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1. Sami PostmaEDC7/29/15 2. Filters Boarders/Frames Brightness Straighten/Tilt Contrast Warmth Saturation Highlights Shadows Vignette Sharpen 3. Tip #1: Show Your ProductsEveryone loves to browse products, so let your followers do somemobile window-shopping! Show off a collection of the products youoffer, share a photo of a new or lesser-known product or zoom inon a product and engage your Instagram followers by asking themto guess what it is.Got a service-oriented business?Show off some of the equipment and supplies that play a role in theservices you provide. For example, fitness trainers could show offtheir favorite workout equipment, photographers could reveal theirmost prized camera lens and mechanics might give us a look at theirmost sophisticated diagnostic equipment. 4. Tip #2: Show How Its MadeLet followers in on the originsof their favoriteproducts with snapshotstaken at various points inthe manufacturing process.If that process is a long one,you might consider makingit a multi-part post thatfollows the process fromplanning to production todelivery. 5. Tip #3: Show What Your Products Can DoSometimes our imagination only takes us so far. Use Instagram tocreate demand by helping consumers imagine new or novel uses forwhat you offer.This is also a perfect opportunity to invite user-generated content.Have fans submit their own photos demonstrating creative use ofyour products and pick the best ones to post on Instagram.If your business provides a service like makeup or hair design,landscaping, decorating, auto body repair or interior design, showyour Instagram followers the impact of your work with a shot ofyour subject before and after you work your magic. The side-by-sidecomparison will add the wow factor to your Instagramcontent and maybe even get you a few new customers. 6. Tip #4: Give a Sneak PeekEveryone likes to be the first to know wellanything. Make your Instagram followers feelspecial and give them exclusive previews ofproducts and services, or virtual tours of yournew stores, production facilities or offices inthe making. Things never seen before makefor particularly shareable content, so be sureto publish the post to Facebook and Twitter aswell, since Instagram does not yet have asharing or reposting function. 7. Tip #5: Go Behind the ScenesSocial media users love to feel a connection andpersonal communication. Nothing invites thepersonal touch like showing your office,introducing your employees (especially theones that run the social media accounts), andshowing that theres a real person behind themarketing attempt. 8. Tip #6: Take Them with YouGoing to a trade-show orsponsoring an event? Usethat as an opportunityto take your Instagramfollowers with youwherever youre going.Followers in those locationswill be tickled to knowyoure in theirneighborhood. Folks canalso get a better feel foryour brand by learningabout the events or causesyou attend, support orsponsor.The Seattle Sounders gave fans an off-fieldglimpse of its players doing somethingquite ordinary, standing around waiting atan airport with luggage in hand. 9. Tip #7: Share the Whidbey Cuteness!There is no denying the appeal of animals in socialmedia. Lolcats, Cute Overload and the countlessother awwwww-inducing blogs out there areproof that there is capital in cuteness.Whether theyre pets visiting the office, starring inyour ads or animals sporting your schwag, nevermiss an opportunity to get a snapshot to share onInstagram. Our furry friends can be counted on toget likes and comments from followers.