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Careers talk about breaking into UK film industry, discussing full value chain, entry points in, employability skills


  • 1. How to be a Purple Cow in the Film Indusry Yen Yau Talent Development Manager Into Film 24 June 2014 Edinburgh International Film Festival
  • 2. Into Film is an education charity that seeks to put film at the heart of children and young peoples learning and cultural experience.
  • 3. Whats with the Purple Cow?
  • 4. The Bigger Picture Creative employment outpaces rest of economy Convergence and disruptive digital media The creative economy is one of the few industrial areas where the UK has a credible claim to be worldleading Equipping young people with transferable skills, 21st century skills. Skills shortages
  • 5. Film Full Value Chain Research and Development, including Writing, Pitching, Finding Finance Pre-Production: Production is definitely on and preparations are made Production or Shoot: Filming Post-Production or Post: Editing of sound, vision and visual effects Distribution and Exhibition, which may be the crucial part of the process -marketing the film; getting it shown and watched.
  • 6. The Film Industry the Opportunities . Craft and technical skills Production management VFX (Visual Effects) Digital content and audience choice Developing writers, producers and directors
  • 7. Different Roles Line Producer Script Supervisor DoP Data Wrangler Stereographer Film Distributor Compositor Location Manager Colour Grader Prop Maker Film Sales Agent Editor (different genre) Sound Recordist Publicist Art Director Re-Recording Mixer Film Programmer Gaffer ADR Recordist
  • 8. Can you cut the mustard? Who are you? What are your skills? What are you passionate about? Whats your BRAND? Are you resilient?
  • 9. What Employers Want 1. Honesty and integrity 2. Basic literacy skills 3. Basic oral communication skills 4. Reliability 5. Being hard working and having a good work ethic 6. Numeracy skills 7. A positive can do attitude 8. Punctuality 9. Ability to meet deadlines 10. Team working and co-operation skills
  • 10. How Do I get Started? Apprenticeships Digital Creative Modern Apprentice (Advanced Apprenticeship in Craft and Technical Roles in Film and TV) Trainee Placements Degree Courses (Pick the Tick) New Entrant role Internships Runner
  • 11. Creative Skillset Job Profiles National Occupational Standards Getting Personal Careers Advice Career Resources (templates, videos, case-studies, etc.
  • 12. Useful Websites BAFTA Guru BBC Academy Double Negative Nofilmschool BBC Careers Craft and Tech Academy Televisual Screen International Broadcast
  • 13. Action Plan
  • 14. Final Thoughts 1. Be resilient 2. Be bold 3. Do a Skills audit 4. Always double check grammar & spelling!! 5. Research, Research & Research!! 6. Dont be a MEDIA WANNABE! 7. Be prepared 90 second pitch
  • 15. Getting in Touch Second Light Labs @yenyau @getintofilm