How do Salesforce Admins use RealZips?

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RealZips GeoData Platform™ for The native RealZips app instantly provides Zip codes and business GeoData. Recently awarded App of the Week. Drive workflows: territory management, web-to-lead, lead assignment & ownership alignment. Start free 30 day trial.

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  • 1. How do Salesforce Admins use RealZips?

2. Recent App of the Week 3. Use RealZips to instantly add Zip codes and3,000,000 points of GeoData across Salesforce 4. Include Zip codes in Salesforce Search.Provide reference; Salesreps by Zip, key metrics. 5. Deliver instant Zip code metrics anywhere in Salesforce.Empower all users with GeoData. 6. Easily manage territories on a Zip code level;Sales team members, support team, and channel partners. 7. Automatically add GeoData to leads, accounts and contacts;city, county, metropolitan area, census region, territory and more. 8. Display GeoData across leads, accounts and contacts.Provide instant owner check for all Salesforce users. 9. Add GeoData to Views.Help everyone check ownership and make calls by time zone. 10. Configure Key Metrics across every Zip code.Empower marketing and sales teams. 11. Set up powerful Lead Assignment Rules in minutes, not days.Help sales connect faster with customers. 12. Reassign leads, accounts & contacts to right owner in minutes, not weeks.Improve trust in your organizations CRM data. 13. Use RealZips GeoData to simplify Salesforce Territory Model Rules.Ensure customer data is properly shared throughout teams. 14. Report Zip metrics across metropolitan, territories, counties, and cities.Help marketing and sales; targeting areas with best potential. 15. Automatically track territory changes on a Zip code level.Avoid mistakes in sales quota and commission payouts. 16. Add customized business and demographic metrics to every Zip code.Show potential by city, county, metropolitan area, and sales territory. 17. Create reports over geographic potential and performance.Empower marketing and sales; targeting best areas. 18. Create powerful reports; combining CRM data with all GeoData.Report on Leads by metropolitan, county, city and Zip. 19. Create visual reports across metropolitan area, county, city and Zip codes.Support outside teams; planning activities and targeting customers. 20. Provide immediate view of CRM data in every Zip code.Give sales team insights to close more deals. 21. Mobilize sales teamsHelp field teams to search citiesand Zip codes, view sales metricsand plan visits. 22. In-depth articles on LinkedIn 23. Reviews: Salesforce Admins using RealZipsKiller app!Our team couldnt be happier with this tool! Geographic target lists that normallytake an hour+ to generate, are done instantly. It is an amazing tool! You will love it!- C. KoteA top 5 app for a sales heavy orgDo you have multiple reps covering the same geography? Does one of them coverMajor accounts and another cover SMB for the same state? Do you get requests tobe able to route leads by zip code? Do you wish you could identify accounts thatare owned outside a sales rep's territory? If you answered yes to any of thesequestions, I highly recommend that you check out RealZips. - B. TresederFantastic app!With the amount of data that RealZips can provide, we can begin to assimilate itsdemographic data with our database to see what are target regions where to focussales and marketing efforts, as well as track progress at a whole new level!!- E. MahleKiller app!Implementing RealZips gave our marketing ops team 15% of their week back andenabled another team! We've saved time and money and the RealZips team is sogreat to work with -- superb customer service! - A. OlesenRealZips and our Web-To-Lead Forms"We use RealZips to distribute new leads by zip code as they come in through ourweb-to-lead forms. It works great! This app delivered exactly what we were lookingfor. - R. Cheal 24. Free trial on 25. App:RealZips.comHelp:RealZipsHelp.comSlides:GetRealZips.comBook Meeting:BookRealZips.comEmail:sales@realscenario.comPhone: 1-855-REAL-BIZ1-855-732-5249 The company RealScenario, Inc. is marketed as: RealScenario - Cloud Business AppsRealScenario, Inc. is a Salesforce AppExchange Program Partner. 26. Copyright 2014 RealScenario, Inc. All rights reserved.