How to Make Money with . Copyright ©2012 Tabitha Philen of . This slideshow and the contents...

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Transcript of How to Make Money with . Copyright ©2012 Tabitha Philen of . This slideshow and the contents...

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How to Make Money with Slide 2 Copyright 2012 Tabitha Philen of This slideshow and the contents herein may not be duplicated in any way and cannot be hosted on the internet in any form or fashion. This slideshow is licensed to the original purchaser and may not be sold or transferred. This slideshow is written expecting that the viewer has a general understanding of how to use Pinterest. If you do not have a Pinterest account or need more information about how Pinterest works, please READ THIS. READ THIS Slide 3 This information will not help you get rich quick. You will not spend one night on Pinterest and instantly have a steady income. However, these strategies work. It just takes time. Slide 4 Step One Create an Affiliate Account If you already have an Affiliate account, click HERE to move to Step Two. HERE Slide 5 Go to Click Join Now for Free Slide 6 Put in the name of your Pinterest page Slide 7 Copy and paste the address for your Pinterest profile page Slide 8 Mention the type of information & products you will be pinning. Slide 9 Select Social Network Site and Home/Pets/ Cooking, etc. category Slide 10 Click all categories for items you plan to pin Slide 11 Select Content or Niche Website and Search Slide 12 Select the ways you intend to promote your Pinterest account Slide 13 Chances are that most of these will not apply Slide 14 If you plan to use other affiliate programs, select Other Affiliate Programs. If not, select Amazon only. Slide 15 Complete this part just as I have, complete the security code and click finish. Slide 16 Applying for an Amazon Affiliate account does not guarantee acceptance, but I have never known of anyone to be denied. If at any time following your acceptance as an affiliate you become a resident of Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, Rhode Island, or Connecticut, you will become ineligible to participate. For additional questions, please contact Slide 17 Step Two How to Pin Your Amazon Affiliate Links Slide 18 Pick an item to add to one of your Pinterest boards. Slide 19 Click Link to this page from the affiliate toolbar. NOTE: If you have been accepted into the Affiliate program and do not see the toolbar, make sure you are signed in to your account. Slide 20 Highlight the line of text between the first set of quotation marks and press CTRL-C to copy. Click Text Only on the pop up box. Slide 21 Open your Pinterest account and click to Add. Slide 22 Select Add a Pin from the pop up box. Slide 23 Click inside the box and then press CTRL-V to paste your Amazon Affiliate code into the box. Click Find Images. Slide 24 Click Next to reach the desired image. Select the board to which you want the item placed. Slide 25 Complete the pin description using a personal experience or quotes from the item description on Amazon. Pin it! Slide 26 Verify that the pin is showing correctly. Click to Edit if needed. Slide 27 Every time your pin is re-pinned, your affiliate link goes with it and has the potential of making money. Slide 28 If you do not notice clicks in your Amazon Affiliate account after a little time, check the links on your money pins by clicking to Edit Pin. Slide 29 Verify that Pinterest has not changed your affiliate link to THEIR affiliate link, which they reserve the right to do. If they change it, change it back. Slide 30 Step Three Some Tips to Keep in Mind Slide 31 Pin regularly. Try to set aside a little time (10 to 15 minutes) each day to pin and repin. Pin at peak times. If possible, pin in the evening and weekends. Slide 32 Do not over-pin Amazon affiliate links. Keep a ratio of approximately ONE affiliate link for every TEN regular pins. Pin a variety of topics that you enjoy. Diversity brings a bigger crowd. Slide 33 Pin popular topics. The most popular boards on Pinterest are related to food and health. Pin original content. Repinning is great but PINning gets you noticed. Slide 34 Connect to your Social Networks. Using your Facebook and Twitter feeds will help build your number of followers. Complete your board information. Remember to categorize your boards. Slide 35 Interact with your followers. If someone leaves a comment, reply to them. Start a conversation. Use keywords to name your boards. What words would someone search for? Dont be cute. Slide 36 Do other affiliate programs work with this strategy? Some do and some dont. Of the programs I have tried, E-Junkie products will work when you use your product-specific affiliate link. Zulily works and they even have a way to pin easily! Bitly and most other url shorteners are marked as spam and will not work. Slide 37 Why does this work? 1.When people click through your affiliate link, a cookie is placed in their computer which holds your affiliate number. 2.You will earn a commission on what they purchase within the lifetime of the cookie. 3.The life of the cookie is determined by your affiliate agreement. Slide 38 Remember, is supposed to be fun. Making money off something that you really love is a BONUS! Want to see how I work it? Slide 39 Questions? Contact me at