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2. Introduction Week 1

  • Introduction,
  • syllabus review,
  • student will choose groups for projects ,
  • creating Facebook Group

3. Syllabus Review

  • PRAD 363 Event Management
  • Inan Alikl
  • 2 Theory+ 2 Practice = Total 4 hours
  • This course give students an overview of planning, organizing, and managing event activities and the event environment, stakeholders, event infrastructure,eventmarketing, human resourcesand volunteers , legaland riskissuesand event evaluations.

4. Syllabus Review

  • Learning Outcomes: Students are expected to
    • Understand meaning of events, special events and event management .
    • Understand types of eventsand impacts of events.
    • Define event management process , be familiar to conduct research and analysis.
    • Become familiar with the many aspects of human resource management and volunteers in special events.
    • Demonstrate a knowledge of the issues and impacts of funding mechanisms, financial resources, budgeting and its application to events management .

5. Syllabus Review

  • Learning Outcomes: Students are expected to
    • Understand and evaluate event logistics .
    • Apply a knowledge of marketing requirements to an event; understand technology and event marketing 2.0 .
    • Analyze and manage the risks of an event .
    • Identify the appropriate legislation and regulations pertaining to the event industry, especially with regard to risk, health & safety, and its impact upon events management .
    • Understand event sustainability and green events .
    • Predict future event industry .

6. Syllabus Review

  • Attandance:
    • Attendance is compulsary. Signature on an attendance list at t he beginning ofthe lecture .Repeating the attendance on every lesson.
    • I t is your responsibility to make sure you sign in and you will be penalized if you sign in for a notherstudent who is notpresent .
    • At the end of semester, I willadd5 pointsas an awardto those students who have perfect attendance records.
    • %80of absence will result in TTof any practicing courses,and being dropped from the class. Students have to take the finalproject ;as a final exam .

7. Syllabus Review

  • Student Evaluation and Grading :
        • Mid term (1): WEIGHT in%30
        • Quiz (1): WEIGHT in%10
        • Examinations will cover all course content, assigned readings, lecture materials and points brought up in the course of class discussion.
        • Outside event critique:WEIGHT in%20
        • Final Project: WEIGHT in%40
        • Total: %100

8. Outside event critique

  • During the course, student will choose to critique a special event, such as sporting event, festival , trade showor conference , etc.
  • Each student will be required to submit a5page s for theevaluation ofhis / herevent .
  • Critique must be addressed event management process, budget ,marketing, risk managementand safety elements.
  • The critiqueshouldalsopoint green issues andenvironmentally friendlyevent manners where needed .

9. Final Project

  • Project 1 :
  • Each student will be able to get hands on experience in the process of true event planning and management. Each student will be required to be involved at least 15 hours of time for participatingone event outside of the class.
  • Project 2:
  • Your Dream Event: Each team will create a plan for producing an event (Wedding, sports event, fundraising gala, grand openning, seminars, movie premier, symposium, concert, trade show, etc). The report should include research plan, a timeline, budget, media relations ( release, press kit, e.t.c.), sponsorship plan, marketing campaign plan, to do list, evaluation, emergency / safety kit, regulations for the particular venue, guest list, catering, audio visual equipment, contact, insurance etc. The final project mustalso include observation of how the event could have been produce din a more environmentally friendly manner. (Green events).More information will be given in class.

10. Facebook

  • Event management PRAD 363 created
  • Each student should join the group,
  • Some impartant discussion and briefs will be given at facebook page,
  • Some important videos will be sent to the group via facebook.
  • For the chapter of event marketing 2.0, each student are assigned to create an event at social network sites. (i.e.Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin)

11. Facebook

  • See you next week
  • Our facebook page is:
    • Event management PRAD363
    • Email.[email_address]
    • Ourbook is Special Events: Twenty-First Century Global Event Management. (3rd ed.) Goldblatt, J. (2005) Wiley Publication,