Investor Relations & Social Media - To Rethink is a Must

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”If the news is that important it will find me” College student quoted in New York Times

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Presentation held by Peter Einarsson, Sermo Consulting, at Oslo Børs (Stock Exchange), Norway, April 27th, 2010.

Transcript of Investor Relations & Social Media - To Rethink is a Must

  • If the news is that important it will find me College student quoted in New York Times
  • Oslo Brs | Oslo | April 27th 2010 Investor Relations & Social Media To Rethink is a Must
  • Source: Baekdal,
  • Facts & Fictions
  • Belong to a Social Network Source: Universal Mccann International Social Media Research Wave 3,
  • Social Media is Inexpensive False. As Charlene Li (Altimeter / Forrester) said recently, social media trades media cost for labor cost. Done correctly, social media - even a simple reputation monitoring program - is a time intensive proposition that requires daily vigilance. Source: Convince & Convert,
  • Social Media is Fast False. Social media is by definition slow. Done correctly, social media is about developing meaningful relationships with customers and prospective customers in their natural habitat. Thats not a wave the magic wand scenario. You have to create content, be part of many communities, and proceed incrementally. Many successful social media programs take months (or even more than a year) to really germinate. Source: Convince & Convert,
  • Social Media Results Cant be Measured False. Especially in comparison to many other communication programs like traditional PR, TV advertising, outdoor advertising and others, social media actually offers pretty solid metrics Source: Convince & Convert,
  • Social Media is Optional False. It doesnt matter what the demographics of your customers are. It doesnt matter what industry youre in. Your customers and prospects are talking about you online. Your company needs to be part of that conversation. Today. Online is where many people do their talking, so thats where you need to be. Source: Convince & Convert,
  • The Financial Figures
  • 85% of financial services professionals under 50 are utilizing social media, compared with half of their older counterparts. Source: Ledermark,
  • 43% of institutional investors and sell-side analysts regularly read blogs for business information; 47%, however,have read information on a blog that prompted them to investigate an issue further and 20% have made an investment decision or recommendation after initially sourcing information from a blog. Source: Brunswick Group,
  • Retail investors aged 40 and older also rely on financial websites and blogs (47%) and financial print publications (41%) more than planners or advisors (39%), brokers (36%) and family (19%). Source: Sharebuilder,
  • 89% of journalists use blogs, 65% use social networking sites, and 52% use microblogging sites but reliability is a major concern. Source: Cision,
  • The Age of Streams
  • Get ready! Ask yourself. Are you still trying to get journalists to write about your products? Are you still making websites? Is your social networking strategy to get a Facebook Page? ...or... Thomas Baekdal,
  • ...or... Are you making yourself a natural part of people's stream of information? Thomas Baekdal,
  • The Googlization
  • "Search engines have a global active reach of 86% of all users Source: Nielsen
  • Source: Google,
  • Source: Google Adwords,
  • Source: We are Social / Skype / Slideshare,
  • Source: We are Social / Skype / Slideshare,
  • Source: We are Social / Skype / Slideshare,
  • Source: We are Social / Skype / Slideshare,
  • Source: We are Social / Skype / Slideshare,
  • The New Corporate Site
  • The New Embassies
  • Human interaction is still human interaction, and what it takes to be successful with it has not changed. What has changed is the places where it happens. Brian Solis, Principal of FutureWorks, blog PR2.0
  • The Ambassadors
  • Source: Next Generation Internet,
  • Use the Force, dont Fight it
  • Dont Forget the Identity
  • Get Your Company Ready
  • Listen Create Participate Training & Tools Guidelines & Objectives
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  • to rethink is a must Sermo Consulting Sermo Consulting is a small niche agency with long and extensive experience in strategic and tactical guidance in online corporate communication. Sermo is working for listed and non listed companies, such as Color Line, Dell, Electrolux, SAS and Scania. Sermo has 16 consultants based in Oslo and Stockholm. Peter Einarsson, founding partner, online corporate communication strategist Mobile: +46 708 666 995 | E-mail: [email protected] Twitter