It's Not A Job, It's a Paid Experience!


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This was presented as part of the "Lunch and Learn" series at Bridgewater State College, geared for supervisors of student employees. The goal was to share best practices as to how to get the most out of student employees and integrate them into your staff.


  • 1.
    • Its Not a Job
  • Its a Paid Experience!

Student Employment Best Practices from theRondileau Campus Center Staff Presented by: Ed Cabellon Director, Rondileau Campus Center [email_address] October 7, 2009 2. Overview / Learning Outcomes

  • Find out who your students are
  • How to create a paid experience for your student employee(s)
  • Find out what your students are learning by working with you and your office

3. 4. 5. Picture Source :

  • Gen Y Characteristics:
  • Strong-willed, passionate, and optimistic
  • Care about the world and its problems
  • Technologically Savvy
  • Family Centric
  • Achievement Orientated
  • Team-Oriented
  • Crave Attention

6. Picture Source: The Class of 13 Mindset (Beloit College): - Text has always been hyper. - Cable television systems have always offered telephone service and vice versa. - They have always been able to read books on an electronic screen. - There have always been flat-screen televisions. - Everyone has always known what the evening news was before the Evening News came on. - Migration of once independent media like radio, TV, videos, and compact discs to the computer has neveramazed them. 7. How do we create aPaid Experiencefor our student employees? 8. Step 1: Build a Relationship Step 2: Identify What They Will Learn by Working With You 9. Step 4: Integrate them into your staff! Step 3: Utilize the Sandwich Model 10. Have Your Students Learned Anything? 11. You need to look (and listen) closely to find out! Learning Outcomes Achieved? 12. What types of assessment tools does your office use? You need something in order to find out what your students are learning! 13. Change your point of view! Dont give your student employees a job, Give them at paid experience! To have a copy of this presentation, please email Ed!