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International Council of Societies of Industrial Design A Partner of the International Design Alliance for a design better world icsid is

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Icsid is...design for a better world

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International Councilof Societies of Industrial DesignA Partner of the InternationalDesign Alliance

for adesign


icsid is

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industrial design

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www.icsid.org 02

table of contents03. icsid 05. history 07. people 09. leadership 10. congress 11. interdesigns 13. endorsements 15. world design capital

16. world industrial design day 17. international design alliance 18. ingo partnerships 19. icsid corporate innovators

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03 www.icsid.org

The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) is an international non-governmental member-based organisation that aims to protect and promote the profession of industrial design. Founded in London, England in 1957, Icsid was first established by a group of 12 national professional design associations with the aspiration of protecting the interests of practising designers and ensuring global standards in design. As a result of the work done through this early collaboration, Icsid has increasingly proven its ability in being instrumental in pioneering international cooperation between design communities, in helping to raise standards within the profession through training and education, as well as in enabling the use of design to improve quality of life around the world.

It was at the first Icsid Congress and General Assembly held in 1959 in Stockholm, Sweden where Icsid began its role in shaping the profession of industrial design. At this event, the membership had grown over a two-year span to 23 societies from 17 countries, reinforcing the need and desire for a world body of industrial design. During the event, an

what is icsid?inaugural constitution was drafted together with the first Icsid definition of design, beginning the organisation’s ongoing work to structure and guide the professional practice of industrial design.

Throughout the 1960s, Icsid carried out a great deal of work in the development of industrial design education by organising numerous seminars examining the academic standards for what was then a new profession. By helping to define the profession and assisting its integration into curriculums throughout the world, Icsid helped lay the foundation for modern industrial design. As membership grew, Icsid became a channel for the exchange of professional practices between countries that would prove to be significant for the evolution of the profession. With over 30 nations represented in the membership at the time, the Icsid network created a truly impartial platform where for the first time, industrial designers from various cultures and backgrounds could meet, learn, collaborate and help the profession grow across political boundaries and economic disparities.

Today, Icsid’s membership consists of over 60 nations and represents all aspects of the profession of industrial design. From professional associations to promotional societies and educational institutions to corporations, Icsid members proudly collaborate to provide a unified voice for industrial design and facilitate the advancement of the profession.

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www.icsid.org 04

mission & vision

vision Icsid strives to create a world where design enhances our social, cultural, economic and environmental quality of life.

mission• To facilitate collaboration between the membership pillars of Icsid.

• To support and protect the professional practice of industrial design at regional and international levels.

• To contribute to the advancement of the study of design in theory, research and practice at all levels of education.

• To collaborate with stakeholders in design and other international organisations to foster a global understanding of design.

“Icsid grows in strength because it fulfils a real need. It will continue to grow because the need remains. So as long as designers are aware of their professional and social responsibilities the need for international collaboration exists.” Sir Misha Black (1910 – 1977), Icsid President 1959-1961

Right: Close-up of the winning poster from the 2009 World Industrial Design Day student poster competition, created by Carla Sapiain, Instituto Profesional DuocUC de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

Top left: Poster from the 2009 Icsid World Design Congress in Singapore. Centre left: World Industrial Design Day celebration held in Tehran, Iran in 2008.

Bottom left: Logo for the 1973 Icsid World Design Congress in Kyoto, Japan.

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05 www.icsid.org

a brief history

1973 1981Icsid is founded on the 29 June at a special meeting held in London by 12 founding member societies.

The 1st Icsid Congress is held in Stockholm, Sweden, at which point Icsid has already grown to 23 societies from 17 countries.

The 1st Professional Code of Conduct is drafted.

Icsid membership spans 32 countries.

The third official definition of industrial design is proposed by designer Tomas Maldonado.

The 1st Interdesign, “The production and distribution of bread and the design of urban squares”, is held in Minsk, USSR.

The 1st Icsid Congress in Asia is held in Kyoto, Japan. This is the first congress held outside of Europe and North America, bringing together western and Asian design worlds.

Icsid signs Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration with UNIDO.

The 1st joint congress between Icsid, the International Council of Graphic Design

Associations (Icograda) and the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers

(IFI), “Design Integration”, is held in Helsinki, Finland. During this congress the three organisations agree to work towards a

unified voice for world design.


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www.icsid.org 06

1985 1987

A groundbreaking Interdesign workshop was held in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium as a result of a collaboration between Icsid and UNESCO, and in coordination with Icograda. “The design of basic medical equipment for developing countries”, the seminar brought together 4 doctors, 14 industrial and graphic designers, and 7 assistants to develop designs for basic furniture for rural health centres, packaging, transport, refrigeration, and injection of vaccines and the design of data collecting devices for field use.

The Icsid Secretariat, established in Brussels, Belgium in 1974, moves to Helsinki, Finland.

Establishment of the model “Code of Ethical Practice” in Essen, Germany.

The 1st Icsid Congress following the collapse of the Berlin wall in 1989, “At the crossroad”, is held in Ljublujana, Slovenia, bringing forth many new Icsid Members that had previously been behind the Iron Curtain. This freedom to collaborate with design communities from around the world allowed for the growth and evolution of design within these countries.

A new Icsid definition of design is created.

The International Design Alliance is created by founding partners Icsid and Icograda and ratified by their respective General Assemblies in September 2003.

Icsid Secretariat leaves Europe for the first time and relocates in Montreal, Canada.

Icsid celebrates it’s 50th anniversary with year-long celebrations and inaugurates World Industrial Design Day.

1st IDA Congress held in Taipei, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei).

The World Design Capital® (WDC) project is established at a board meeting in Essen, Germany.

1991 2002 2003 2005 2007 2011

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icsid is peoplemembersStrengthening industrial design internationally takes research, advocacy, progressive legislation and collaboration between organisations, nations and designers. By uniting through Icsid to achieve these goals, member organisations are responsible for building stronger, healthier and more influential design communities and stimulating advancements in quality of life throughout the world.

Icsid is truly an organisation defined and led by its members. As a council of societies, Icsid’s highest decision-making body is the general assembly, which is comprised exclusively of representatives from member organisations who possesses full authority to implement the aims of Icsid. Through this structure, Icsid empowers all members with the opportunity to guide the future of the organisation, regardless of the size, location or function of the member organisation.

educational institutions




associatemembers membership

07 www.icsid.org

(non-voting members)

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“To be a member of Icsid is to provide your organisation with a world of opportunity. Icsid provides design organisations with the tools to collaborate and participate with colleagues from a variety of disciplines on an unprecedented international level. As a business person, the Icsid global network of members was indispensable to me when I was building red dot.” Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, Icsid Senator, Icsid President 2005-2007 / President, red dot GmbH & Co. KG

member typesProfessional - National societies, or sections of a national society, of professional industrial designers, may be admitted as professional members. Professional members represent the interests of practicing industrial designers within the council and ensure a focus on issues that affect professional practice.

Promotional - Nationwide societies, or section of a society, or organization that devote efforts to the advancement of industrial design by means of information or promotional activities may be admitted as promotional members. Promotional members typically advance industrial design by working with government and other national agencies and/or through initiatives that highlight effective design practice.

Educational - Educational institutions whose activities align with Icsid’s vision and mission, or institutions offering accredited curriculum in industrial design education or engage in research relating to industrial design, may be admitted as educational members. Through educational membership, both faculty and students can support and participate in international projects and events, as well as have opportunities to interact with key experts from every facet of the profession.

www.icsid.org 08

get involved• Applications for membership can be requested from the Icsid Secretariat. • For more information on membership, please contact the Icsid Secretariat by phone at +1 514 448 4949 or by email at [email protected].

Corporate - Companies committed to the value and advancement of design that operate in accordance with the aims and objectives of Icsid may be admitted as corporate members. Corporate members introduce a broad range of perspectives to Icsid that help professional, promotional and educational members direct their efforts towards the needs of the business community.

Associate - Organisations or consultancies whose activities are consistent with the aims and objectives of Icsid may be admitted as associate members. Associate members demonstrate their support for and association with Icsid, but do not play an active role in decision making at the general assembly.

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icsid is leadershipSince its establishment in 1957, Icsid’s driving force has always been the passionate and committed people who have led the organization.

Executive Board - Icsid is governed by eleven honorary board members mandated to further the organization’s mission and vision. The Icsid Executive Board is also responsible for sustaining and developing the organization, constantly improving member benefits and solidifying Icsid’s role internationally.

Senate - The Senate consists of active former Icsid Executive Board Presidents who contribute a broad range of knowledge and experience to the ongoing development of the organisation and regularly consult with the executive board on issues of importance.

Regional Advisors - Previous Icsid Executive Board Members are appointed as regional advisors with the aim of strengthening the organisation’s local presence and improving the delivery of services to Icsid Members.

icsid is dialogueSecretariat - A dedicated team of professionals manage the daily operations of the organization under the direction of the Secretary General. The Secretariat is responsible for the implementation of Icsid’s strategic plan as mandated by the executive board.

General Assembly - Convening biennially, the general assembly defines the direction of the organisation and elects the executive board for the subsequent two-year term. Composed of member organisation representatives, the general assembly is the highest decision-making body of Icsid and possesses full authority to implement the aims of the organisation.

09 www.icsid.org


regional advisors




ecutive board

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icsid is dialoguecongressSince the first congress in Stockholm, Sweden in 1959, the biennial congress and general assembly has consistently provided a forum for innovation, dialogue and progress in the field of industrial design. With a rich history of over five decades of congresses spanning the globe, this international event draws a diverse group of professionals who strive to share and learn about the latest directions, issues and best practices in design. With creative and impactful sessions presented by a global faculty of multi-disciplinary design experts, the biennial congress has become the premier event for the design community to engage, explore and be inspired.

www.icsid.org 10

“Congresses, as a media of communication, provide us with new viewpoints on the world of design, bringing together participants who are passionate about design and enrich the design environment with the international intermixture of ideas. Each congress creates new experiences and ideas, which is why they are so exciting and inspiring for designers.” Kenji Ekuan, Icsid Senator, Icsid President 1975-1977 / Chairman & Founder, GK Design Group

2009 Singapore 1999 Sydney(Australia)

1973 Kyoto(Japan)

1989 Nagoya(Japan)

1995 Taipei(Taiwan, Chinese Taipei)

2001 Seoul(South Korea)

1991 Ljubljana (Slovenia)

1981 Helsinki (Finland)

2003 Hanover/Berlin (Germany)

1959 Stockholm (Sweden)

2005 Copenhagen (Denmark), Oslo (Norway), Gothenburg (Sweden), Helsinki (Finland)

1987 Amsterdam(The Netherlands)1993 Glasgow


1967 Ottawa/Montreal(Canada)

1997 Toronto(Canada)

1985 Washington, D.C.(United States)

2007 San Francisco(United States)

1979 Mexico City(Mexico) 1969 London

(United Kingdom)

1971 Ibiza/Barcelona(Spain)

1963 Paris(France)

1983 Milan(Italy)

1961 Venice(Italy)

1965 Vienna(Austria)

1975 Moscow(Russian


1977 Dublin(Ireland)

Icsid Congresses from 1959 to 2009.

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icsid is progress

11 www.icsid.org

interdesignsInterdesign workshops are industrial design led international development projects. Orchestrated by an Icsid Member society, Interdesigns allow host organisations to address a problem with significant social, economic, and/or professional implications, which is relevant both locally and internationally. These projects bring together approximately fifty participants, half of which are from the local region and the remainder from across the globe, who work together to create innovative solutions intended for actual implementation.

The Interdesign concept originated at an Icsid board meeting in 1970 in response to a common desire amongst designers at the time. This need was to move away from the narrow concept of product-oriented design and become more involved in ‘total’ projects that focused on the beginning, middle, end, and implementation of a project.

Since the first Interdesign workshop themed ‘The Production and Distribution of Bread’ held in 1971 in Minsk, USSR, Interdesign themes have ranged from the design of services to issues in sustainable development.

Sports arena converted into a workshop in Gallivare, Sweden, for City Move Interdesign 2009 (Photo: Anna Bellander)

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why host an interdesign?Hosting an Interdesign is a truly unique experience for the host country, the participants and stakeholders involved. Some of the benefits can include:

• showcasing the design capabilities of the host country and highlighting international relations.

• engaging government action to make lasting changes and be regarded as an example to other nations faced with similar challenges.

• enabling an invaluable meeting between renowned designers, young professionals, students and relevant specialists and stakeholders to solve a global issue through innovative design.

• the ability to implement workshop results to solve global issues and improve quality of life through design solutions.

• international promotion through Icsid member societies and Icsid’s extensive international design media network.

“The Icsid endorsed Interdesigns held in South Africa in 1999 (Water) and 2005 (Sustainable Rural Transport) profoundly influenced me as a designer, and as a person living predominantly within industrially developing contexts. The Interdesigns employed an assortment of participatory design tools focusing on real-life challenges facing people in Africa. These geopolitical realities challenged me to re-interrogate my role as a socially responsive and responsible designer, consequently inspiring my passion for Design for Sustainability and Universal Design applications on our continent.” Mr. Mugendi M’Rithaa, Icsid Executive Board Member 2009-2011 / Interdesign participant 1999 & 2005

www.icsid.org 12

get involved• Icsid member societies, trade organisations and associations, as well as local and central authorities, are all eligible to plan and host Icsid Interdesign workshops. • Icsid Interdesigns follow a bidding application and cycle determined by Icsid. Letters expressing interest to host an Icsid Interdesign are welcome year round. • For more information on Interdesign workshops, please contact the Icsid Secretariat by phone at +1 514 448 4949 or by email at [email protected].

Prototype for a low-capacity cart and local villagers from the 2005 Icsid Interdesign on sustainable rural transport.

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icsid is supportendorsementsIcsid’s Endorsement services are a major aspect of the organisation’s commitment to developing, protecting and promoting the profession of industrial design around the world. By respecting the Icsid Endorsement regulations and recommendations, organisers follow best practices recorded by Icsid to ensure protection of intellectual property and the integration of international standards. An endorsement by Icsid provides an event, project or programme with a legitimacy and distinction from all other design initiatives held worldwide.

Applications are thoroughly reviewed by Icsid and must abide by the approval procedures before gaining an offi cial endorsement.

What type of event can be endorsed by Icsid?

• Competitions

• Awards

• Workshops

• Conferences

13 www.icsid.org

• Exhibitions

• Seminars

• Annual programmes and many other event formats

Top Left: 2008 Lotus Prize Industrial Design and Innovation Design Competition participants in Changsha City, China.Top Right: 2008 DongGuan Cup Industrial Design Award ceremony in DongGuan City, China.

Bottom: 2008 Design Turkey award ceremony in Istanbul, Turkey.

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www.icsid.org 14

“The Australian International Design Awards (AIDA) has received Icsid’s endorsement for over three years. This endorsement has proven to be indispensable in giving winning participants and companies a truly international platform to further promote their business, and has ensured that the latest developments in Australian design are effectively communicated across the world through Icsid’s vast network.” Brandon Gien, Icsid Executive Board Member & Treasurer 2009-2011 / Executive Director, AIDA, endorsed by Icsid in 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011

what is the value of an icsid endorsement?Successful endorsement applicants have benefited from:

• broad media coverage in the global design community.

• increased number of entrants and improved event communications through Icsid promotional support.

• engagement opportunities from Icsid Member societies worldwide, including speakers and jury members.

• engaging sponsorships and governmental stakeholders.

• event, project and/ or programme planning support.

• icsid endorsement logo verifying the legitimacy and prestige of approved design initiatives.

and many other advantages.

get involved• Applications are accepted year round. • Organisers are advised to contact Icsid for endorsement opportunities at the earliest planning stages.

• For more information on Icsid Endorsements, including the fee structure, please contact the Icsid Secretariat by phone at +1 514 448 4949 or by email at [email protected].

2009 BraunPrize awards ceremony in Kronberg, Germany.

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icsid is advocacyworld design capital®With more than half the world’s population now living in urban areas, cities are facing dramatic changes in how they adapt to rising populations and effectively provide for the businesses that feed their economic growth. In recognition of municipalities in which design lies at the very core of public, private and governmental development is the World Design Capital (WDC) designation, a city promotion project created to acknowledge those cities that have used design not only as a tool to further social, cultural and economic development, but also as a means to effectively renew their environment and improve quality of life for their inhabitants.

First established as a pilot-project in 2008, the WDC is unique in its aim to focus on the broader essence of design’s impact on urban spaces, economies and citizens. Held biennially, the designation provides a distinct opportunity for cities to highlight their successes in urban revitalisation strategies, as well as feature their accomplishments in attracting and promoting innovative design for the period of one full year in which the awarded city hosts a multidisciplinary programme of design-led events.

As a World Design Capital, cities can:• gain visibility as a centre for creativity and innovation• attract investment and creative professionals• strengthen knowledge-based economic development

• improve the quality of life in the city• position the city as a leading center of design• build global image as a must-see travel destination• take part in an international network of design

15 www.icsid.org

Get involved• Applications to become a WDC are accepted by all cities and is not reserved to national capitals. • For more information on the World Design Capital please visit www.worlddesigncapital.com or contact the Icsid Secretariat by phone +1 514-448 4949 or by email at [email protected].

Left: Mole Antonelliana and Alps, Turin. (Source: istockphotos. Photographer: Nicola Destefano) Middle: Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul. (Source: istockphoto. Photographer: Jian Huan Sen)Right: Helsinki Cathedral. (Source: City of Helsinki Media Bank. Photographer: Matti Tirri)

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“In our current society, there are expanded opportunities for industrial designers. Our fi eld is growing from its historical role in the design of objects to the design of social systems and solving social and humanitarian problems through design. World Industrial Design Day gives designers an international platform to address these problems and shines a light on the sometimes antiquated perception of what industrial designers do.” Dr. Mark Breitenberg, Icsid President 2009-2011 / Provost, California College of Arts

world industrial design dayEstablished on 29 June 2007, World Industrial Design Day is an international day of awareness celebrated throughout the world by designers and non-designers alike. Inaugurated on Icsid’s 50th anniversary, World Industrial Design Day is observed annually on the 29 June with the goal of encouraging inter-disciplinary collaborations, increasing awareness of the design industry and exploring ways in which responsible design can improve economic, social, cultural and environmental quality of life.

Since its inception, Icsid strives to connect people from diverse backgrounds. While many members come from different cultures or religions, they have at least one thing in common: a passion for industrial design. This bridging of the design community continues to be shown with the annual celebration of World Industrial Design Day; a day for the global industrial design community to share ideas, celebrate their profession, spread knowledge and help create a better world in the process.

www.icsid.org 16

get involved• World Industrial Design Day is an international day of observance and anyone with an interest is encouraged to organise an event in celebration. Visit the www.icsid.com/projects/world_industrial_design_day.com for inspiration.

Top: Design exhibition held in Seoul, South Korea in 2010.Bottom: 2010 Icsid student poster competition winner, created by Ivan Orin Vrkas

and Bojan Kristofi c, University of Zagreb, Croatia.

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icsid is partnershipswhat is the international design alliance?In a major step for the global design community, Icsid and the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda) came together in 2003 to create a new alliance dedicated to creating a truly collective voice of design. A strategic initiative, the International Design Alliance (IDA) is now the largest design collaborative in the world and strives to bring the benefits of design to world bodies, governments, businesses and society. Further expanding its expertise and influence, in September 2008 the IDA welcomed the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI) to the alliance as the third partner.

The biennial IDA Congress is the primary project for the IDA and is the premier event worldwide for dialogue between designers and non-designer stakeholders in a summit format.

17 www.icsid.org

goals of the international design alliance• Empower discipline specific international design industry organisations to collaborate and share best practices.

• Develop and share knowledge of design around the world.

• Stimulate innovation through multidisciplinary design collaboration.

• Promote the mutual interest of all design professions.

• Encourage the use and value of design by building relationships with world bodies.






industrial design




n de


interior architecture /design

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ingo partnershipsSince the establishment of Icsid, partnerships with fellow international non-governmental organisations have facilitated the organisation’s mission and vision and have helped Icsid evolve over time. Starting in 1963, Icsid was granted special consultative status by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), followed by ongoing and indispensible collaborations with the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the Office of Harmonisation for the Internal Market (OHIM).

Interdesign workshops held in partnership with UNESCO.

www.icsid.org 18

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what are icsid corporate innovators?The vision of the Icsid Corporate Innovators (ICI) programme is to build a network of mutually beneficial global partnerships with design thinkers and business leaders committed to advancing the profession of industrial design.

Icsid corporate members that are part of the ICI programme celebrate their continued contribution and commitment to the global industrial design industry through their alignment with Icsid’s vision to create a world where design enhances our social, cultural, economic and environmental quality of life.

Since its inception in 2005, long standing Icsid Corporate Innovator members, Autodesk Inc., Design Continuum Inc. and Tupperware, have made a positive impact to Icsid’s organisational development and in turn have supported the organisation in successfully achieving their strategic goals.

what is the value of being an icsid corporate innovator?• Align with Icsid’s vision of creating a world where design enhances our social, cultural, economic and environmental quality of life.

• Support the mission of Icsid to advance the discipline of industrial design and foster a global understanding of design.

• Enable Icsid to achieve its strategic goals.

• Ongoing corporate sponsorship recognition through the Icsid Network.

• A tailor-made programme to facilitate partnerships with other Icsid Members, including opportunities to form strategic alliances.

• Special invitations and recognition at Icsid Events, including regional meetings, biennial congress and various other international promotions.

• Prominent recognition and promotion through various Icsid communications, including the Icsid Website, newsletter and biennial annual report, amongst others.

get involved• For more information on becoming an Icsid Corporate Innovator, please contact the Icsid Secretariat by phone at +1 514 448 4949 or by email at [email protected].

19 www.icsid.org

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industrial design

brochure design by [email protected]

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Scan the QR-Code with your mobile telephone to access the most recent news, features and events from the Icsid Network.

icsid secretariat 455 St-Antoine West

Suite SS10Montreal, Quebec, H2Z 1J1

Canada t. + 1 514 448 4949f. + 1 514 448 4948e. [email protected]