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The best Informatica Online Training By Experienced Trainer.We provide Informatica Interview questions,Informatica Training From India,Informatica Training from Hyderabad,Informatica Trainer,Informatica Introduction

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What Is Informatica?Informatica is the best ETL tool in the market. It is capable of extracting data from multiple heterogeneous sources, transforming them as per business requirement and loading to target tables. Its used in Data migration and loading projects.

It is a visual interface and you will be dragging and dropping with the mouse in the Designer(client Application).This graphical approach to communicate with all major databases and can move/transform data between them. It can move huge bulk of data in a very effective way.

What Is Informatica?Informatica's product is a portfolio focused on Data Integration:ETL, Information Lifecycle Management, B2B Data Exchange, Cloud Data Integration, Complex Event Processing, Data Masking, Data Quality, Data Replication, Data Virtualization, Master Data Management, Ultra MessagingInformatica comes in different packages: Informatica Power Center license - has all options, including distributed metadata, ability to organize repositories into a data mart domain and share metadata across repositories. PowerMart PowerMart - a limited license (all features except distributed metadata and multiple registered servers)Working

Informatica AdvantagesPowerCenter provides reliable solutions to the IT management, global IT teams, developers and business analysts as it delivers not only data that can be trusted and guarantees to meet analytical and operational requirements of the business, but also offers support to various data integration projects and collaboration between the business and IT across the globe.

Informatica PowerCenter enables access to almost any data sources from one platform. It is possible thanks to the technologies of Informatica PowerExchange and PowerCenter Options.

Why Informatica

Data isand has been from the beginningcreated, stored, and retrieved by disparate, incompatible systems. Between 30% and 35% of all the data in the industry is still on mainframes, in languages and data structures that are archaic and generally unavailable.

The wave of specialty applicationsHR, sales,accounting, ERP, manufacturinghave all contributed their share to the chaos. The latest (and perhaps most disruptive) developmentthe growth in outsourcing, in all kinds and flavors, including business processes, IT management, and geographic, will add even more complexity to the mix.


1. Source Qualifer: It reads data from flat file and relational sources2. XML Source Qualifier: Reads XML data3. Normalizer: It re organizes records from VSAM, Relational and Flat File4. Expression: It performs row-level calculations5. Aggregator: It perfoms aggregate calculations6. Filter: It drops rows conditionally7. Router: It splits rows conditionally8. Sorter: Sorts data from any source, at any point in a data flow9. Update Strategy: It tags rows for insert, update, delete, reject10. Lookup: It looks up values and passes them toInformatica Introduction

Informatica IntroductionTransformation:-

It's an object which allows to define the business logic for processing the data.There are two types of Transformations

1. Active TransformationAn Active Transformation can change the number of rows that pass through the transformation, change the transaction boundary, can change the rqow type. 2. Passive TransformationA Passive Transformation does not change the number of rows that pass through it, maintains the transaction boundary and maintains the row type.

As Informatica World 2014 drew to a close, there was no longer any doubt: the hundreds of data geeks, data divas, data kings and data queens in attendance were going back to the office to fundamentally change the way their companies worked

1. The Empowered Business UserA consistent theme running through all the keynotes and customer sessions was ITs evolving relationship with the non-technical business user.

2. The need for strategic data governanceEnduring, comprehensive and omni-purpose.

Informatica Highlights

Informatica Online TrainingInformatica Online Training supports to read data from various relational databases, after reading data from source we will transform that data based on our requirement and then load that data into data warehouse.

This process of extracting, transforming and loading is called data acquisition. Informatica Power Centre is used to maintain current data and historical data but in ordinary databases we can only maintain current data. In Informatica we will do most of the work by simply dragging and dropping with mouse in the Informatica designer. This makes it very easy to understand the users what is going on. Informatica can also be used as a Integration tool.

Informatica Online TrainingInformatica is a widely used ETL tool for extracting the source data and loading it into the target. When applying the desired transformation, Informatica permits organizations to achieve a competitive advantage in todays global data economy by empowering firms with timely, relevant and trustworthy data for their prime business imperatives.

Informatica is a company that offers the following tools

Informatica power centre Informatica power exchange Informatica reporting services

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