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How to choose a perfect prom dresses for yourself by the neckline of the dress. The neckline of prom dresses include strapless, backless, sweetheart, v-neck, halter, one shoulder, off the shoulder, Bateau, Jewel, high neck, Scallope, Scoop, Square. Each of them has effect to show off advantage or disguise disadvantage.

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  • 1.PROM dresses How to CHOOSE By neckline of the dress

2. Strapless Prom Dresses Horizontal at the bust line, perfect bust and shoulder enhancer. 3. Backless Prom Dresses: It is the most ideal choice if you have a slim figure 4. Sweetheart Prom Dresses Sweetheart neck, a good enhancer of bust 5. Halter Prom Dresses: A halter neck can disguises broad shoulder feeling for its effect of converging inward. If you are thin and slim and want to look more sexy, you can try halter prom dresses 6. One Shoulder Prom Dresses: One shoulder neckline can emphasize the collarbone and shoulder area. So it is not the option for the girls who have broad shoulder. 7. V Neck Prom Dresses V neck prom dresses ideal for average-sized bust and pear shaped girls 8. Off the shoulder prom dresses: Different with bateau, it is below collarbone and shoulder. The effect of off the shoulder neck is helping accentuate the neck and shoulder. Except girls with broad shoulder, it is a safe choose for 9. Bateau Prom Dresses: Neckline follows the collarbone curves and hang at the top of both shoulder. It is perfect to show off sexy collarbones and neck 10. Jewel Prom Dress: Jewel neck usually found on T-shirt. It is a good friend of bust enhancer. 11. High Neck Prom Dresses: Good for girls with long neck or ling face, its will make a good balance. But not good idea for short neck, it will make the neck even shorter. 12. Scalloped Prom Dresses: A shell shape neckline, do much better on emphasizing the chest area, it is perfect for average-size bust girls 13. Scoop Neck Prom Dresses Neckline like U, a safe neck for all girls. 14. Square Neck Prom Dresses Ideal for girls with round face