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Transcript of In The Trenches

  • 1. in the trenches
    front line GIS consulting

2. the what
things you wont learn at school
geo-survival techniques
musings on the geo industry
3. the how
4. the who
Engineering software engineering
Academia remote sensing
Municipal government address data cleansing
Natural resource consulting GIS analysis & dev
(not actually the who unfortunately)
5. journey
6. lessons in production GIS
7. 1. GIS is data
making data
asking questions about data
helping others understand data
thats good though, there is a lot of data!
8. 2. data is never good
even if you think it is, its not
9. 10. 11. Dude, thats not on the map!
12. 13. 14. geo-survival technique:
learn data quality diagnosis heuristics
15. common data problems (technical)
spatial reference system (lost)
attributes (missing)
geometry (broken)
computing (knowledge)
16. whats up this, GIS wizard?
17. zoom to all
18. are there any records?
19. ok, zoom to roads
20. clues, if you need them
21. typical data quality workflow
are there any records?
- zoom to all, zoom to layer, open attribute table
where (on earth) are they?
- look at coordinates, remove coordinate system from data frame
is it GPS data?
- (x,y) vs. (lat, long)
is it a shape file?
- do you have all the pieces, has the dbf been edited
22. geo-survival technique:
remember the reality check
23. Oh, thats just Alberta. They think they are above the rest of us.
24. 3. be organised
not just organised, but
25. we make data, lots and lots of data
26. data management
keep your project data separated from your good stuff
keep your project data safe
keep your good stuff safer
27. geo-survival technique:
learn to keep things organised and clean
28. 4. tell a story
cartography is biased
data is flawed
analysis is subjective
understand first, the story you want to tell
29. geo-survival technique:
ask lots of questions
30. hot or not?
31. hot or not?
32. hot or not?
33. hot or not?
34. hot or not?
35. 36. hot or not?
37. hot or not?
38. hot or not?