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IICIE is a growing network of innovators and entrepreneurs from all around the world. IICIE also conducts professional training and offers certification in the field of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. "Certified Business Innovation Manager" (CBIM) is IICIE's leading certification aimed to help employees of an organization understand the gross-root level of problems and then with the help of mind-mapping and several other techniques devise a solution or strategy which creates an impact. Another important element is IICIE's collaboration with Startups from all around the World. IICIE already partnered with several Startups. Having an affliation with IICIE startups can easily promote their brand in the network of startups, innovators and entrepreneurs. Startups can also upload their training programs, services and thus reach their target audience through IICIE platform. IICIE aims to develop a unique culture of innovation across all organizations where employees don't have to use backdoor in order to avoid complex problems. Our Creativity Bench works with people having ideas and ensure that these ideas become a reality.

Transcript of IICIE: International Institute of Certified Innovators and Entrepreneurs

  • An Introduction to IICIE Chapters & CBIM Certification
  • Overview Introduction CBIM Certification IICIE Chapters & Members Starting IICIE Chapter Why IICIE Chapter? IICIE for Start-ups IICIE Courses Conclusion Agenda
  • Creating a better future, requires creativity in present (Mathew Goldfinger)
  • International Institute of Certified Innovators and Entrepreneurs (IICIE) Founded by Innowize Corp. Based in Toronto, Canada Global network of Innovators and Entrepreneurs - Chapters Focused on Innovation and Enterpreneurship A worldwide platform for Startups Linkage between Startups and Investors Services Offers Certifications Training Programs Conducts Exams Global Network of Chapters Startup Guides Benefits Professional Development Globally recognized Certifications Network to share and exchange ideas Introduction
  • CBIM Certification Learn to be proactive and play vital role in the competitive environment CBIM Certification Understand the methodological management of Resources Be the first to present the best innovative solutions of the problems Think and take the decisions which can change the ideas, concepts and even World
  • www.iicie.com 1. Register as Member 2. Take the 5-day Interactive Course 3. Pass the Exam Get the CBIM Certification
  • Join us: www.iicie.com 5 years of work experience in the fields related to innovation, product development, etc. OR 2 years of general experience + 3 years of experience directly in a Startup or new division OR 1 year of experience + 4 years of education in relevant field Member
  • IICIE Chapters IICIE Chpater: Worldwide network of Innovators and Entrepreneurs IICIE Country 1 Chapter Country 2 Chapter Country 3 Chapter Members MembersMembers
  • Earn IPEs by active participation in IICIE innovation-led events Promoting the entrepreneurial culture by supporting IICIE initiatives Participation in local community events to promote innovation Receive privileges, discounts in IICIE products, play a leadership role Chapter Member Joining IICIE Chapter as a Member
  • Be a certified CBIM professional IICIE Chapters Starting a Chapter Arrange IICIE related activities Co-sponsor IICIE by 40/60% sharing
  • Vision Be the torchbearer of innovation and entrepreneurship-led activities Be the part of worlds fastest growing network of innovators and entrepreneurs Goal Inspire organizations and individuals to promote culture of innovation and utilize the potential to make the society a better place in all respects Why IICIE Chapter?
  • Why IICIE Chapter & Members? Visualizing Benefits
  • For Startups Startups partnering with IICIE To be the part of global network of innovators To get a global recognition as an innovator To increase the Startups brand awareness and recognition in global market To open great avenues of mutual cooperation including sales and partnership
  • Social Media Marketing: The Successful Startup New perspectives in the World of Social Media IICIE Courses The Basics of Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship = Idea (1%) + Execution (99%) Innovation as a Strategic Tool Using innovation to stay competitive in the global market CBIM Certification Premier certification in innovation and entrepreneurship
  • The End! The one single factor that determines societys success is the percentage of change-makers within it. -Bill Drayton, Founder & CEO of Ashoka