmetic


“The product line-up is concen-

trated on the ever more important

supplementary ranges for specialist

cosmetic retail that are generating a

noticeable increase in interest from

consumers. We are very satisfied

with the level of registrations so far

and are fully booked,” delights

Director Helmut Winkler. Separate

registration guarantees a concen-

trated sectoral meeting point for

beauty boutique DüsseldorfAccessories for Beauty and Bath

relaxed exchange among profes-


45 exhibitors and brands in the

beauty and bath accessories

segment will be showcasing their

products. The broad spectrum of

goods includes bath and shower

items, skincare products, hand and

body lotions, soaps, soap

dispensers, nail care and nail styling,

manicure and pedicure instruments,

cases, shaving, brushes, dispensers,

drugstore items, flacons, sponge

and cosmetics bags, oils, perfumes,

applicator brushes, mirrors, jewellery

and leather goods.


visitors will be able to tap into useful

synergies and view other supple-

ments to their range from the fields

of make-up, nail design, skincare,

booth technology and also attend

interesting specialist lectures from

the fields of science and practice.

50,000 trade visitors come to this

leading international fair for profes-

sional cosmetics to gather informa-

tion from the 1,400 exhibitors and

brands in the fields of cosmetics,

nail, foot, wellness and spa.

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COSMOPROF 2015 has setitself some ambitious targets.The 48th edition will take

place in Bologna - Cosmoprof from20th-23rd March and Cosmopackfrom 19th-22nd March – and, morethan ever before, will style itself asthe quintessential internationalbeauty trade fair, the centre fortrends and for information about theglobal cosmetics world. Theexhibition will be celebrating 150countries taking part in Cosmoprofwith the “150 ways to nourishbeauty” project, the perfect tie-inwith Expo Milano 2015. Encapsu-lated by the advertising campaignfeaturing a woman draped in flags,the project will focus particularly onethnic beauty and on the diverseinterpretations of the concept ofbeauty in different cultures.

The event will extend over the entireBologna fair district and will featurethe very best Italian and internationalbusinesses, underlining its world-wide prestige and renown. The 24national collectives from theprevious edition will be joined thisyear by some new participants,including the United Arab Emiratesand the Netherlands, offeringcompanies and distributors takingpart in the event more businessopportunities in the major worldmarkets.

Exhibitors taking part in the event willbe interested to hear thatCosmoprof is organising theCosmoprof Road Show, a series ofinternational presentations about thefair, in partnership with chambers ofcommerce and embassies in variouscountries. The aim behind this is torevive and maintain the level of

foreign participation year on year,which is essential in order forbusinesses to meet and grow. Thisyear road shows have been held inSouth Africa, Qatar-Doha, Germany,Morocco, the USA, Peru and Korea.The International Buyer Programmewill have even more to offer thisyear, involving 25 regions of theworld and guaranteeing exhibitingcompanies direct contact withoperators interesting in buying fromdifferent countries.

A lot of attention will be devoted toinnovations in the hair sector. Nowin its sixth edition, On Hair will bestaging the world’s most eagerlyawaited hair show, which willinclude designers of internationalrenown. Some of the mostinfluential hair designers will bereturning to stage spectacular showsand showcase cutting-edge styleson the state-of-the-art catwalks.There will also be plenty of HairForum workshops looking at howItalian excellence has achieved greatsuccess abroad, with in-persontestimonials from eminent figures inthe hair sector.

Hair Ring, now in its fifth edition, willbe organised in partnership with theCamera Italiana dell’Acconciatura(Italian Chamber of Hairdressing) andwill see young talents taking theirturn on the stage. This will be aperfect launch pad for newdesigners, who will be able to showCosmoprof’s international audiencetheir art and creative energy.Initiatives for the beauty sectorinclude a brand-new projectdedicated to the “Spa Experience”.The extra exhibition space reservedfor this major sector will house an

“International SPA Symposium”, aforum involving the most influentialtrade publications and relatedassociations.There will also be workshops andseminars for operators in theperfumery sector, which will focuson the future of the perfumerymarket in Italy and in the majormarkets worldwide.

There will be special exhibition areasto meet the various business needsof every company. The ExtraordinaryGallery, which brings together themost cutting-edge internationaltrends, will be the ideal showcasefor launching exclusive productsand introducing high-end cosmeticsand beauty firms. Spot on Beauty,dedicated to small companiesmaking innovative niche products,will also be back. And for the firsttime Cosmoprof Bologna 2015 willbe hosting the Green Village, aspecial area inside the paviliondedicated to companiesspecialising in natural and organicproducts.

New features for the upcomingedition include the Multi-CulturalBeauty Pavilion. This exhibition area isdedicated to companies makingethnic-specific products, a sectorwhich is showing significant growthwithin the international economiclandscape.

There will also be plenty of newfeatures and initiatives atCosmopack, the “show within theshow”. This landmark internationalevent dedicated to the beautysector’s production chain will opena day ahead of Cosmoprof, givingexhibitors from the packaging sector


150 ways to “nourish beauty” -the perfect tie-in with Expo Milano 2015

an opportunity for networking withthe 2,000 or so companiesexhibiting finished products atCosmoprof.

The 2015 edition will witnessincreased participation by busi-nesses from the raw materials andpackaging sectors, makingCosmopack the most completeforum for evaluating the conditionand the market of the entirecosmetics production chain.Once again in 2015 Cosmoprof willcement its role as the not-to-be-missed event for exploring the futureand the trends of the packaging andcontract manufacturing world,thanks to the packed programme ofTrend Forums and the involvementof the most influential business trendforecasters.

Cosmopack Factory will also bereturning for the third time. This yearit will be dedicated to mascara andwill reproduce the product’s entiremanufacturing chain. Following thesuccess of the 2014 edition, TheWall Eco-Beauty Edition will rewardthe most innovative and on-trendproducts exhibited at the event,with particular emphasis on eco-sustainability.

COSMOPROF WORLDWIDEBOLOGNA is the leading interna-tional B2B event for companies andprofessional operators in the beautysector.

207,238 visitors attended the 2014edition, including 59,319 fromabroad. More than 250,000products were exhibited by 2,450exhibitors from 69 countries.

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JD Institute of Fashion Technology recently celebrated its 10thconvocation ceremony for

fashion, jewellery and interiorstudents of degree and diplomacourses. It was a day of rejoice, ofaccomplishments, of learning andcelebrations. The ceremony wasgraced with the presence ofcelebrity designer Mr. Rohit Bal as thechief guest along with Mr.Chandrakant Dalal, Founder andPresident and Mr. RC Dalal, ExecutiveDirector, JD Institute of FashionTechnology.

Mr. Bal shared his experience of twoand half decades and gave thebudding designers insights into theworld of design. I wish to bepresent at every convocationceremony of jediiians and see themprogressing with time. During mymentorship, I have seen some

serious potential among thesestudent designers and I am sure thatthey will make a mark in the designindustry”, said Mr. Rohit Bal.

Mr. RC Dalal, Executive Director said,‘Our aim is to provide an optimumlevel of exposure to all the studentsnot just at a national platform but onthe international map. I wish all myjediiians best of luck for their futureand I hope to see more names likeRocky S, Falguni & Shane Peacock,Gaurav Chhabra and Maheka Mirpuriamong others making a mark in theworld of design’.

Ending the session on a high note,The President of the institute, Mr.Chandrakant Dalal enlightened thestudents with his views of being anachiever and said, “I believe all youneed is a little imagination and thewillingness to work hard at

10th Convocation Ceremony of JD Institute ofFashion Technology!

converting your imagination intosuccess. It is important to developand articulate your imaginationwhich is your unique way of lookingat the world. That is your singlebiggest gift. Real achievers work hardat mastering their craft to make theirimagination come alive”. The

ceremony came to a conclusionwhere students were left feelingnostalgic combined with a sense ofpride. They were joyous at theopportunities that are to come intotheir life and yet sad that theirjourney of college life had come toan end. Thus, it was a day of HappyGoodbyes!

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Raaga Professionals, the Salonbrand of FMCG conglomerateCavinKare has launched the

ProBotanix Hair Care Range thatincludes 5 new variants designed tocater all hair types. Customers cannow experience this range ofproducts across all leading salons inthe country.

PROBOTANIX RANGE is carefullydesigned to provide solution forthinning hair, protection to coloredhair, Restoring dry and damaged hair,smoothing frizzy hair and effectivedandruff remedy. Ingredients foreach of the shampoo are individuallycombined to deliver the best anddesigned to suit different hair needsand climatic conditions.


ProBotanix Volume Essence Range

of shampoos and conditioner isdesigned to give bounce andvolume to thinning/fine hair. Mainingredients such as Green appleextracts and Provitamin B5 complex,with natural polyphenol compoundsprovide volume and bounce to finehair. In addition to preventingexcessive oil accumulation,Provitamin B5 penetrates the hairshaft and promotes hair growth.


Color Protect range from ProBotanixprovides protection to color treatedhair for long-lasting color retention,lasting up to 60 washes. The mainingredient Sunflower, along withsilicones and colour protectmolecules forms an external photoprotective seal around the hair shaft,thereby protecting the hair colourfrom damaging UV rays.


The Repair & Nourish range providesextra health and nutrients to repairdry and damaged hair. Consisting ofwheat micro protein, this rangeworks best on hair damaged due tochemical and environmental factors.Wheat protein conditions the hair,and with its moisture retainingproperties, greatly improves thesoftness and shine of hair.


The Anti-Frizz range from theProBotanix Range provides naturalshine and life to dry frizzy hair.ProBotanix's Anti-Frizz range ofShampoos and conditionerssmoothens the hair root to tip. SheaButter, being the hero ingredient forthis range, is a natural butter thatnourishes, softens and protects the

Five new variants of the ProBotanix Rangeintroduced to suit all hair needs

hair while also giving it a healthyshine. The Special Amino-SiliconeBlend used in this formula helps inmaking the hair less porous andincreases resistance to damage.


ProBotanix Anti-Dandruff rangecleanses and purifies the scalp,ridding of dandruff and scalp-flakingand itching. The anti-fungal andantiseptic properties of Tea-Tree Oilinfused in this range helps washaway scalp impurities and vitalizeseach strand.

The blend of Menthol also cools the

scalp. The Shampoos are available in

pack sizes of 1000 ml and 200 ml;

the conditioners are available in pack

sizes of 350 ml and 1000 ml at all

leading salon outlets.

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After your skin is inflamed, adark mark may be leftbehind. Find out how to

treat spots of hyperpigmentation.

When you have acne, an infection, arash, or some other skin problem,you're probably anxious for it toclear up. Yet even after thesecomplexion woes heal, they mayleave a visible reminder that theywere once there — a dark mark onyour skin.

"Dark marks and scars are the resultof inflammation and injury to theskin," says Susan Massick, MD, adermatologist with the Ohio StateUniversity Medical Center inColumbus. "This inflammationinduces melanocytes, the pigment-producing cells of the skin, toproduce more melanin, whichresults in darkening in the areas ofinflammation. The dermatologic termfor this is post-inflammatoryhyperpigmentation, or PIH."

Older people may also experiencedark marks from hyperpigmentation,commonly called liver spots or agespots, but these are related to sunexposure.

Dark Mark: About PIH

Acne, the most common skincondition, is often to blame forhyperpigmentation. "When an acnepimple or blemish resolves, it can

leave these dark marks," says Dr.Massick. The hyperpigmented scarsare not permanent, but they can beslow to fade. In fact, an acne markmay persist for as long as three to sixmonths after the pimple hasdisappeared.

If you develop acne marks or otherdark spots on your skin, be patient."Much can improve just with time,"says Massick. She also stresses howimportant it is to avoid a lot of sunexposure because ultraviolet lightinduces continued melaninproduction, which can darken skinspots. "I advise patients to be veryconsistent with sun protection —and with sun avoidance if possible,"Massick adds.

Treating Hyperpigmentation

While over-the-counter (OTC)products with alpha and betahydroxy acids may help fadehyperpigmentation spots, Massick

How to Fade a Dark Mark?

says the ingredient that provides themost benefit is hydroquinone. It’savailable in different strengths — aprescription strength of 4 percentand OTC products in the 1 to 2percent range.

Keep in mind that even an OTChydroquinone product must beused carefully, and you need tofollow the instructions. Massick saysthat the U.S. Food and DrugAdministration has consideredremoving most of the OTChydroquinone products from storeshelves because of safety concerns.Before you use an OTC "fade cream"or other treatment for hyperpigmen-tation, talk to a dermatologist, whocan provide patient safety informa-tion and teach you how to properlyuse the product. A dermatologistmay also suggest a prescriptionstrength treatment that is moreeffective.

People may also seek professional

skin treatments to fade dark markson their skin. However, Massick saysthat although procedures like achemical peel or microdermabrasioncan help alleviate some skinproblems, "some patients mayexperience PIH from the proceduresthemselves. I advise patients not tobe overly aggressive with pursuingthese in the beginning."

Properly treating acne will helpprevent acne marks from scarring theskin. "If acne isn’t controlled,patients will experience morebreakouts, more blemishes, andmore PIH," says Massick. Protectingyourself from the sun and workingwith a dermatologist can further helpyou prevent and lessen other darkmarks on your skin.

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Quality Professional productsfor Salons with aneconomical price.

Published on 7th Nov, 2014 ,4:00PM

With the bridal season in full sway,we find salon owners and stylistsopting out for new products andservices for their customers to havea different experience than thetraditional products and services.

But as we are aware, the industrydemands more and better productsfor quality treatments andmakeovers.

BeautyBazaarpro.com introduces anall-new revolution in traditional hairspas with a non surgical botoxoption of hair spas for an all newrejuvenation and regenerating theyouth of your hair. Advanced Hair

Care through Abril Et Nature- QualityProfessional products from Italy.

The benefits provided to hair are theresult of the synergistic action of theset of active ingredients that makeup the line and various actions thatunite to render optimum treatmentand finish results.

Intense stem cells treatment in theleading products are :Cell InnoveGold LiftingAge Reset

The presence of extensivelyresearched ingredients is present inall the three products to helpdevelop and improve the health andlongevity of hair, and as a result, weobtain a regenerated hair fibre, witha young, healthy and shiny appear-ance.

- It rejuvenates the hair fibre from inside.- Hair fibre recovers the brightness, touch and shine typical of a young hair.

The main action in the Abril Botox treatments is to increase the thickness ofthe fibre, fill its interior and increase the volume of hair.It also has a rejuvenation effect for a longer period.

Salons across India have been using and recommending their stylists andtechnicians to adhere to the all-new treatments of hair spas for better qualityresults.

Botox Hair Spas -The Revolutionary HairSpas in India with Stem Cells

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2015 seesBEAUTY


4th Decade

2015 seesBEAUTY


4th Decade>>>>14 |January-February 2015 | Beauty & Fashion World

Page 15: Jan feb2015


With 1,400 exhibitors and brands BEAUTY offers the world’s largestrange in the sector. On display here will be products, treatments,trends and innovations. Boasting 60,000 square metres of hall

space BEAUTY also occupies a pole position. Despite the event’s size the

specialist themes of cosmetics,foot, nail, wellness and spa arearranged coherently in four halls. Allcompanies, special themes anditems on the specialist programmecan be reached over shortdistances within the exhibition halls.

The carefully designed setting withrelaxation zones, cafés andrestaurants also makes visiting thetrade fair a comfortable affair.

Make-Up and Fashion in FocusAt the German and InternationalMake-Up Championships BEAUTYlooks to tried and tested collabora-tions with fashion labels anddesigners.

Outfits for the upcoming competi-tions will come care of Colognedesigner Marion Muck with eveningwear focusing on the “SpecialEvent” theme and bridal wear

themed under the heading “Today’sBride”. Participants will be asked tocreate sleek, modern and yet stillexpressive make-up. Furthermore,the fashion show “fashion meetsbeauty” held daily each afternoonwill inform visitors on the currenttrends for Spring and Summer 2015.


The BEAUTY Talk featured at theMeeting Point in 2015 will literally bein “high” spirits when it is host to thefamous and popular catwalk coachJorge González. He is renowned forhis extravagant styling and histrademark – high heels.

Spending his childhood in Cuba hegraduated from studies in nuclearecology in the Czech Republic toultimately embark on his unusualcareer in Hamburg. He will have lotsto talk about on this topic and on

“2015 will see BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF, the leadingInternational Trade Fair Cosmetics, Nail, Foot,Wellness and Spa, being held for the 30th timenow. With the fair’s comprehensive range,high-quality setting, first-class supportingprogramme, innovative special themes andvaried services BEAUTY is ideally equipped forits 4th decade.”

Beauty & Fashion World | January-February 2015 |15

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his eventful life on the catwalk of life.


Over 30 years ago Silvia Troskarecognised the potential of naildesign in the USA and back inGermany founded her companyalessandro International 25 yearsago. Today, alessandro successfullysells high-quality products and careseries for hands, nails and feet. Forher success story and her commit-ment Silvia Troska will be presentedwith the 2015 A Life of BeautyAward. Other famous names fromthe world of nail design are alsoexpected at the Nail Star Academythat will premiere in 2015. On allthree days of the trade fair interna-tional speakers will present trendsand techniques in line with currentinternational standards in talks lasting2 hours each. What is special here is

that visitors can join in and thereforetest the presented work direct inpractice. Here every nail designerhas the opportunity to work on thelatest trends and professionaltechniques alongside their idols.


Future-oriented trends are promisedby the Wellness special show underthe heading “Future Spa”. Architec-ture students from DüsseldorfPolytechnic are currently working ona broad spectrum of design andinteriors options for the spa of thefuture that will be presented at thetrade fair. Another highlight in thewellness segment at BEAUTYDÜSSELDORF will prove veryinnovative. For the first time now theWellness & Spa Innovation Awardsfrom the German Wellness Associa-tion (Deutscher Wellness Verband)will be awarded at the fair. The

nominated products, treatments,installations and concepts will beshowcased in the Innovation Gallery.The Spa Manager of the Year will beselected in the SPA BUSINESSLOUNGE. The ten finalists will alsotalk about their future-orientedtechniques in a panel discussion.


Düsseldorf is the beauty capital ofGermany. This is where the mostcosmetic studios and hairdressingsalons are located respective to thenumber of inhabitants. This is alsowhere numerous cosmeticsmanufacturers and distributions firmshave their company headquarters.Düsseldorf is also a city easy to getaround in. Offering a range ofbrands and stores rivalling the majormetropolises but in a central andcompact location, the city centrecan be reached from the airport in

just ten minutes. It also only takesten minutes to get from the airportto the exhibition centre while themain railway station is reachable in15 minutes. An annual 50,000 tradevisitors come to Düsseldorf toexplore the city and find out aboutthe latest developments in thebeauty sector. Alongside visitingBEAUTY the make-up artist designshow and the TOP HAIR Trend &Fashion Days, also running on 28and 29 March 2015, offer insightsinto the art of make-up andhairdressing.

For further information go towww.beauty.de

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How to tackle the frighteningly large number of skincare woes thatcome with turning 30, the Internationally-acclaimed beauty brandEpique (owned by the 75 year old Alchem International) has

launched a premium skincare range designed specifically for mature skin.

Alchem International are pioneers in the field of phytochemicals thus, whatsets Epique's range apart from its contemporaries, is its ample inclusion of'Phyto-Concentrates' in its products. These 'Phyto-Concentrates' have beendeveloped after extensive research by EpiqueLabs in Switzerland and arebasically just concentrated molecular extracts of medicinal plants and herbsfrom around the globe.

These skin-loving natural derivatives much to our relief are hugely beneficialfor reversing the dreaded aging process - they act on an intra-cellular leveland are able to enhance the skin’s ability to heal, regenerate and restore

Epique Premium Skin CareNow in India

its beauty from within.

Moreover, the presence of these 'Phyto-Concentrates' in Epique productsare also the sole reason why their entire collection is able to be so big onefficacy without being hard on the skin. Also, several rigorous clinical trialsand testing of each formulation have ensured that the Epique range maintainsglobal safety and quality benchmarks which have in turned earned the brandseveral long term collaborations with leading pharmaceutical, cosmetic andnutraceutical brands from across the globe.

Epique products are available at the brand's boutiques, which are located insome of the most premium locations in New Delhi. The Epique outlet atAmbience Mall, Vasant Kunj is the brand's flagship store and has beenpurposefully designed in a minimalistic, understated chic fashion to appealto its target customer - the intelligent, sophisticated woman of the world.Also, well-trained skincare experts have also been posted at all of theEpique stores.

The experts, after conducting a careful analysis of each customer's skin(using cutting edge testing technology of course!) recommend to themproducts which are best suited to their individual needs.

The almost miraculous skincare range includes intensive revitalising eyecream, intensive regenerating night cream, advanced balancing day cream,active regenerating day cream, oil-free cleansing & make-up remover wipes,advanced UV protection cream, intensive luminescence cream and sculptingand firming cream. Regular and early use of these products will result inhealthy glowing skin which is unaffected by time. Products are available inelegant silver and white 15ml and 50ml user-friendly bottles and are priced inthe Rs. 2500 – Rs. 4000 range.

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Karlsruhe/Munich 28th October2014 – On Sunday night, the29th BEAUTY FORUM MUNICH

ended after two very successfuldays. This year saw an increase invisitors of 5% which confirmed thetrade fair ’s position as mostimportant European professionalbeauty trade fair in autumn. Theexhibiting firms were impressed withthe consistently outstanding quantityand quality of visitors, many newcontacts and satisfactory sales.

Our target of 40,000 visitors wasconsiderably surpassed, despite thebeginning of the school holidays invarious regions and the portion ofinternational visitors increased toover 20%.

In the advance sale, visitors fromover 35 countries had alreadypurchased tickets. The internationalvisitors came from almost allEuropean nations, Scandinavia andthe Middle East but also from the USand Japan. The organizer’sinternationalization strategy is clearlyillustrated by the number and originof the international visitors.

With regards to the exhibitors at theBEAUTY FORUM MUNICH 2014, thisyear’s trade fair boasted 880 nationaland international firms and brands,an increase from last year (850). Thismade for an even greater variety andquality of offers in all areas ofprofessional and selective cosmet-ics, nail, foot care and podiatrywhich filled the 35,000 sqm ofexhibition area. The portion ofinternational firms increased by over20% and the number of nationspresented by these firms rose from17 in 2013 to 20.

A noteworthy aspect this year wasthe extraordinarily large mediaresponse to the trade fair. In total, 6TV production teams, including RTLexclusive and ProSieben taff! with

BEAUTY FORUM MUNICH 2014on the road to success

“Noticeable increasein visitors/ satisfiedexhibitors/ hugemedia interest”

BiancaHeinike, Europe’s most successfulYouTube beauty blogger, accreditedthemselves and were filming onboth days. Moreover, the trade fairwas visited by over 70 mediarepresentatives from prominentnational and international publica-

tions, beauty and lifestyleblogs and online media.

BEAUTY FORUM Connect Inconcordance with the challengesassociated with becoming a pioneerin the industry, organizers of theBEAUTY FORUM MUNICH, Health

s h o w | r e p o r t

18 |January-February 2015 | Beauty & Fashion World

Page 19: Jan feb2015

and Beauty Germany GmbH,developed a new conceptsurrounding the classic trade fairareas of decorative, apparative andgrooming cosmetics, nail art and naildesign, nail care and medical footcare and podiatry. BEAUTY FORUMConnect, an offer accompanying thetrade fair, forms a platform whichencourages national and interna-tional B2B business and subsequentcontacts between exhibitors andpotential business partners. In the‘Matching Area’ in hall C3, countlesspromising conversations betweenproducers, importers and potentialdistributors took place.

Practical knowledge transfer Animportant component of theBEAUTY FORUM MUNICH is the IFC –International Forum of Cosmetics.This year 26 workshops wereoffered, focused in various forums,and over 650 professionals wereable to educate and informthemselves further on currenttopics. The forums were dividedinto the following themes; business,cosmetics, style, wellness, nail,medical beauty, foot, trends andstudent. The most popularworkshops were the style work-shop by Horst Kirchberger, themedical beauty workshops and thenail workshops.

An annual attraction for furthereducation for those in the foot careindustry is the Foot Forum at the FootPoint in hall C2 which is organizedtogether with the ZFD (associationforfoot care and podiatry). Diabeticfoot complications were this year’sfocal theme and were discussedthrough innovative presentations atthe Foot Point.

Shows and Entertainment

Star makeup artist Horst Kirchberger,master of his field, who usually stylescelebrities, entertained a thrilledaudience at the Beauty Point in hallC3 on Saturday with his show‘Fashion meets Classic’ demonstrat-ing simple and effective looks.

Styling expert Astrid Rudolph

s h o w | r e p o r t

Beauty & Fashion World | January-February 2015 |19

Page 20: Jan feb2015

(‘Schick und schön”, ZDF) trans-formed the Beauty Point into aglamorous stage. In her makeovershow, she helped three candidatesachieve a completely new look,including a new wardrobe, greathairstyle and fitting makeup.

Fashion label Marcell von Berlin wason hand to provide incrediblepieces from his current collection.

Forecast for 2015The next BEAUTY FORUM MUNICH,which will take place on the 17thand 18th October 2015, will be acelebration of the trade fair ’s 30 yearanniversary. This date is considerablybefore the start of the autumnschool holidays and the organizerpredicts that, due to this change,there will be a further increase invisitors.

Exhibitor’s impressionsMichael Ladwig, Managing Director,Gustav Baehr GmbH ‘The BEAUTYFORUM MUNICH is the mostimportant trade fair in the south ofGermany. As ever, in 2014 we werevery impressed with the trade fairand the organization. We were ableto welcome and receive many newclients at out stand and were happyto see our regular customers again.The trade fair was definitely worth itagain this year.’

Klaus Albracht, Sales Manager,Catherine Nail Collection ‘In the 35thanniversary year of the Catherine NailCollection, we are glad to includethe BEAUTY FORUM MUNICH asanother highlight of this year. Manynew clients, very interestingconversations, new contacts andsatisfactory sales were the out-comes this year. All product newsand ideas of the Catherine NailCollection were extremely well-received by the trade fair visitors.

The presentation of our new fashion‘Catherine Lifestyle’-powered byMarcell von Berlin- at the BeautyPoint was also greeted with muchenthusiasm. We are very muchlooking forward to the next BEAUTYFORUM trade fair in Munich in 2015.’Sascha Lehna, Head of Marketing,

Methode Brigitte Kettner GmbH ‘Ahuge thank you to the BEAUTYFORUM MUNICH team! This year, theBEAUTY FORUM MUNICH was notonly a great success for ourcompany, but also a joy to be ableto have taken part. Every year, theBEAUTY FORUM team doeseverything to ensure thepreparation phase was as smooth

and effortless as possible.

A noticeable increase in visitors atour stand, many interestedcustomers and a high level of qualityof conversation made this year’sBEAUTY FORUM MUNICH a bigsuccess, one we hope to repeatnext year.’Michael Kalow, Owner and

Managing Director, Wilde CosmeticsGmbH ‘We found the increase invisitors on the first day had a verypositive impact which means thatthe BEAUTY FORUM MUNICH is farahead in the field. We were also veryimpressed with the quality of visitorsand are very happy with theoutcome.’

s h o w | r e p o r t

20 |January-February 2015 | Beauty & Fashion World

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Henryk Foltnek, Owner,LUXUSLASHES GmbH ‘The BEAUTYFORUM MUNICH was a greatsuccess for LUXUSLASHES. RTLExclusive filmed at our stand forthree hours with Claudia Effenbergand we welcomed several Austrianvisitors. We are looking forward tonext year.’

Pascal Feyh, Managing Director,MAHA Cosmetics and Beautycare‘The BEAUTY FORUM MUNICH isdefinitely one of the most importanttrade fairs of the year for us. Thepublic was well-prepared andclearly treasured our premium CND,essie and Tolure products. Thenumber of visitors was also verypleasing. Overall, we reached asatisfactory outcome.’

Vera Meyer, Director, BCG Baden-Baden Cosmetics Group AG ‘Wegained many new contacts,experienced a great influx of visitorsand enjoyed several high-qualityconversations. Working with theBEAUTY FORUM team was simplyperfect and our first participation inthe trade fair was very good. Thankyou for a great and successful tradefair!’

Ingrid Bregenzer & Helga Strillinger,Managing Directors, SC CosmeticsHandels GmbH ‘First of all we wantto say THANK YOU! Thank you to allthe visitors whom we had thepleasure of welcoming at our SwissColor stand. Every year we lookforward to greeting loyal clients aswell as meeting new customers overthe course of the weekend. We alsowant to thank everyone who gaveus feedback which helps us tofurther develop and thrive.A special thank you goes to ourextraordinary and motivated team. Itis such a pleasure to work with suchan experienced and well-preparedteam. This includes our Swiss ColorTrainer, who is responsible forfurther training in the permanentmake up field, as well as the salesand office team. Thank you for allyour efforts, they have paid off andwe will be back next year!’

The winners of the championships

on Saturday, 25th October 2014 1)27. International Master Award Makeup.“Catwalk Look - Inspiration vomLaufsteg” 1. Platz: Anna-Maria Liapi(Argiroupoly / Athens, Greece)2. Platz: Karolina Zientek (Bytom,Poland)2. Platz: Dominique Roberts(Érsekvadkert, Hungary)3. Platz: Valérie Caminada (Zürich,Switzerland)

2) 27. European Masters Award NailDesignKategorie Sculpturing :1. Platz: Nikoletta Assenbrenner(Budapest, Hungary)2. Platz: Jessica Ström (Strömstad,Sweden)3. Platz: Beatrice Löffler (Beinwil amSee, Switzerland)Kategorie Tip/Overlay1. Platz: Mercédesz Kis (Budapest,Hungary)2. Platz: Jan Zimmermann (Konstanz,Germany)3. Platz: Olga Schneider (Au / St.Gallen, Switzerland)

3) 9th Bodypainting Trophy"Alte Meister der bildenden Künste"1. Platz: Johannes Stötter (Italy) ,(Model: Andrea Leichtfried)

2. Platz: Sophie Fauquet (France),(Model: George Lise)3. Platz: Sonja Wiesendanger(Austria), (Model: CarmenWiesendanger)

Die Sieger der Meisterschaften vomSonntag, 26.10.2014

4) 28. Deutsche Make-upMeisterschaft "The Golden 20s"1. Platz: Ennie Hafemann (Berlin,Germany)2. Platz: Heike Steinmaßl (Laufen,Germany)3. Platz: Susanne Brietzke (Frankfurt(Oder), Germany)3. Platz: Nataliya Podolska(München, Germany)

5) Worldskills Germany Kosmetik(Organizer: Dermalogica undWorldSkills Germany e.V.)1. Platz: Leona König, SKIN 8(Münzenberg /Hessen, Germany)

6) 2nd International German LashesTrophy"Natural Dream Lashes"1. Platz: Stefanie Pöschl (Stuttgart,Germany)2. Platz: Sonja Bogesch (Böblingen,Germany)3. Platz: Fortunata Hegner (Eislingen,

s h o w | r e p o r t


7) 6th WorldCup Nail Art“Vintage Style”Kategorie Flat1. Platz: Ekaterina Goette (Balsthal,Switzerland)2. Platz: Inge Squillace (Italy)3. Platz: Gergelyne Biro (Nittendorf,Germany)

Kategorie 3D1. Platz: Edit Tóth (Hortobágy,Hungary)2. Platz: Denisa Duksová Pýchová(Kolin, Czechia)3. Platz: Robert Klonowski (Gdansk,Poland)

The next beauty trade fair in Germanyis the 5th BEAUTY FORUM LEIPZIG onthe 25th – 26th April 2015 at thetown and fair ground of Leipzig(www.beauty-fairs.de/leipzig).

About the organizerHealth and Beauty Germany GmbHhas its holding in Karlsruhe and is aleading organizer for beauty tradefairs, licensor and developer of new,successful trade fair concepts whichare used in several countries.www.beauty-fairs.com |www.beauty-forum.com

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Clariant launches its innovativenew range of sugar-basedsurfactants, GlucoTain® with

pleasing sensorial effects, outstand-ing mildness and very good cleaningperformance for skin and hair.

GlucoTain surfactants minimizetraditional formulation trade-offs bycombining new sensorial experi-ences for consumers with newopportunities for formulationinnovation and sustainability.

The innovative sugar-basedsurfactants indulge the sensesthrough a range of individual foamstructures – from fluffy to rich – andlight to caring conditioning levels forskin and hair. The renewablesurfactant range, based on glucoseand natural oils, embraces mildnesswithout compromising on cleansing.Importantly, it creates new possibili-ties for formulators to go the nextstep in developing innovativeproducts and platforms based onsulfate-free,Cocamidopropylbetaine- free(CAPB-free) and betaine-freeformulations for a wide range ofapplications. GlucoTain EthyleneOxide (EO)-free and sulfate-freeingredients are readily biodegrad-able products with a 94-95 % RCI(Renewable Carbon Index), a highcontent of non-tropical biomass,and a good ecotox profile.

GlucoTain is available in fourproducts to suit formulators’requirements, all offering excellentcompatibility with other ingredients.

GlucoTain Clear – feel the boost offreshness. Clariant’s EO-free - andPolyethylene glycol-free (PEG-free)option for a fresh and lightsolubilizer for fragrances for all kindsof products. This surfactant offersformulations a boost through lightand fluffy foam, easy rinse-off and asqueaky-clean skin feel. Suitable forall skin types, GlucoTain Clear

provides an ideal solution forrefreshing, vitalizing showerproducts, hand wash and 2-in-1shower and hair products.

GlucoTain Clean – feel the mild sideof deep cleansing. Clariant’s deepcleanser with an emphasis onmildness. With its creamy and finefoam, it leaves the skin with apleasant, squeaky clean skin afterfeel. GlucoTain Clean is especiallysuitable for oily skin and works bestin facial cleansers and make-upremovers as well as anti-oil and anti-dandruff shampoos.

GlucoTain Care – feel the pleasure ofindulgence. This is the most tendersurfactant in Clariant’s surfactantfamily. It has a rich and creamy foam,that still remains easy to rinse off andleaves a gently conditioned andmoisturized after feel. GlucoTainCare is excellent for use on dry,damaged and sensitive hair and skin.Due to its sensory profile it isrecommended for conditioning,repair and baby shampoos as wellas pampering facial cleansers.

GlucoTain Flex – feel the freedom offlexibility. Clariant’s versatile solutionoffering freedom when formulating,and supporting the development ofsulfate-free and CAPB-free formula-tions. With its creamy foam, it leavesa smooth, nourished after feel andprovides excellent color protection.Especially suitable for fine, damagedand colored hair, GlucoTain Flex isrecommended for anti-ageing andcolor protecting shampoos.

"GlucoTain represents a major stepforward in Clariant’s pursuit ofinnovative sensory solutions andreaches a new dimension. GlucoTainis among the mildest range ofsurfactants available to formulators.Extremely mild to both proteins andlipid layers, it answers consumers’desire for more skin-friendlyproducts and their preference for

Clariant Launches GlucoTain®, a Range ofSugar-based Surfactants for Skin & Hair Care

natural ingredients that do not compromise on cleansing properties,"comments Peter Klug, Strategic Innovation Project Manager, Clariant.

Clariant’s decision to choose GlucoTain for its first global product launch inAsia reflects its commitment to the region and to offering innovative sensorialsolutions.

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Page 24: Jan feb2015

First in the personal care industry,DSM has announced thatPARSOL® TX fully complies with

all new specifications listed in theSCCS Opinions.

Earlier this year, the ScientificCommittee for Consumer Safety(SCCS) assessed the use of titaniumdioxide in its nano form, andconcluded that it is safe to use as aUV filter in cosmetic products fordermal application when it fulfills thecharacteristics specified by theSCCS. According to the SCCSopinion, a purity of =99% in rutileform and a photocatalytic activity ofless than 10% in nano form(compared to the correspondingnon-coated or non-dopedreferences) are among the mainrequirements that confirm theproduct's stability and safety.

PARSOL® TX is an aluminum-free,inorganic UV filter, made of 100%pure rutile form. Due to its unique,very tight, double-coating, it has anexcellent photo-stability and anoutstanding compatibility with otherUV-filters such as Avobenzone, andalso with acrylate thickeners as wellas other challenging ingredientssuch as ascorbyl palmitate and theself-tanner, dihydroxyacetone. Someof its distinct compatibility featuresare outlined in DSM patents.

As one of the leading sun careplayers, DSM Personal Care invests inthe improvement of the sensorial

properties of sunscreens. Asconfirmed by the proprietaryconsumer and market researchlearnings, a negative sensoryexperience is the major drawback ofthe usage and re-purchase ofsunscreens.

PARSOL® TX’s hydrophobic coatingstrongly contributes to its aestheticappeal in formulation, and inparticular, to its pleasing, sensoryfeel. Due to its formulation proper-

with Latest SCCS Opinions for itsPARSOL® TX Nano UV Filter


ties, it offers unrivalled flexibilityacross a wide range of sun- andskin-care product formulationsincluding make-up products and thelatest additions in the personal caremarket’s BB and CC cream formula-tions.

PARSOL® TX sensory benefits arefully demonstrated in DSM’s latest,holistic, UV-protection solutionssuch as “Bare Skin Feel” – anoutstanding and desirable SPF 50+


Aline Hueber, Global MarketingManager Sun Care at DSM, com-ments: "We are excited about thispositive development for nanogrades of Titanium Dioxide. We arepleased to see that its tangiblebenefits over conventional titaniumdioxide, for both consumers andcustomers, are confirmed by thegrowth of the product over recentyears. The highest quality ofPARSOL® TX is a perfect example ofour commitment and focus ondelivering safe, effective andpleasant products to the market thattruly serve the needs of consumers."

About DSM

Royal DSM is a global science-basedcompany active in health, nutritionand materials. By connecting itsunique competences in LifeSciences and Materials SciencesDSM is driving economic prosperity,environmental progress and socialadvances to create sustainable valuefor all stakeholders simultaneously.DSM delivers innovative solutionsthat nourish, protect and improveperformance in global markets suchas food and dietary supplements,personal care, feed, medicaldevices, automotive, paints,electrical and electronics, lifeprotection, alternative energy andbio-based materials. DSM’s 24,500employees deliver annual net salesof around €10 billion.

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Rejuva Minerals has announcedthe launch of two newproducts: Water Resistant

Mega Lash Lengthening & ThickeningMascara and Natural Look PressedPowder Foundation. In keeping withRejuva’s philosophy, both themascara and pressed powdercompacts are free of commonirritants like mica, bismuth oxychlo-ride and titanium dioxide and aremade in the USA.

Rejuva Minerals’ Water Resistant MegaLash Mascara comes in midnightblack and is clump, flake andsmudge resistant. The proprietaryformula is vegan, natural, organic andfree of soy, parabens and gluten aswell as non-GMO. It’s also shippedin boxes made from 50% recycledmaterial. The mascara can beremoved with warm water.

Rejuva’s Natural Look PressedPowder Foundation comes in 10new shades including St. Tropezand Bahama Mama that can doubleas bronzers or contour shades.Each was inspired by the beautifulbeaches in Florida and the TropicalIslands. The powder is silky smoothand has a natural, semi-matte finish.

Perfect for all skin types, it won’t dryout skin or settle in lines or pores.These new pressed powders arecolored with minerals and areenhanced with organic fruits andbotanicals. They are also infusedwith conditioning jojoba oil andloaded with antioxidants from fruitsand berries. The compacts are madefrom plant materials, which meanthey’re biodegradable. They are alsoOGM, BPA and phthalate free.They’re available in trial and full size.

“The new Water Resistant Mega Lash


Mascara and Natural Look Pressed Powder Foundation are both in line withRejuva Mineral’s philosophy of creating all natural products,” said BrendaHyre, Founder of Rejuva. “Our customers, including Hollywood stars, rely onus to create great make-up that’s good for your skin.”

Rejuva’s commitment to creating high quality, natural beauty products hasthe brand gaining popularity around the world, including Hollywood.

About Rejuva Minerals

Brenda Hyre started Rejuva Minerals in 2006. Brenda struggled for years tofind makeup that wouldn’t irritate her sensitive skin. She formed RejuvaMinerals with the belief that quality makeup should work with the body, notagainst it. All Rejuva Minerals products have a low toxicity rating at thepopular EWG Skin Deep database.

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At in-cosmetics Asia 2014,WACKER is presentedseveral novelties for the

cosmetic industry. Among them isnature-identical hydroxytyrosol,marketed under the brand nameHTEssence®, and BELSIL® EG 2, anew silicone elastomer gel for skincare and decorative cosmetics.Hydroxytyrosol, a highly effectiveantioxidant, acts as a free-radicalscavenger and can reduce skinaging and dark pigmentation. Due toWACKER’s new patented process,the ingredient is now available as anature-identical substance of muchgreater purity, free of unwantedbyproducts, and with a definedamount of active ingredient. Thenew silicone elastomer gel BELSIL®EG 2 was developed for skin careand make up formulations. The gelimproves spreadability and skin feel,making the skin smooth and supple.

Hydroxytyrosol, a secondary plantmetabolite, is considered a highlyeffective antioxidant and free radicalscavenger with an ORAC value(oxygen radical absorbancecapacity) of 4,500,000 µmolTE1 per100g – ten times higher than greentea and over twice as high ascoenzyme Q10. In human cells,hydroxytyrosol influences the

melanin pigments, so that the skinbecomes lighter and dark patchesdisappear. It can also prevent wrinkleformation and skin aging.

Due to these modes of action,hydroxytyrosol is a popularingredient in cosmetics. Onedrawback, until recently, was theway it was produced. In nature,hydroxytyrosol is found in olives andolive leaves and its extraction iscomplex and cost-intensive. Butnow, WACKER has developed anovel process to fully synthesize thiscompound. Its new product,HTEssence®, features markedlyhigher purity with a defined amountof active ingredient.

The controlled production processnot only offers supply security, butalso ensures that HTEssence® doesnot contain any unwantedbyproducts or contaminants. As aresult, HTEssence® is free ofallergens and pesticides. Availableas an odorless, water-solublepowder and liquid, the product issuitable for use not only in skinlightening cosmetics and anti-agingproducts, but also on functionaldietary supplements.Improved Skin Feel: SiliconeElastomer Gel BELSIL® EG 2

BELSIL® EG 2, another WACKERhighlight during the show, is a newlydeveloped silicone elastomer gel. Itimproves the sensoric properties ofskin care and make up formulationssignificantly, imparting a smootherand suppler feeling to the skin.BELSIL® EG 2 also has a thixotropiceffect. When applied to the skin, itsviscosity drops which makes thedistribution of skin care productsand decorative cosmetics mucheasier. The gel also improves thewater resistance of cosmeticproducts. It is compatible with awide range of cosmetic ingredientsand therefore offers maximumformulation flexibility.

Two other products will play centerstage at in cosmetics: theaminofunctional silicone emulsionBELSIL® ADM 9000 E and thecaprylyl dimethicone ethoxyglucoside BELSIL® WO 5000.

WACKER Presents Antioxidant & SiliconeElastomer Gel for Cosmetics

BELSIL® ADM 9000 E, amacroemulsion for hair careproducts targeting medium tostrongly damaged hair, shows aneffective reduction of dry and wetcombing forces thus avoidingmechanical damage. The siliconeemulsion provides a soft and silkyhair feel.

The product especially caters to haircare products such as shampoos,rinse-off conditioners, hair masks,and serums as well as mousseformulations. BELSIL® WO 5000 wasespecially developed for water-in-oiland water-in-silicone formulations.The product uses a natural sugar-based component, which pro-duces a mild water-in-oil emulsifier.BELSIL® WO 5000 is deal forformulating skincare and suncareproducts as well as decorativecosmetics.

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How to loseweight at homeexercises, yoga

and diet tips>>>

30 |January-February 2015 | Beauty & Fashion World

Page 31: Jan feb2015

There are various hurdles tolosing weight. Some of usdon’t have the motivation, the

information or the right attitude. It’snot possible for everyone to jugglework and home-life and make roomfor exercising or dieting. But it’s acommon myth that weight lossneeds you to join a gym or follow astrict diet. Anyone can lose weightanywhere without putting in toomuch effort. All you need to do isfollow a proper diet and exerciseproperly. Remember, ignore eitheryour diet or exercise and the planwon’t work. They are essentially twosides of the same coin. Here’s theultimate plan to lose weight withoutstepping out of your home!


The problem is that we make manybasic mistakes while eating everyday which results in our weight gain.We make the unhealthier optionwithout even knowing it. Forexample, even the food items youfind on the supermarket aisle whichpromises to help you lose weightare actually unhealthy for you. Somebasic general tips you need to keepin mind when you’re trying to loseweight are:

DON’T GO ON A CRASH DIET:While crash diets or eating very lessmight give you some benefits for awhile, the weight you’ve lost willsimply return in a few days whenyou return to your normal dietaryhabits.

EAT MORE FIBRE:This will help you stay fit becausenormally as it doesn’t have a lot ofcalories. It also makes you feel fuller,slowing down your digestion. It alsoprevents absorption of fat in thedigestive system.

STAY HYDRATED: Drinking water isanother important aspect of weightloss. You should drink 2 litres ofwater every day (that’s not a lot).

CUT DOWN ON SATURATEDFATS:Saturated fats are the kind found inall the junk food that you eat everyday and are essentially responsiblefor the rising obesity cases in theworld. You’d do well to avoidfoods like biscuits, bhujias, burgers,butter, chocolate, cheese, oil,processed meats and other junkfoods which are high in them.

CUT DOWN ON SUGAR:One of the primary reasons for theobesity pandemic is the highamount of sugar we consume. It’spresent in every single item we love— candies, chocolates, cold drinks,spreads, jams, ice-creams and prettymuch everything you like.

KEEP TRACK OF WHAT YOU EAT:Another reason we tend to eatmore than required is don’t oftencount the snacks we have in-between meals or even the mealswe’re eating. What we can do planout your meals properly so that youdon’t end up eating junk food. Youcan even calculate the number ofcalories you consume in a day withan app like HealthifyMe (which has awidget on TheHealthSite.com)which has in its database the caloriecount of every dish under the sun,including Indian ones.

AVOID ALCOHOL:‘Alcohol, even antioxidant-rich redwine, has calories that do nothing tofuel your workouts and fuel only thefat deposits around your waist.Studies have shown that alcohol canincrease cortisol levels, whichpromote fat gain, especially in theabdominal region— which shoulddefinitely be avoided when you arelooking to trim down and show offa six-pack.’

Breakfast: Start your day with milkand cornflakes, or milk and poha/upma. If you are from northern India,and are into eating parathas, you canstill have them but make themhealthy. Instead of just aloo paratha

have potato mixed with othervegetables and use less of oil/ghee/butter. Similarly, if you are fromsouthern India, you can have idlis,dosa, uttappa but avoid medu wadasince that is fried. You can even optfor egg omelette or sandwiches.

Lunch: This can consist of a propermeal like rotis/ bhakri with veg-etables, salads and a source ofprotein from dal/curd/ sprouts/ non-veg dishes like eggs, fish, chickenplus a small helping of rice. Avoidpickles and papads.

Snacks: This can be mixed dryfruits, seasonal fruits or any fruit youlike or a handful of roasted channaor kurmuras.

Dinner: Preferably opt for an earlydinner and it can be just like lunch orit can be a single wholesome meallike khicdhi, pulav, briyani.

Another important aspect ofweight loss is exercise. Here aresome you can do at home:

Push up: The push-up is acomplete exercise that targets yourchest, abs, arms and shoulder –pretty much every upper bodymuscle. Specifically, the muscles theexercise targets are the abdominalmuscles, the pectorals, the deltoidsand the triceps. How exclusivelyeach muscle is targeted will dependon the variation of the push-upyou’re going to do. Read how to doa proper push-up.

Dips: The bench dip is anothergreat bodyweight exercise forbeginners. All you need is a chair. Itworks your triceps. Read how to dodips properly.

Squats: The squat is considered tobe the ultimate lower body exercise.When done with weights it targetsthe muscles of thighs, hips,buttocks, quads and hamstrings.Not only are they great for yourmuscles but they also help

strengthen your bones, ligamentsand tendons throughout the lowerbody. Read how to do a propersquat.

Sit-ups: The sit-up has become abit obsolete now thanks to theabdominal crunch which peoplebelieve are more effective in gettingflat abs. The truth is that the sit-up isa very effective exercise as well andit works on more muscles than theabs crunch.

Jumping Jacks: A warm-upexercise, this total body exercisemakes you ready for the intenseworkout that is to follow in the nextfew minutes. Jumping jacks areperformed by moving both yourhands parallel to the ground andjumping simultaneously. The handsmust be brought down when thejump is complete. This is to berepeated for 30 seconds after whichyou can take a 10-second rest.

Plank: The plank is one of the mostpopular exercises for core condi-tioning and it will help buildresistance in the abdominal area. Thegreat thing is it requires no additionalequipment except for yourbodyweight. Get down in a proneposition on the floor similar to theway you’d do for a push-up.Instead of your palms, use yourforearms to support your weight.Make sure your arms are bent andbelow the shoulders. Keep yourback straight and hold this positionas long as possible. Try and do atleast three sets of 30 seconds each.

Leg Raise: The leg raise is anotherno-frills floor exercise that’s great foryour abdomen and obliques. Simplylie down flat on your back and bendyour knees. Slowly lift up your legsfrom your hips and bring your kneeslevel with your chest while keepingyour soles upward. Bring your legback to the starting position butkeep in mind that it shouldn’t touchthe floor. Repeat this movement 20times and do three times.

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Evonik Industries launches twonew products to replacemicroplastics in peeling

products: the specialty silicaSIPERNAT® 2200 PC and SIPERNAT®22 PC. A number of prominentinternational cosmetics companiesalready use the new specialty silicaproducts in shower gels, facial careand body peeling products basedon the prototypes released byEvonik in late 2013.

SIPERNAT® 2200 PC and SIPERNAT®22 PC are listed as nature-identicalby the International Natural andOrganic Cosmetics Association(NATRUE), a globally activeassociation for the promotion ofnatural skin care. This means thesubstance (in this case, silica orSiO2) is already found naturally, butis not usually available in the requiredpurity. Cosmetic products have veryhigh purity standards. Althoughsynthetic amorphous silica isidentical to naturally occurring silica

(such as sand) in chemical terms, itspurity is significantly higher thannatural silica due to the technicalproduction process at Evonik.

In the past, cosmetic peelingproducts frequently containedmicroscopically small particles ofpolyethylene and polypropylene."All leading manufacturers ofcosmetics and body care productsare currently working to replaceabrasive microplastics particles,"explains Andreas Fischer, the headof the Silica Business Line of theEvonik Resource Efficiency Segment.The background of this trend is thepublic debate about oceanicpollution caused by microplastics. Inaddition to plastic waste as the maincause, the discussion has alsobrought up synthetic particles incosmetics.

"The specialty silica SIPERNAT® withits high purity level is an idealsolution because it fully meets the

requirements for abrasive particles,"notes Fischer.Compared to other replacementsubstances for polyethylene, thespecialty silica SIPERNAT® alsorepresents a viable economicalternative. The production at theindustrial scale ensures economic,worldwide availability.

At the same time, customers benefitfrom Evonik's decades of produc-tion and process experience as wellas from the specific properties ofSIPERNAT®, which can be quicklyand easily integrated into thecorresponding applications.

Evonik offers two different variantsfor manufacturers of cosmetics:SIPERNAT® 2200 PC featurescleansing particles with a size ofapprox. 320 µm, while the particlesize in SIPERNAT® 22 PC is approx.120 µm. Both products have amicrosponge structure. In additionto providing a cleansing function,

this unique structure offers a majoradvantage over other microplasticreplacements: silica can absorbliquid active ingredients and scentsand carry them for release at adesired point – such as theapplication of a skin care product.

The specialty chemicals companyproduces SIPERNAT® PC grades inEurope; an expansion of theproduction to Asia and NorthAmerica is in the planning stage.Uniform specifications and strictmicrobiological controls ensure thatevery customer is supplied reliablywith consistently high quality.Fischer:

"Evonik has been a reliable partnerof the cosmetics industry for a longtime, and our silica are used in manyother life science products andpharmaceuticals. We are pleased toagain offer new and innovativeproducts to our customers with thetwo new SIPERNAT® PC grades.”

Evonik Unveils SIPERNAT® Specialty Silica to ReplacePE & PP Exfoliants in Peeling Products

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Our happy flower collection upcoming spring-/ summer 2015 is becoming bloomy-fresh! Colour combinations mirror the awakening attitude to

life which one can feel with the first mild sunrays coming out. Simple, but bold colours of the nature will be discovered new. A cool shade of

blue, fresh lemon-yellow, bright orange, soothing peach – nude or gaudy shades of pink and red. Are you keen for sun and fun? Show your

colours and spread summer mood! Contact: Tel. +1149 (0) 6051-92260, www.akzent-direct-gmbh.com

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Professional skin therapists nowhave a new level of service tooffer clients in the form of

BioSurface™ Peel, Dermalogica’sfirst-ever chemical peel, exclusivelyformulated for use in skin carecenters and spas around the world.This revolutionary product waslaunched at Korum Salon, GK Part 1-a premium salon which providesone-stop solution for all yourpersonal hair and beauty needs.

This revolutionary four-step exfoliatesystem is the first range of productsto be introduced within ProfessionalExpert Strength, a new line ofprofessional products only availableto licensed skin therapists.BioSurface Peel addresses a diversearray of conditions that includereducing skin roughness and theappearance of fine lines as well ashelping to treat hyperpigmentation,pseudofolliculitis (razor bumps),and acneic inflammation. This newprocedure offers the many benefitsof traditional chemical peels, butwith little to no post-peel redness ordowntime—a huge advantage forconsumers.

“Today’s woman is time-deprived,but still cares greatly about her skinhealth and wants results,” commentsDiana Howard, VP of Research andDevelopment and Global Educationfor Dermalogica and The InternationalDermal Institute. “Since Dermalogicalaunched more than 25 years ago, itsmission has always been to set the

industry standard and provide itstribe of professional skin therapistswith the most cutting edgeproducts and treatments so they arebest equipped to meet thedemands of today’s consumers.New BioSurface™ Peel will provideconsumers with the results theydesire without any recoverydowntime.”

Speaking at the launch Mr. KaranVohra, Director, Korum Salon said,“We are delighted to partner withDermalogica for the launch. We atKorum Salon believe in giving ourclients best and world- classtreatments for their skin and hairneeds. Our patrons are loyal to thebrand and extremely happy with theDermalogica results. Our staff hasundergone an exhaustive training tobe qualified to perform thistreatment. We are confident thatBioSurface™ Peel treatment will workvery well for the Indian skin.”

The application process forBioSurface™ Peel consists of aninitial Prep Step followed by layers ofEnzyme and Acid Active peelsolutions, which are neutralized inthe fourth and final neutralizer step.Because of the intensity of thepowerful active ingredients, specialtraining and certification are requiredto use BioSurface™ Peel.

Active ingredients include SalicylicAcid used in both the Prep Solution(Step 1) and Acid Active(+) (Step

3). As a keratolytic agent, SalicylicAcid causes weakening of cellconnections allowing for sloughingof skin cells. Combined with a lowpH, keratin bonds are loosened,creating a burst of exfoliation, whichaddresses signs of aging andhyperpigmentation.

The Enzyme Active(-) (Step 2)delivers an 72.5% total enzymesolution utilizing Pumpkin Fruitenzymes with Papain, Protease andAminopeptidase enzymes. Inaddition, Moth Bean Extract offers agentle, botanical alternative tosynthetic retinoids, while offeringsimilar effects.

In addition to Salicylic Acid, theAcid Active(+) phase (Step 3) alsodelivers Lactic Acid, bran-derivedPhytic Acid, and Sugar Cane Extract.This step brightens areas ofhyperpigmentation, helps removesimpaction plugs in follicles especiallyin sebaceous glands, and aids in cellturnover. The De.celerator (Step 4)halts the exfoliation process with ablend of Sodium Bicarbonate, YeastExtract and soothing Cucumber Fruit,Japanese Green Tea, Oat Leaf andSaponaria Leaf Extracts. This finalphase slows the activity of the acidsand normalizes the epidermis whilecalming and comforting skin andinitiating the process of skin repair.

To ensure maximum results,BioSurface Peel is recommended toclients as a series of three to six

treatments during the autumn, winterand spring months to minimize UVexposure. Future line extensions tonew Professional Expert Strength areexpected to launch in 2015.

About Korum Salon:

Korum Salon launched in December2013, is the brainchild of Varun Gargand Karan Vohra who comes onboard with immense experience insetting up and transforming start-ups into successful businesses. Thebrand aspires to redefine relaxationand rejuvenation in a contemporaryenvironment perfected by signatureKorum services. With a greatemphasis on attention to detail toensure that you look your best eachartist works patiently with you tocreate the look you want.

For further media queries pleasecontact:

To learn more about Dermalogicaplease visit www.dermalogica.in


New BioSurface™ Peel, for Professionals Only

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The Vitamin D Dilemma

Why Do We Get Wrinkles?Who doesn’t love a moisturizer with a luxurious feel? And wouldn’t it begreat if it also made your skin look clearer or younger? That’s the promise ofcosmeceuticals.

“Cosmeceuticals try to bridge thegap between what you can get atthe cosmetic counter and what youcan get at a pharmacy,” says SuzanObagi, MD, president of theCosmetic Surgery Foundation andassociate professor of dermatologyand director of the CosmeticSurgery and Skin Health Center at theUniversity of Pittsburgh.

Prescription medications aredesigned to work very effectively,but often they don’t have theelegance or feel of over-the-countermoisturizers. They’re also nottypically tailored to different skintypes, Dr. Obagi says. Butcosmeceuticals are good qualityproducts that effectively make yourskin look younger while being

tailored for dry, oily, or combinationskin.

Here are some common ingredientsin cosmeceuticals and what you canexpect from them.

Hydroxy Acids

Moisturizers that contain hydroxyacids, such as alpha hydroxy acids(AHAs) and beta hydroxy acids(BHAs), help to exfoliate the outerlayer of dead skin cells, Obagi says.

The most common AHAs areglycolic and lactic acid, but othersinclude citric acid, hydroxycaprylicacid, and hydroxycapric acid.Salicylic acid is the most commonlyavailable BHA, adds Obagi. Some

Cosmeceuticals: Combining MoisturizersWith Antioxidants

“Certain ingredients incosmeceuticals may help clear upacne and make your skin lookyounger. Get the scoop on the prosand cons of common cosmeceuticalingredients.”

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cosmeceuticals combine bothAHAs and BHAs.

You can find these types ofcosmeceuticals at the drugstore.Obagi suggests choosing a brandthat has a large research anddevelopment department to backup the quality of the product, suchas Neutrogena, Revlon, Aveeno, andOil of Olay.

Pros: Hydroxy acids help keep thesurface of skin smooth and unclogpores, which helps improve acne.And when you use a moisturizerwith a hydroxy acid in the morning, itenables other products you put onthroughout the day, such as anti-aging creams and serums, to betterpenetrate your skin, Obagi says.Salicylic acid, in particular, is verygood at penetrating the skin andimproving acne.

Cons: AHAs can be irritatingbecause they’re more acidic thansalicylic acid, Obagi explains. For thatreason, you may experience stingingwhen you use them. People whohave rosacea tend to do better withsalicylic acid, she adds. Hydroxyacids also make your skin moresensitive to the sun, so it’s importantto wear sunscreen if you’re usingthis cosmeceutical. People whohave photosensitive disorders suchas lupus should avoid hydroxy acidsaltogether, Obagi says.Antioxidants and Vitamins

There are a host of moisturizers onthe market with added vitamins andantioxidants. Antioxidants help your

skin by counteracting the effect offree radicals, which cause inflamma-tion and can lead to prematurelyaging skin and skin cancer. Theseproducts may contain C, D, E, andB-complex vitamins.

Pros: Vitamin C serum is part of agood anti-aging regimen and caneffectively prevent wrinkles and agespots. However, Obagi recom-mends buying a serum sold in yourdermatologist’s office because lessexpensive drugstore brands may notwork as well.

Cons: Vitamin C is the only vitaminthat’s known to benefit the skinwhen it’s applied topically, Obagi

says, so it’s not necessary to buyother moisturizers with vitamins orantioxidants. It’s better to get thoseantioxidant vitamins in your diet andthrough supplements.

In addition, vitamin E is a knownallergen, so there is a risk of anallergic reaction if you use a productthat contains it, she says.


Retinoids, which are derivatives ofvitamin A, have been shown toreduce fine lines and wrinkles,smooth out the skin, and help tofade age spots.

Pros: The prescription formula basedon the retinoid called tretinoin(Retin-A) is one of the best anti-aging regimens you can follow,Obagi says. However, tretinoin isonly available by prescription andisn’t available as a cosmeceutical.Cons: True cosmeceuticals thatcontain retinoids aren’t as effectiveas the prescription drug, Obagi says.If you’re looking for help with anti-aging, this is one cosmeceutical toleave on the shelf in favor of the



Copper peptides, which arebuilding blocks for cell renewal, area new trend in cosmeceuticals.They’re touted as a powerful anti-aging ingredient that can help yourskin produce more collagen, makingit look younger and plumper.

Pros: Peptides have more of an allurebecause they promise what otherproducts don’t, Obagi says.Cons: However, there’s no researchthat has shown that peptides work.“The problem is that skin is a goodbarrier,” Obagi says so the copperpeptides in an expensive cream maynot even be able to penetrate thesurface.The good news: Cosmeceuticals,such as the ones that containhydroxy acids and vitamin C, aregreat choices for your skin, Obagisays. Keep in mind that moisturizersdon’t perform miracles, but triedand true cosmeceuticals can offerthe benefits of healthier, younger-looking skin with the feel of aluxurious cream.

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Normal skin, which has agood balance of moisture,small pores and an even

tone, is the goal of most skin careregimens. Most people have normalskin, Van Dyke says, but to maintainits good condition, it’s important to

minimize its exposure to the sun. Afacial sunscreen with an SPF of atleast 30 is ideal for preventingwrinkles and other sun damage.

“Put it by your toothpaste and useit,” Van Dyke says. “It doesn’t matterif it is snowing or raining — get inthat habit so you always have it on.Incidental sun exposure is whatgets you.”

Skin Care: Quieting Oily Skin

Oily skin is identified by anexcess of oil (the technicalterm is sebum) on the

face. Some people withoily skin begin to feel

greasy only a fewhours after

washing. “A veryoily personwould feel theneed to washtheir facebetween noonand 5 p.m.,because oil hasbuilt up during the

day,” Van Dyke says.Oily skin can be an

inherited trait, but itcan also be causedby puberty, whichcauses oil glandsto go intooverdrive. Youmay also noticemore oil onyour “T-zone”because of allthe oil glandsin theforehead,

nose, and chin.

People with oily skin generally don’tneed a regular moisturizer, butsunscreen is still necessary toreduce exposure to UV rays.Choose an oil-free sunscreen,suggests Van Dyke says, one that’sspecifically formulated for the faceand are less likely to createblackheads and clog pores. “Thereare plenty of oil-free sunscreensavailable,” Van Dyke says. “Go to thedrugstore, read labels, and trysamples of different ones. There’sno excuse not to use sunscreenanymore.”

Skin Care: Soothing Dry Skin

Dry skin, on the other hand, suffersfrom a lack of natural moisture —there’s little oil to act as a surfacebarrier and lock in moisture. Peoplewith dry skin feel a tightness abouttheir face, and their skin is oftenirritated. Flaking is another symptom,but it’s not always a sure sign of dryskin. “You can have flaky skin andnot be dry,” Van Dyke says.Sometimes, severely dry skin canbecome itchy and painful, leading toa condition called eczema.

Treatment of certain medicalconditions can sometimes lead todry skin. For example, breast cancertreatment may stop hormoneproduction which could in turnaffect the quality of your skin. “Thiswill throw people into a menopausalsituation at an early age,” Van Dykesays. “Suddenly, there’s no oilproduction.” Naturally-occurringmenopause can have the same

What's My Skin Type?

Do you have oily skin, dry skin… a combo? Understanding the difference will help you know how to care for your complexion. Skin is generally classified

into one of four categories: normal, oily, dry, and combination, says Susan Van Dyke, MD, a dermatologist with Van Dyke Laser and Skin Care in Paradise

Valley, Ariz. However, your skin type can change as you age, and other factors like genetics and even illness can play a part. “It’s multi-factorial,” Dr. Van Dyke


effect; most women begin toexperience drier skin as they hit theirlate forties. To care for dry skin, usea gentle, soap-free cleanser, andmoisturize adequately. A secondapplication of moisturizer may beneeded during the day, Van Dykeadds.

Skin Care: Balancing CombinationSkin

Combination skin is a blend of bothoily and dry skin. People withcombination skin usually find thattheir oily skin is concentrated in theT-zone, while their cheeks remaindry.

Combination skin can be influencedby genetics and, again, by puberty,when oil glands increase theirproduction of sebum. Sometimes avariety of products are needed totreat combination skin. “You mayhave to treat different parts of theface slightly differently,” Van Dykesays. For example, a mild cleanserand moisturizer may be needed onthe cheeks, while an anti-acneproduct with benzoyl peroxidemight be necessary on the T-zone.

If you’re still not sure about your skintype or the best way to nourish it,consult a dermatologist who canrecommend an over-the-counterskin care regimen or offer you aphysician’s line of products. Lookfor a doctor who is board-certifiedby the American Academy ofDermatology. “Your dermatologist isabsolutely your best skin-careexpert,” Van Dyke says.

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Cold, dry air can leave skinitchy, red, and irritated.Combat dry winter skin with

these tips for retaining your skin'snatural moisture.

Dry winter air can wreak havoc onyour skin — leaving it dry, itchy, andirritated; but there are many simpleways to combat dry skin causes andhelp keep your skin feeling moistand supple all winter long. Here are10 ways to get started.

Top 10 Tips for Healthy Winter Skin

1. Invest in a humidifier. Using ahumidifier in your home or office willadd moisture to dry winter air andhelp keep your skin hydrated. Run ahumidifier in the rooms you spendthe most time in, including yourbedroom.

2. Lower the thermostat. When it'schilly outside, what's the first thingyou want to do? Crank up the heat!But central heat can make the air inyour house even drier. Try setting thethermostat at a cool, yet comfort-able setting — 68°F to 72°F — tomaintain healthy skin.

3. Skip hot showers. Although itmay be tempting to warm up with along, steamy shower, hot waterdries out your skin by stripping it ofits natural oils. Instead, take a 5- to

10-minute lukewarm shower (orbath). You should also avoid usingexcessively hot water when washingyour hands — if the water causesyour skin to turn red, it’s too hot.

4. Choose cleanser wisely. Thewrong soap can worsen itchy, dryskin. For instance, steer clear ofregular bar soaps, since they tend tocontain irritating ingredients andfragrances. Instead, start washingwith a fragrance-free, moisturizingcleanser or gel. You can also preventwinter skin problems by using lesssoap, so limit your lathering tonecessary areas, such as yourhands, armpits, genitals, and feet.

5. Modify your facial skin careregimen for the season. During thewinter months, choose cream-based cleansers, and apply tonersand astringents sparingly, if at all.Many astringents contain alcohol,which can further dry your skin.Look for products that contain littleor no alcohol — unless your skin isexcessively oily. At night, use aricher moisturizer on your face.

6. Moisturize frequently. Maintainhealthy skin by moisturizing afterwashing up. "Blot skin dry and applya thick moisturizer within a fewminutes after bathing to seal thewater into the skin," says Linda Stein

Gold, MD, director of dermatologyclinical research and division head ofdermatology at Henry Ford Hospital,West Bloomfield, MI. "It's best to usea cream or ointment in the winter.Lotions are better in warmer, humidclimates. And don't forget yourhands,” says Dr. Stein Gold."Constant washing will cause thehands to take a beating. Apply handcream after each washing, and wearwaterproof gloves when washingdishes or cleaning around thehouse."

7. Apply sunscreen — even inwinter. It is still important to protectyour skin from harmful UV rays oncold, dreary days in winter. Beforegoing outside, apply a moisturizing,broad-spectrum sunscreen with anSPF of 15 or higher to all exposedareas of your body.

8. Wear appropriate clothing. Manycold-weather fabrics can aggravatedry winter skin. "Keep wool andrough clothing from directlytouching your skin," says Stein Gold."This can cause dry skin to getirritated and itchy." Wear soft,breathable materials against yourskin, and then pull on a warmersweater. Protect your hands fromcold winter air with gloves ormittens. Remember to choose a pairthat won’t irritate your skin. If youprefer wool gloves, put cotton or

Top 10 Tips for Healthy Winter Skinsilk glove liners on first.9. Eat right and stay hydrated."Sometimes when skin is very dry, itcan be helped by foods orsupplements that contain omega-3or omega-6 fatty acids, such as fishoil and flaxseed oil," says Barbara R.Reed, MD, clinical professor ofdermatology at the University ofColorado Health Sciences Center inDenver, CO, and in private practiceat Denver Skin Clinic. "For the mostpart, however, it is important to helpthe skin moisturize from theoutside."

10. Change out of wet clothesquickly. Wearing wet clothes andshoes can further irritate your skinand cause itchiness. Be sure toremove wet gloves, socks, andpants as soon as possible.

If you still experience dryness,

discomfort, and irritation after trying

these healthy skin tips, Stein Gold

suggests using an over-the-counter,

1-percent hydrocortisone cream. "If

you don't see improvement in a few

days, talk with your doctor," Stein

Gold says. You may need a

prescription-strength moisturizer to

overcome winter's drying effects on

your skin.

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Feel overwhelmed when you wantto buy skin moisturizer for your dryskin? That’s no surprise, as there aredozens to choose from at thedrugstore and hundreds more athigh-end cosmetics and depart-ment stores — creams, lotions,ointments, some with sunscreen,others with an exfoliant. Choicesrange from the basic $1.50 jar ofpetroleum jelly to a $500 five-ouncetub of designer skin moisturizer.And all the options in between canmake your head spin.

While choosing the right skin

moisturizer may seem confusing, it’sactually very simple if you follow afew guidelines, says dermatologistMonica Halem, MD, ofColumbiaDoctors Eastside in NewYork City. Dr. Halem’s first rule ofthumb? Don’t spend too muchmoney.

How a Skin Moisturizer Works

Cleansers and moisturizersare the most importantskin products,particularly forsoftening dry skin.

How to Find the Right Skin MoisturizerBy Marie Suszynski | Medically reviewed by Lindsey Marcellin, MD, MPH


A skin moisturizer works by sealingmoisture into the outer layer of theskin and by pulling moisture fromthe inner layers of skin to the outerlayer.

Key ingredients that seal in moistureare petrolatum, mineral oil, lanolin,and dimethicone. Glycerin,propylene glycol, proteins, urea,and vitamins help attract water intothe outer layer of the skin.

Some skin moisturizers also containan alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), whichexfoliates dead skin, says FrancescaFusco, MD, assistant clinical

professor of dermatology atMount Sinai School of Medicinein New York City and aspokeswoman for the SkinCancer Foundation. AHAs area good choice if you have

very dry skin.

Finding the Skin Moisturizer ForYou

It may take some trial and error,Halem says, so be patient. Followthese guidelines as you shop and, ifyou’re not getting the results youwant, try a new one the next time:

Note the first five ingredients. Lookfor common active ingredients, suchas lanolin, glycerin, or petrolatum, Dr.Fusco says. Glycerin is less likely thanlanolin to cause an allergic reaction,she says. She also recommendspicking a moisturizer that’s made bya reputable company.

Go for added sunscreen. Protectingyour skin from harmful sun damageis one of the best things you can doto keep your skin looking young, sobuy a moisturizer with a sunprotection factor of at least 30. You’llhave to do some searching, but

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more companies are offering faceand body moisturizers withsunscreen, Halem says.

Make it skin-type appropriate. Theskin on your face is thinner andmore sensitive, so it’s a good ideato use a different moisturizer onyour face than you do on yourbody, Fusco says and recommendsbuying one that’s labeled “non-comedogenic” because it won’tclog your pores. Of course, chooseone that’s right for your skin type. Ifyou know you have sensitive skin,it’s always a good idea to look for amoisturizer labeled hypoallergenic. Ifyou have oily skin, go with a light,oil-free moisturizer. If you have dryskin, get something richer. And ifyou have combination skin, go witha lighter moisturizer for your wholeface and dot drier areas with aheavier cream, Fusco says. Keep inmind that you may need a lighterlotion in the summer, and a cream or

ointment in the winter.

Consider using a moisturizer withretinol before bed. Retinol is vitaminA for your skin, Halem says. It worksby increasing the speed at whichyour skin cells turn over. You canfind it over the counter or byprescription, but use it carefully as itmay cause a skin irritation, red skin,or dry skin.

Relief by Prescription

If your skin is very dry, consider aprescription moisturizer. Prescriptionmoisturizers contain the AHA lacticacid, which softens the top layer ofyour skin and can do a better job ifover-the-counter moisturizers aren’tworking for you, Fusco says.

AHAs such as lactic acid andglycolic acid can cause an allergicreaction in some people. Tell yourdoctor if you experience burning,

irritation, red skin, itching, or a rash.

Another prescription option is abarrier cream, which containshumectants that hold on to moisturelonger, Fusco says. Barrier creamspenetrate a little deeper thanstandard moisturizers, she adds.

When to Moisturize

Once you find the right product,moisturize every day and you’ll go along way toward preventing dry skinand even camouflaging wrinkles.While a skin moisturizer can’t get ridof wrinkles — because wrinklesbegin much deeper in the skin dueto collagen loss — it can plump upthe skin and minimize their appear-ance, Halem says.

Whichever moisturizer you choose,it will work better if you apply it todamp skin. Think about a spongethat’s dried out, Fusco says. If you

put moisturizer on it, it won’t goanywhere. But if you soak thesponge in water and coat it withmoisturizer, the sponge will absorbit. Your skin works the same way,happily lapping it up.

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Celebrity dermatologist Ava Shamban, MD, talks aboutdisconnecting from stress for the sake of your skin.

In my practice, stress is one of the most formidable opponents. InHollywood, stress’ heightened sense of urgency can actually beaddictive for some people. Physiologically, it works like this. Once

Skin Panic, Skin Therapy: When StressShows on Your Skin

stress is triggered, your adrenalgland produces dumps cortisol intoyour bloodstream. The more you arestressed the more your body can’tregulate the levels of cortisol in yoursystem, and that’s when the dangerbegins. Your body can startshowing signs of increasedsensitivity, itchiness, breakouts, andeven stretchmarks!

Stress is a particularly sinisteradversary because whatever yourskin’s vulnerability — whether acne,rosacea, signs of aging, extremelydry skin, extremely oily skin, eczema,psoriasis, herpes, allergies or someunsavory combination of two ormore of the above — stress is goingto find a way to make it worse. This,in turn, causes more stress creating aself-perpetuating cycle.

Can you win? I’m here to say yesyou can. The approach here is two-fold. Without question, you’re goingto want to treat the condition itself,and I’ll have plenty to post about allthose above and more over the nextmany months. Meanwhile, you’vegot to interrupt the stress cascadeand break the vicious cycle on adaily basis.

I’m not going to sit and insult you byjust telling you to relax (easier saidthan done in our busy lives, right?).What I am going to do is ask you todo some detective work. Somepeople dispense with stress bydoing noisy things (intense cardio,sports, dancing, laughing etc.)Others respond better to a quiet,centered approach (stretching,massage, deep breathing, creativehobbies, or reading). Still others like

to mix it up with both. Whateverworks for you, once you’ve foundyour favorites, you’re on tosomething. Now, put your stressbusters into play for at least 10minutes at a time, three times a dayand try to fit in another 30-minutecontinuous session if at all possible.

(For the record, sex or food canwork for you when savored, but asobsessions can be big timedestructive stressors.)

Stress is inevitable, but how wellyou respond to it can spell thedifference between illness andhealth and tipping the balance awayfrom frustration and into fulfillment.So when it comes to skin problems,strategic equilibrium is your newbest friend. Life happens but itdoesn’t have to show on your skin.

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One popular idea is that yourskin simply becomeswaterlogged. According to

the Library of Congress, theepidermis, or outer layer of skin, ismade up of dead keratin cells thatabsorb moisture when immersed inwater for an extended period oftime. This absorption causes thecells to swell, but because they’restill connected to the underlyingtissue, which does not expand, theouter skin has to wrinkle tocompensate for its larger surfacearea. It’s a little like having a king-sizesheet for a queen-size mattress: Theextra material has nowhere to go, soit bunches up unevenly on top.

But why are only your fingers andtoes affected — why doesn’t yourentire body wrinkle? Scientists sayit’s because our hands and feethave the thickest epidermis and thusmore keratin cells to absorb water.(Your nails also contain keratin,which is why they may feel softerafter you do the dishes.)

Is There a Purpose to Pruning?

The problem with this hypothesis isthat it doesn’t really account for thefact that fingers and toes don’twrinkle when their nerve endingshave been severed, as by injury orcomplications from diabetes. Thiscan be explained by a differenttheory, which proposes that theprune-like effect is due not to skinsaturation but to a reaction in thecentral nervous system — a “classicmechanics problem,” as ColumbiaUniversity biomechanical engineer XiChen, PhD, explained it to Nature


The mechanics theory is based onthe idea of vasoconstriction, or thenarrowing of blood vessels.Basically, when fingers and toes areimmersed in hot or cold water,nerve endings fire off signals thatcause your blood vessels toconstrict and the tissue below yourskin’s surface to contract. This, inturn, forces the outermost layer ofskin to buckle, resulting in wrinkling.

But recent research suggests theremay be even more to wrinkly skinthan that. Evolutionary neurobiolo-gist Mark Changizi, PhD, and his teamat 2AI Labs in Boise, Idaho, areworking to prove their theory thatpruney fingers and toes are not justthe products of a dermatologicalquirk; rather, they’re the geneticequivalent of rain treads — thosefunctional grooves on all-weather

tires and shoes that help withtraction in wet conditions. Changizibelieves that these so-called treadson hands and feet may have beenbuilt into DNA over the ages toimprove your grip.

“Our pruney fingers may be a crucialpart of our primate repertoire,” hewrote in an article for Forbes.com.“Once primates went the way offinger nails rather than claws, treadswere needed where claws mayhave sufficed before.”

To support this theory, Changizi andhis team analyzed pattern similaritiesin 28 photographs of pruney fingers.All 28 had wrinkles that formedvertical channels, which work todrain water away from fingertips.

“In order for a hand to reach out andgrip a wet surface without hydro-planing, it needs a way to efficiently

Why Do Your Fingers Prune Up After a Bath?

'Pruney fingers' may sound silly, but finding out what's behind them is serious science. If you’ve ever spent too much time in the pool, or if you like to

unwind at the end of a hard day with an hours-long soak in the tub, you’re probably familiar with the “pruney fingers” phenomenon. Believe it or not,

scientists have been studying this raisin-like effect for decades, trying to figure out why your hands (and sometimes your feet) get so wrinkly when wet.

remove the water between the skinand the surface it is trying to grip,”he explained. “The best way toquickly move water tends to be viachannels, the stuff of arteries andrivers.”

More research is needed to proveChangizi’s hypothesis, but he’salready hard at work on follow-upstudies. Next on his list, accordingto Nature News: testing whetherwrinkles actually allow for better gripand looking into whether mammalsin wet climates are more likely to getpruney fingers than those in dryhabitats. If the theory holds up, hesays, we may be able to use pruneyfingers to improve our existing tireand shoe rain-tread technology.

“Far from an embarrassing mistake,”he wrote, “wet wrinkled fingers areyet another testament to biology’sbrilliance.”

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Is a Bad HairDay Bad for

Your Health?>>>

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When your mane's a mess,does it seem like nothinggoes your way? Don't

worry – it's not just you.

Whether you’re fighting with frizz,trying to pump up limp locks, ordoing battle with the weather, havinga hair meltdown may affect morethan just your appearance. “Bad hair”can have profound effects on yourmental well-being, causing bothwomen and men to lose self-esteem, become more sociallyinsecure, and even doubt their ownabilities, researchers at Yale Universityfound in one study.

The study, commissioned byProctor and Gamble, found thatpeople may actually perform belowtheir abilities when they believe theirhair is not up to snuff. The research-ers reported that even the thoughtof a bad hair day made women andmen believe they weren’t as smartas others. Socially, women reportedfeeling embarrassed, ashamed, andself-conscious during bad hair days

while men said they felt morenervous and less self-confident.

“There is a strong correlationbetween what we see in the mirrorand how we feel about ourselves,”says Amy L. Flowers, PhD, apsychologist with expertise in self-esteem and body image and with apractice in Macon, Ga. “ThomasCash, a famous researcher in bodyimage, states that up to 25 percentof our self-esteem is determined byhow we feel about our bodies —you can’t hate the way you look andstill love yourself,” Flowers says.“Also, we assume that others see usthe way we see ourselves, so if wedon’t like a particular feature (like ourhair), we assume that others find itrepulsive, too.” But, of course, that’snot always the case.

Hair Care, Mood, and Well-BeingThankfully, most women reportbeing generally happy with theresults of their hair care routine. A2010 survey conducted byShopSmart, a magazine from the

publishers of Consumer Reports,found that 19 percent of respon-dents said they “love” their hair and41 percent said they “like” it.

But 44 percent of respondents saidtheir mood has been negativelyaffected by a bad hair day, and 26percent said they actually weremoved to tears after a botchedhaircut. The reaction is understand-able, says Flowers. “We putimportance on our hair and facebecause these are features thatcannot be hidden; they are the firstthings we notice about people.”U.S. Secretary of State HillaryRodham Clinton can attest to thepower of hair. She once famouslyquipped, “If I want to knock a storyoff the front page, I just change myhairstyle.”

To avoid a bad hair day, women areready to dip pretty deep into theirpockets. The ShopSmart poll foundthat, on average, women pay $39dollars for a haircut. Also, 53percent of women reported

regularly coloring their hair. If it’sdone at a salon, women shell out anaverage $65 for color.

“I think women will spend their lastmoney on manicures and haircutsbecause these are not seen asluxuries any more but ‘impression-formation devices,’ especially onjob interviews, first dates, etc.,”Flowers says.

What Good Hair Care Says AboutYou

“I think hair can say a lot about howwe see ourselves — if it looks likeyou just fell out of bed, it impliesthat you don’t care about yourappearance, which to me indicatespoor self-esteem,” says Flowers. “Idon’t think you have to have on afull face of makeup before going outto get the mail, but a person who isgoing out in public should be cleanand tidy. It shows self-respect andmakes a good impression.” And sheurges people to "remember that oldexpression: You only have onechance to make a first impression.”

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Scars are a natural part ofhealing. But you don't have towear your battle wounds as

badges. These strategies can helpreduce their visibility.

No matter how careful we are,accidents happen. Whether it’s atoddler bumping his head on thesharp corner of a coffee table or anadult slipping up with a kitchen knifewhile slicing vegetables, injuries —and often lingering scars — abound.Though total scar prevention may beimpossible after a cut, there arethings you can do to lessen theseverity of any lasting marks.

Scar Treatment: The 411 About ScarsThe first thing to know is that scarformation is a totally normal part ofthe healing process. “When the skinis injured, collagen production goesinto overdrive to fix the wound asfast as possible,” says Jessica Krant,MD, MPH, assistant clinical professorof dermatology at SUNY DownstateMedical Center and founder of theArt of Dermatology LLC in New YorkCity. “This healing tissue doesn’tcontain all of the normal parts ofskin, so it looks different.”

The appearance of any given scardepends on a number of factors.The shape, size, and depth of thewound contribute to the way a scarlooks, as do the amount of bloodthat can get to the area, your skincolor, and your skin thickness.

There are three main types of scars.Normal scars are relatively thin, small,and flat. Hypertrophic scars are red,thick, and raised. Keloid scars are

also raised, often dark or red, and,unlike hypertrophic scars, expandbeyond the contours of the actualwound. Keloid scars tend to begenetic and can be hard to controlor predict, says Dr. Krant. They comefrom an overproduction of collagenand can be treated by injectingsteroid medication into the affectedarea . Consultation with a medicalprofessional is the best route whendealing with a keloid scar.

Scar Prevention: Dos and Don’tsThere are steps you can take — andmistakes to avoid — to help healskin with as little residual scarring aspossible. “The key to lesseningscarring is to decrease the amountof work the body has to do to healthe scar,” Krant says. Here’s how:

Get stitches if needed. Cuts that arespread apart or are deep often healbetter when they are stitched by amedical professional. Keep in mindthat stitches must besewn as soon aspossible, while theinjury is fresh. If toomuch time elapses,the wound maybecome contami-nated with germs orbacteria, and a doctormay not want to stitchit closed because ofthe threat of infection.Also, the wound maystart to partially heal,which can hindersuccessful suturing. Ifin doubt aboutwhether stitches are inorder, see a doctor in

Dos and Don'ts of Scar Preventiona timely manner and let him decidethe best treatment for the wound.

Keep the wound moist. Applypetroleum jelly to the wound andcover it with a non-stick bandage.This can speed healing and minimizescarring, says Krant.

Don’t fall for the false advertising ofscar creams. You might have heardthat vitamin E can help reducescarring, but this has not beenproven in a high-quality study (adouble-blind, placebo-controlledtrial). In fact, no over-the-counterproduct claiming to prevent scarshas been scientifically shown tosignificantly improve scarring.Massage the wound.

On the other hand, “massaging thescar daily with vitamin E may helppromote a less visible scar,” saysKrant.. Avoid the sun. Keeping the

scar away from sunlight can helpminimize discoloration.Let it heal naturally. Don’t usehydrogen peroxide too frequentlyas it can cause continual irritationand slow the healing process. Anddon’t pick at scabs. “Scabs arenature’s biologic dressing,” Krantsays. “Picking off a scab repeatedlywhen a wound is trying to heal willslow healing and increase scarring. ”

Be patient. Healing takes time —possibly a long time. The first phaseof healing takes three months,followed by a second phase thatlasts another three months. At oneyear after the injury, the scar hasbasically formed, but even then itwill still change and appear differenta year after that. “The truth is, scarsnever stop changing and improvingunless they are keloid scars, whichcontinually worsen unless treated bya physician,” Krant says.

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Popular products and stylescan stress the scalp, leadingto hair loss and skin condi-

tions, expert says.

Certain hairstyling practices canresult in serious hair and scalpdiseases for some black women, anexpert warns.

"Hair is an extremely importantaspect of an African Americanwoman's appearance," Dr. DianeJackson-Richards, director of HenryFord Hospital's MulticulturalDermatology Clinic in Detroit, said ina hospital news release. "Yet manywomen who have a hair or scalpdisease do not feel their physiciantakes them seriously. Physiciansshould become more familiar withthe culturally accepted treat-ments for these diseases."

Black women tend toshampoo their hair lessoften than other ethnicgroups, and about 80percent of black womenuse chemical relaxers,Jackson-Richards said.

She also said frequent use ofblow-dryers and hot combs,combined with popularhairstyles such as weaves,braids and dreadlocks, causephysical stress to the hair andcontribute to scalp diseasessuch as alopecia, or hair loss.

Proper hair care can help preventdiseases such as alopecia and aninflammatory skin condition calledseborrheic dermatitis, Jackson-

Richards said Monday during apresentation at the AmericanAcademy of Dermatology's annualconference in San Diego.

She said dermatologists need tobecome more aware of the hair andscalp issues that can affect blackwomen, and also offered thefollowing grooming tips to reducethe risk of developing a hair or scalpdisease: Wash hair weekly with a

Hair Care Can Pose Health Risks forBlack Women

moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, and limit the use of blow-dryers, hotcombs and other heated hairstyling products to once a week.

To detangle hair, use a wide-tooth comb while conditioner is still in the hair.

Use natural hair oils with jojoba, olive, shea or coconut oils.

Allow two weeks between relaxing and coloring.

Wash braids or dreadlocks every two weeks. Don't wear braids too tight anddon't wear them longer than three months.

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You can slather on themoisturizer and the anti-agingcreams, but if you want to go

to the next level of skin rejuvenation,consider facial microdermabrasion.

Exfoliating your skin is a popular anti-aging regimen, and one readilyavailable procedure ismicrodermabrasion. Just don’tconfuse it with dermabrasion, whichis a deeper removal of skin layerswith a longer healing time and mustbe done by a physician, such as adermatologist or cosmetic surgeon.Facial microdermabrasion can bedone at home, a spa, or a doctor’soffice.

Skin microdermabrasion meanssuperficially abrading, or sanding,some of the top skin layer. Skinlooks rejuvenated becausemicrodermabrasion softens fine linesand shallow wrinkles.

Microdermabrasion acne treatmentscan also be helpful to improve thelook of your complexion.

Microdermabrasion techniquesdepend on whether you’re tryingthe treatment at home or having itdone by a professional. If you buyan at-home kit, you’ll typically use amanual pad that contains finecrystals to sand your skin. If you goto a spa or medical office, anaesthetitician, nurse, or doctor willuse a machine that will shoot outsmall crystals at a high velocity andsuction them back up to smooththe skin, explains Monica Gavin, MD,owner and medical director ofAzani Medical Spa in Bethlehem,PA. As a result, you’ll see animprovement in fine lines andwrinkles and your skin will lookrevived.

There’s also a similar procedurecalled Vibradermabrasion. Thismethod uses a vibrating paddle,

rather than crystals, to sand the toplayer of skin. The technique allowsthe user to get closer to the eye,where wrinkles tend to settle,without risking injury to the eye.Vibradermabrasion is also able to goa little deeper and infuse medical-grade skin care products into theskin.

How do you know which skinmicrodermabrasion approach is rightfor you? Consider their pros andcons.


Time and money are the biggestreasons people don’t opt forprofessional skinmicrodermabrasion, Gavin says. Butusing an at-home kit is better thannot exfoliating at all.

Pros: At-home kits are by far themost affordable. Most are under$100 and some cost as little as $20.They can be used once a week bymost people, Gavin says. However,if you have very sensitive skin, youmay want to limit treatments to onceevery two weeks.

Cons: The quality of at-home kits

can’t compare to a professionaldermabrasion treatment, Gavin says.You’ll get more noticeable results ata spa or doctor’s office.


You won’t need to exfoliate as oftenwhen you get skinmicrodermabrasion from a profes-sional. Gavin recommends aprofessional microdermabrasiontreatment once a month. However, iftime and money prevent that, onceevery three months is adequate, shesays.

Pros: A professionalmicrodermabrasion treatment willgive you better results than using anat-home kit and you’ll get thetreatment in the luxurious setting ofthe spa.

Cons: When you’re going to a spafor facial microdermabrasion, youhave to take the extra step to ensurethat a medical doctor oversees thefacility. Microdermabrasion cancause broken capillaries, skinbruising, or eye damage if thecrystals get into the eye, Gavin says.However, the risk is low whenmedically trained professionals are

Smoothing Skinwith Microdermabrasion

performing the procedure. Also, besure you don’t have it done toooften — no more than once amonth — because it can cause skininflammation.

The procedure will also be moreexpensive at a spa than at home.Gavin estimates thatmicrodermabrasion typically costsabout $100 to $150.


A doctor’s office offers the securityof having the treatment done in amedical setting.

Pros: Microdermabrasion in amedical facility will give you betterresults than an at-home kit. Andbecause you’re in a doctor’s office,you don’t have to worry about staff,as the physician performs oroversees the treatments.

Cons: Going to a doctor’s office willusually cost more than going to aspa for microdermabrasion. Expectto pay around $200 at the doctor’soffice. You should make sure thatthe doctor is well trained, has plentyof experience, and is boardcertified.

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