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White a nice choice for your evening wear, if you want to recover from all the tensions of the day ~

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  • 1. WhiteProm DressesAre you easily drawn to white color?White represents purity and serenity.It has amazing power to make yourmind pleasant and being relaxed.Its a nice choice for your eveningwear, if you want to recover from allthe tensions of the day ~
  • 2. A white strapless empire waist beadedchiffon prom dress with soft ruching tothe bodice and a glitzy beaded empirewaistbelt and neckline.
  • 3. White knee length shortchiffon dress with a blackbelt~
  • 4. Delicate ruching and elegant rosette create aelegant silhouette on this strapless shortprom gown. It also can be worn on eveningparty and other special occasions.
  • 5. This white dressfeatures a floral strapacross one shoulder,empire waist an afront cut that ischarming andelegant
  • 6. White strapless pluffy prom dress UK,with a ruched bodice and layeredskirt.
  • 7. Elegant and charming, this long chiffonvintage prom dress features a beadedstrap around one shoulder, sweetheartneckline and a front split.
  • 8. Chiffon is made from cotton, silk orsynthetic fibers. It is most commonly usedin evening wear, especially as an overlay, forgiving an elegant and floating appearanceto the gown. Chiffon must be hand washedvery gently.
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