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inetDOCS SugarCRM + Alfresco Presentación sobre la integración entre SugarCRM y Alfresco Interacción de Registros de actividades comerciales, flujos de trabajo, gestión de documentos y de registros documentales.

Transcript of Integrando SugarCRM con Alfresco

  • 1. For Alfresco v2.1By
  • 2. SummaryPresentation 5Features 7Installation and configuration instructions 9 3.1 Installation 9 3.2 Update 9 3.3 Configuration 10 3.3.1 Settings 10 3.3.2 Select users 10Using inetDOCS for Alfresco 11 4.1 Views 11 4.1.1 List View 11 4.1.2 Detail View 13 4.1.3 My Sites View 4.2 Interactions with a Space 15 4.2.1 Add a space 15 4.2.2 Modify a space 15 4.2.3 Copy a space 16 4.2.4 Move a space 16 4.2.5 Delete a space 16 2
  • 3. Summary4.3 Interactions with a Content 17 4.3.1 Upload a content 17 4.3.2 Create a content 19 4.3.3 Download a content 19 4.3.4 Rename a content 20 4.3.5 Copy a content 20 4.3.6 Move a content 20 4.3.7 Delete a content 21 4.3.8 Check out a content 21 4.3.9 Check in a content 22 4.3.10 Version history 234.4 Interactions with a Blog 24 4.4.1 Add a blog 24 4.4.2 Update a blog 24 4.4.3 Delete a blog 24 4.4.4 Add a comment 25 4.4.5 Update a comment 25 4.4.6 Delete a comment 25 3
  • 4. Summary4.5 Interactions with a Discussion 26 4.5.1 Add a discussion 26 4.5.2 Update a discussion 26 4.5.3 Add a reply 264.6 Interactions with a Link 27 4.6.1 Add a link 27 4.6.2 Update a link 27 4.6.3 Add a comment 28 4.6.4 Update a comment 28 4.6.5 Delete a comment 284.7 Global search 29 4
  • 5. PresentationWhat is inetDOCS for Alfresco?The inetDOCS for Alfresco module, developed by inetSYNX, offers the power of Alfresco intoSugarCRM.The objective of this module is to replace the Documents module of SugarCRM with a newone, based on an Alfresco structure. inetDOCS for Alfresco connects to Alfresco with the current SugarCRM users credentials, and lists the Spaces and Contents stored in Alfresco in a look-alike view. All users rights on Spaces and Contents defined in Alfresco are applied. Contents can be managed as if the user was in Alfresco (viewing, adding, modifying or deleting Contents or Spaces). Step 1 5
  • 6. Now that your two applications and clouds are linked together, without any need of IT assistance or skills, you can enjoy: A window to the Alfresco repository from SugarCRM (as a tab/module) A complete integration the with SugarCRM subpanels made with the Studio, including custom modules created with the Module Builder. You can link Contents and Spaces to any entry of any module. A full text search engine: Contents and Spaces from Alfresco are retrieved from the global search engine of SugarCRM among all the other records. Working on your Content, update versions to be sure to have the latest versions of template Contents. For example, manage the metadata, copy or move any of your Content without leaving SugarCRM.Step 1 6
  • 7. FeaturesinetDOCS for Alfresco provides you functionalities to perform all the mostimportant actions on a Space or a Content without leaving SugarCRM. Here is alist of the main features of inetDOCS for Alfresco: Full Integration with SugarCRM from 6.0.x to 6.4.x Integration in the shortcut bar (top blue bar available in SugarCRM Professional, Corporate and Ultimate) Automatic installation through the SugarCRM module loader Possibility to create new language packs Drag and drop documents from anywhere in SugarCRM Browse your Sites, Contents and Spaces as in Alfresco or its Share Interact with Contents and Spaces (add, edit, delete and also copy or move) Interact with Document Libraries and Blogs Step 2 7
  • 8. Check in and out any Content (i.e.: update a Content to a new version). Access the Detail View of a Content or a Space, which allows you to see its generic Information, links and relations with other SugarCRM items Create relationships between Spaces or Contents and other SugarCRM modules through subpanels Search Alfresco Contents by using the detail or global search of SugarCRM. Use different credentials in SugarCRM and in AlfrescoStep 2 8
  • 9. Installation and configuration instructions 3.1 InstallationThe package you have downloaded ( must be installed on SugarCRM.As for any plugin, the installation takes place via the Administration/Module Loader.From here, you need to browse your filesto find the downloaded package andupload it.Then, it will appear in the bottom panelwhere you will be able to install it. Thenext steps are described during theinstallation. 3.2 UpdateIf you already have installed a previous version of inetDOCS for Alfresco, you need to uninstall thecurrent version from Administration/Module Loader. Before clicking on the button commit, choosethe option so you will keep your data (particularly the relationships) about yourSpaces and Contents. When the plugin is uninstalled, go back to the Module Loader and delete thepackage.Now, you can install the new version as if it was the first installation.Step 3 9
  • 10. 3.3 Configuration 3.3.1 SettingsGo to the inetDOCS Alfresco Configuration section of the SugarCRM Administration.Webservice URL: the URL of the Alfresco API (e.g.: SurgarCRM credentials: if this option is checked, inetDOCS will use the SugarCRM credentials of yourusers in order to access Alfresco. As a consequence, users must have the same login and password in bothapplications. If this option remains unchecked, users will be prompted to type their Alfresco password.Remove DB Data: if this option is checked, all existing data from the current or previous inetDOCS Alfrescoinstallations will be deleted from the SugarCRM database. 3.3.2 Select usersGo to the inetDOCS users section of the SugarCRM admin and select which users will be allowed to useinetDOCS.If you have left Use SurgarCRM credentials unchecked in the previous step, users will have to click on theinetSYNX user settings link in the top right menu to type their Alfresco credentials before they can useinetDOCS. Step 3 10
  • 11. Using inetDOCS for Alfresco 4.1 Views 4.1.1 List ViewIt displays a list Spaces and Contents of a selected Spaces by using permissions defined in Alfresco.For each of them, you can see the fields which have been selected from Administration (in Studio).There are the default ones: a title, clickable to access its Detail View inside SugarCRM the description of the item the size of the item (only for Contents) an icon to access the item directly to Alfresco the date of creation of the item the date of modification of the item a list of icons which offers several actions: create a space into another space, create a content, add a content, cut, copy, view details, modify and delete.Above this list, you can find a search panel allowing you to filter the results. You can choose to lookfor only Spaces, only Contents or both together.Step 4 11