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Introduction to Lightning For AdminsMatthew MorrisSalesforce your own elevator speech on the topic of Salesforce Lightning

The Lightning Experience brings a reimagined consumer-like experience that is modern, efficient and smart to Salesforce users across every device - desktop, tablet and mobile.Salesforces Own Products Using Lightning TechnologiesSalesforce Lightning Experience

Home, Accounts & Contacts, Opportunities, Reports, List Views, The Opportunity BoardPerson Accounts (Beta), Campaigns (Beta), Opportunity Teams, Assets, Work Orders, Files Connect, Filtered Dashboards

Multiple databases, not just Salesforce dataComplex business process, which change over timeWhatever we build needs to work on ANY device (this year and the next) Customise & Integrate : The Admins Challenge

Our Project Lifecycle

CustomiseAppearance & BehaviourConnect to Data SourcesImplementBusiness ProcessesDeliver TheApplication

Business changes

Technology changes

Meet the family!The Admin Lightning ExperienceConnectProcess Builder

App BuilderComponent Framework


Connect to Data Sources

ConnectProcess Builder

App BuilderComponent Framework


Code with ApexConnecting External Data

Code with ApexTools + Salesforce APIConnecting External Data

Code with ApexTools + Salesforce APILightning ConnectConnecting External Data

Access the data in 4 easy steps:Select the external data tables you want to useSync the table and field definition into Salesforce (no typing)Add relationships between Salesforce & External objectsEdit page layouts

Lightning ConnectConnect to any source supporting the OData standard

External Objects Work Like Custom ObjectsTabsList ViewsDetail PagesChatter FeedsVisualforce pagesLightning componentsREST/SOAP API accessRead & Write Available on Classic desktop, Lightning Experience desktop & mobile app

If you are familiar with Custom Objects, then you already know how to work with External Objects.

Visit Odata.orgTry it for yourself Weigh Up Cost vs. Benefit

Remember the cost of maintenance!Subtext placeholderTake ActionEvaluate the value of Lightning Connect to your organisation

Implement Business Processes

ConnectProcess Builder

App BuilderComponent Framework


Lightning Process BuilderDECLARACTION!Visually layout a processPoint-and-click developmentCollaborate with business ownersImprove visibility & maintainabilityCreate headless flowsRevamp existing workflow rulesReplace many basic Apex triggers*Orchestrate calls to Apex & Flow & Approvals

To do that we use Lightning Process Builder. PB allows you to Do more with clicks: e.g., create records with clicks vs. classic workflow that would require a code change.Business users can now visually create process paths, choose when these processes start, and what actions to take.

Create headless flows -> If workflow and visual flow were to have a baby, it would be lightning process builder. Lightning Process Builder creates headless flows, which means you can create actionable flow charts that are kicked off in a similar fashion to how workflow rules kick off. Traditionally with flows (ie Visual Workflow) you had to use a wizard-like user interface invoke actions, but these conditional actions can go on behind the scenes off user interactions with their data.14

Dreamforce Video ChannelSuccess CommunityGrow Into Visual WorkflowSessions + HOTS from DF15 recorded

Take ActionBecome a master of Process Builder (& Visual Workflow)

Customise Appearance & Behaviour

ConnectProcess Builder

App BuilderComponent Framework


Lightning Design SystemWhat is it?

Page layouts, CSS & iconsDownload as a Zip file or unmanaged package

Is it for Admins?YES!Use the icons & colours in your own VisualforceMake sure your developers know it & use itSave time with your design team

A Design SystemAll the resources you will ever need

Standard ComponentsBuilt by Salesforce

Custom chartsData entry toolsCustom data layoutDynamic mapsLeft navPublisher barFeed items


SlidersMulti-view charts

Pass/FailCustom ComponentsBuilt by customer developersAppExchange ComponentsBuilt by PartnersLightning Component Framework

This component-based approach allows us to do is start to think of components vs. apps for greater flexibility. It changes how you, and we, can build apps on the Salesforce1 Platform

The Salesforce1 app is created with components, and over time more and more of those will be available to developers and admins to use to build new app. You can create completely custom components using javascript, css, and build to salesforce data (including data exposed via lightning connect)And, just like thousands of customers are already doing with Apps in the AppExchange, you will be able to compose apps based on lightning components from the new Component Exchange.19

Lightning Builder

Drag & DropBuild with standard, custom & partner Lightning Components

Deliver The ApplicationDesign apps for every screen from one canvas

You can add Lightning Components to Visualforce pages!

BONUS FEATURESLighting Components For Visualforce

You can add Lightning Components other websites e.g.A Chatter feed on a Sharepoint site Order status on a custom PHP web application

Lightning Out (Beta)

Success GroupsSalesforce UniversityTrailheadSubtext placeholderSubtext placeholderTake ActionEducate yourself about Components, Design System & App Builder

Lightning App BuilderLightning OutLightning Components for Communities

We Have The Technology

CustomiseAppearance & BehaviourConnect to Data SourcesImplementBusiness ProcessesDeliver TheApplication

Business changes

Technology changes

Q & A

Matthew MorrisSalesforce

Thank YouMatthew MorrisSalesforce to tell us what you think in the event survey