Igniting Your Entrepreneurial Potential

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In October, 2013 Susan Duffy, the executive director of the Center for Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership at Babson College gave this presentation to a group of 500 in Stamford, CT. The presentation outlines ways women can enhance and spark their entrepreneurial potential to reach their goals.

Transcript of Igniting Your Entrepreneurial Potential

  • 1. Ignite your entrepreneurial potentialSusan G. Duffy, Ph.D. Executive Director Center for Womens Entrepreneurial Leadership

2. Womens entrepreneurial leadership will CHANGE THE WORLD MORE THAN ONE RIGHT WAY to be successful 3. GLOBAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT WORLD PEACESURVIVAL OF THE SPECIES 4. Women in leadership care more about the public good and are more inclusive and socially compassionate than men.Companies w/women founders, board members, C-level officers, VPs and/or directors have greater chance of going public, operating profitably or being sold for more money than they have raised. Dow Jones Venture Source, Women at the Wheel: Do female executives drive startup success? 2012.Collective group intelligence is higher whenthere are more women in a group. Woolley, A.W., Chabris, C. F., Pentland, A., Hashmi, N. & Malone, T. W. 5. PE = MGH (energy that results from position or condition) 6. Entrepreneurial PotentialEP (energy that results from position or condition)EP ( ) = 7. 10 8. Discover Develop Deliver 9. Discover Your EP: Bring your A-Game 10. Social Identities Principles Competencies Talents 11. SUBJECTGRADEMATHAENGLISHCARTASCIENCEA-HISTORYA+ 12. Developmental TrajectoryAddressingLeveragingDeficit Illness PathologyExcellence ShortcomingsStrengthsCompetence NormalcyThriving Flourishing 13. Myths If we try hard enough, we can excel at anything. Reducing deficiencies leads to excellence.Being well-rounded is all-important.= Deficiency Default 14. Discover Your EP: Bring your A-Game 15. Developing your EP: Make your moveEP 16. ThinkActETA 17. Desire Start with the means at hand Pay only what you can afford to lose Enroll others to enroll in your journeyA C TL E A R NB U I L D 18. Its OK to be Less than PerfectI Really ___________ That Up! 19. Delivering your EP : Be the new gender story 20. Gender MattersAcceptInvestigate Maximize 21. Discover Develop Deliver 22. Enjoy the ride! 23. Thank You !Please connect with CWEL: BabsonCWEL@CWELBabson Babson Media (CWEL Playlist) Babson College (CWEL Photo Sets) sduffy@babson.edu