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Transcript of Invitation to Tender - Tr' Complete Invitation to Tendeآ  Invitation to Tender 2 BACKGROUND 3...

  • Invitation to Tender

    Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in

    Decked Timber Removal (337m3) Bonanza Creek II Timber Harvest Plan


    Invitation to Tender


    Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Natural Resource Department has received an offer of decked

    timber from Yukon Forest Management Branch as per our legislated 500m3/year

    community use provision in the Forest Resources Act. The 69 decks of timber are

    located 5.7km up Bonanza Creek Road along the Bonanza Creek II Forest Service

    Road near Dawson City, Yukon. The timber was harvested in 2015 as incidental

    during the construction of the road.

    1.1 Project Goals and Objectives

    The key goals of this project are to remove the decked timber from its current location

    and bring it to the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Settlement Land R-22 Land of Plenty Camp,

    53km travel one way)

    1.2 Purpose of this Invitation to Tender

    The intention of this Invitation to Tender is to receive a bid from a local employer and

    to determine how much time this contract will take.

    1.3 Form of Tenders

    Bids must be in the format of the Bid Form at the end of this document.

    1.4 Procurement Timetable

    Tendering process will close Wednesday, September 28, 2016 at noon.

    The evaluation for the bids will take place Thursday, September 29, 2016 and short-

    listing completed on the same day.

    Short-listed contractors will be contacted September 30, 2016 and final selection date

    will be October 3, 2016.

  • Invitation to Tender


    3 SCOPE OF WORK AND Materials to be used

    3.1 Scope

    Remove decked timber from site, recommend 5-ton truck, and brought to final

    location. Forest Service Road must be maintained in good condition and no bucking

    of timber is allowed on site, only allowed to cut timber into 10ft lengths on site.

    3.2 If work scope changes, the Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Natural Resource Department will

    inform the contractor in writing about the work change and any anticipated cost

    changes and the contractor will have 5 business days to respond to the request in

    writing and state whether or not the change in scope is feasible and respond to

    proposed cost-changes. If the contractor cannot fulfil the change in work scope they

    will provide this to Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Natural Resource Department in writing and

    the contract will cease.


    o 5-ton truck, flat-bed or box or truck with 10-ft trailer o Picker o Chainsaws o Appropriate safety equipment (high-vis, eye protection, hearing protection,

    chaps, hard-hat, First Aid certification and equipment, spill kit)


    o Decks must be removed and transported in a fashion that does not disturb the existing road, associated landings, gates, ditches and right-of-ways.

    o Skidding or dragging of logs is not an acceptable method of removal. Method

    of removal must be proposed and approved by Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Natural

    Resource Department.

    o The access on Pure Gold Gulch road has difficult corners and steep

    grades.Vehicles and associated equipment must be able to navigate corners

    and steep grades.

    o The contractor shall totally dispose of all debris and brush on site by lop and

    scatter, where branches and parts of the trees lie flat on the ground surface.

    o The road is subject to closure due to wet conditions; therefore, contractor must anticipate road closures subject to weather conditions.


    All decked timber to be brought to end location while meeting key requirements

    outlined above. Clear communication with Natural Resources staff to ensure work is

  • Invitation to Tender

    being completed in a timely and effective manner and that any issues are corrected



    Fixed maximum cost to fulfil this contract.


    o High level of experience operating required equipment, including truck, truck and trailer, picker, and chainsaw

    o Adequate safety training, Wilderness First Aid preferred


    8.1 General Information

    o Contact details o Business licence o WCB#

    8.2 Proof of Contractor's sound Financial and Company Standing

    o Proof of ownership/rental agreement with equipment used for job

    8.3 Evidence of Capacity to Deliver Contract Requirements

    o Experience with hauling and cutting timber o Previously completed contracts of similar nature o References from previous related work experience o Qualifications of contractor and staff to fulfil contract obligations - proof of

    adequate training to operate equipment (ie: chainsaw safety, driver’s licence)

    8.4 Other

    o List of sub-contractors or partnerships involved o Provide contingency plan if deliverables cannot be made o Upon awarding of the contract TH and the contractor will negotiate a payment



    Contractor must abide by all other Laws of General Application, ie: traveling speed

    limit and securing load, while carrying out this contract. If the contractor does not

    abide by these, the contract can be terminated by Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in Natural

    Resource Department.

  • Invitation to Tender


    For further information and instruction, please contact Darren Taylor, Director of

    Natural Resources at, (867) 993-7100 ext 145 or Darren

    Bullen, Land and Resources Officer at, (867) 993-7100

    ext 116.


    TH Tender Package

    o General Conditions – Legal qualifiers and Standards o Supplementary General Conditions – A form for stipulations and contract

    specific qualifiers – Insurance, WCB compliance, Travel & disbursements


    For the purpose of interpretation, Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in government is the “Owner” in this contract

    Contractors have 5 business days after the signing of a contract to produce any building and/or construction prerequisites; specifically, special mandatory insurance requests or WCB coverage

    TIME OF ESSENCE - Time is of the essence of this contract.

  • Invitation to Tender

    COMPLETION - This contract will be for the completion for the requirements as described in the Contract specifications, Section 3

    CONFIDENTIALITY - The Contractor will treat as confidential and will not, without the written permission of the Owner, publish, release or disclose or permit to be published, released or disclosed, either before or after termination of this contract, any information supplied to, obtained by or which comes to the knowledge of the Contractor under this contract. Contractor will ensure its facilities, systems and files are secure and access to data and confidentiality of data and information gained while performing the contract, are strictly controlled, to the satisfaction of the Owner.

    TECHINICAL CONSULTATION - The contractor will be permitted to consult with the Owner’s delegate

    PERFORMANCE - The performance under this Contract is to be carried out to the complete satisfaction of the Owner.

    WARRANTY BY CONTRACTOR - The contractor warrants that the Contractor is competent to perform the work required under this contract, in that the Contractor has the necessary qualifications, including the knowledge, skill and ability to perform the work.

    GOVERNING LAW - This Contract will be deemed to have been made in and will be interpreted and enforced in the accordance with the laws in force in the Yukon.

    LAWS, PERMITS AND BY-LAWS - The Contractor will comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the place of the work, whether Federal, Territorial, or municipal, and will pay for all permits and certificates required in respect of the contract.

    BUSINESS LICENSE - The contractor may be required to provide proof that it has a business license appropriate of the location of the work under the contract, prior to signing of the contract.

    WORKER’S COMPENSATION BOARD - The contractor must provide a “Letter of Good Standing” from the Yukon Worker’s Compensation Health and Safety Board prior to signing of the contract and a “Letter of Clearance” from the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board prior to the signing of the contract.

    INTERPRETATION - Should any dispute arise concerning the meaning of intent of the Contract, the Owner will make a decision, which will be final unless the Contractor disputed such decision by a written notice within 10 days of it, whereupon the dispute will be resolved according to – DISPUTES, below

    DISPUTES - If a dispute cannot be resolved immediately by the Owner’s decision or negotiation between the parties, the dispute may be:

     Referred to arbitration (before an arbitrator appointed by mutual agreement or by Mediation Yukon) 10 days following the need of such mediation, notwithstanding that other necessary parties will not be bound by any arbitrated resolution to this dispute.

  • Invitation to Tender