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    I express my sincerest gratitude and thanks to

    honorable, Madam Mohana Matin, for whose

    kindness I had the precious opportunity of doing the

    report on Homeland real Estate. Under her brilliant

    guidance I could complete the project beingundertaken on the Homeland Real Estate Marketing

    Report successfully in time. I would also like tothank the overwhelming support of all the people who

    gave me the opportunity to learn and gain the

    knowledge about the various aspects of the industry.

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    Executive SummaryExecutive Summary

    The report consists of a detailed view of the tasks, which wehave been undertaken to analyze the scenario of the realestate market and the buying behavior of the people whilepurchasing the property. For the accomplishment of the taskwe had prepared various set of the questionnaire so as toknow the consumer buying behavior and also how a realestate firm is diversifying it to the publications. Besides this,the report consists of the finding that Delhi an NCR region isthe major attraction for the real estate investors and hasmore scope to grow in terms of property market. The projecthelped me to know more about the realty sector and alsoabout the current scenario of the property market in


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  • 8/8/2019 Homeland PPT


    Company BackgroundCompany Background

    As a company Homeland urges Active Participation, it is aplace that nurtures and encourages innovation and

    maintains an environment of easy

    approachability."Disappointment is the difference between

    what a client EXPECTS and what the agent DELIVERS"

    Homeland Real Estate has thoroughly researched what aclient requires from their agent. Speak to anyone who has

    experienced the PROCESS of buying or selling Real Estate

    and often their findings are a combination of stress,

    disappointment and ultimately compromise! One of the many

    goals at Homeland Real Estate is to ensure your next move is

    a positive one. Homeland Real Estate was founded aroundone simple mission. The company is into: Constructions,Renovations, Architectural and Interior Designing.


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    An Overview on Real Estate IndustryAn Overview on Real Estate Industry

    As this springing up realty sector is getting on into a

    stable and sustainable economic sector, three key

    trends, which are likely to shape its future, are


    Increased focus on execution risks

    Increased investments in mixed-use development

    projects with a view to extract the maximum

    synergic benefit

    Syndication among real estate developers on

    execution of big- ticket development projects, i.e.,

    shift from competition to partnership.

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    An Overview on Real Estate IndustryAn Overview on Real Estate Industry

    Government Initiatives:

    100% FDB is allowed in the realty projects through automatic routes.

    In case of integrated townships, the minimum area which could be

    developed has brought down to 25 acres from 100 acres.

    Urban land (Ceiling and Regulation) Act, 1976 (ULCRA) repealed by

    increasingly large number of states.

    For the wholly- owned subsidiaries and joint ventures, the minimum

    capital investment stands at US $10 million and US $5 million,


    Minimum lock-in period of three year is there for the full repatriation of

    the original investment.

    For the single brand retail outlets and for the cash-and-carry through

    the automatic route, 51% and 100% of the FDB is allowed respectively.

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    Diversification Strategy

    Basically there are two types of diversification.These are:-i) Concentric Diversificationii) Conglomerate Diversification

    On the basis of direction, diversification may beclassified as:-i) Vertical Integrationii) Horizontal Integration

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    Homeland Real Estate

    Chapter 2



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    The broad objective of the project is to study the

    diversification of a real estate company to the


    i) To study how a real estate company is diversifyingitself to the publications.

    - potential advertisers

    ii) To study general buying behavior of peoples whilepurchasing a property and perception of peoples

    about Delhi and cities of NCR.

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    Research Problem:Research Problem:

    The Homeland is diversifying its business from

    Real Estate to Publication and the company wants

    to know about the current status of the business of

    advertisements in real Estate sector.

    The company wants to know about the general

    buying behavior of peoples while purchasing a


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    Factors and ParametersFactors and Parameters

    Price Range, Connectivity to Public transport,

    Proximity to workplace, Availability of loan,

    Easy Payment Plans, Rate of Interest, Resale

    Value, Clear title of property, Proximity toSchool, Proximity to Hospitals, Proximity to

    Entertainment Centers, Business

    Opportunities , Quality of Living , Law and

    Order , Infrastructural Development andLocation.

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    Primary Data

    Secondary Data

    Research Technique

    Qualitative techniques comprise of

    providing insights & understanding of

    problem setting.

    Quantitative techniques seeks to quantify

    the data & typically applies some form of

    statistical analysis.


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    Area Covered

    Sample Size

    Area Covered

    Convenience Sampling

    Sampling Technique

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    Chapter 3

    Data Analysis

    Homeland Real Estate

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    Inference: Answering the question How do you maintain you sales? about

    48.36 percent of the respondents answered that they maintain their sales on

    contact bases whereas about 35.21 percent of the respondents said that they

    advertise about their company and the properties available with them for sale.

    Now the company can target these 35.21 percent of the respondents for

    advertisement in their magazine.

    Inference: On asking the question weather the property dealers and

    builders wants to expand their business from current level, 88.73

    percent of the people responded that they want to expand their

    business from current level whereas only 11.27 percent of the people

    said that they are satisfied with their current level of business and

    they dont want to further expand their business.

    Data Collection

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    Inference: The response to the question on given chance will you go for

    collaboration with other firms nearly80 percent of the total respondents

    answered as NO where as only 19.72 percent of the total respondents answered

    that YES that can work in collaboration with other firms. The Bar charts above

    shows the result shows that the Real Estate sector is a highly unorganized

    sector where different property dealers and builders do not want to work in

    collaboration with each other.

    Inference: While purchasing a property the factor that effects buying decision

    of a customer the most is Affordability 56.34 percent of the total respondent

    said that they look for affordability firs while purchasing a property. After

    affordability the second most prominent factor is location of the property, about

    38.03 percent of total respondents responded in favor of Location.

    Data Collection

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    There is a good portion of property dealers and builders who

    wants to advertise them or property available with them either

    through magazine or through internet, company can target

    these property dealers and builders as their potential


    The small companies in major dont want to work in


    The major external factors which people consider while

    purchasing the property are price, availability of loan and

    proximity to workplace.

    In Peoples perception Delhi is considered to be the best place on

    all the parameters and Noida is the second choice.


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    Chapter 4

    Management Hierarchy

    And Financial Aspects

    Homeland Real Estate

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    ManagementFRPC Organization and its Committees

    Office of management and Budget


    Federal Real Property Council


    Senior Real Property Officer


    FRPC Asset Inventory Performance System

    Committee Management Plan Measurement

    FRPC General Service Department NASA Dept. of

    Committee Administration of Defense Agr.


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    TOTAL FEDERAL ASSET: 1,210,411 assets

    Total Area of Building Assets: 3.73 billion square feet

    Total Replacement Value of Assets : 1.26 trillion

    (Building and Structure)

    Legal Interest of Building Assets: 79% owned, 12% leased, 9%

    otherwise manager

    Legal Interest of Structure: 85% owned, 6% leased, 9% otherwise

    (By number) management

    Total Federal Land: 54,914,928 acres


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    A consistent (national) approach to agency

    disclosure is needed

    current agreements are inadequate and favor the

    interests of the industry


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    Chapter 5




    Homeland Real Estate

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    Strength is defined as any internal asset, technology,

    motivation, finance, business links, etc that can help to

    exploit opportunities and to fight off threats.

    Weakness is an internal condition which hampers the

    competitive position or exploitation of opportunities.

    Opportunity is any external circumstance or characteristic

    which favors the demand of the system or where the system is

    enjoying a competitive advantage.

    Threat is a challenge of an unfavorable trend or of anyexternal circumstance which will unfavorably influence the

    position of the system.


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    An organization's strategy impacts its marketing mix:

    Long term Marketing Mix Strategy:

    Brand building and increase company awareness

    Revenue grows gradually with permanent effects

    Healthy relationships with distributors and others

    Scope for research and development

    Short Term Marketing Mix Strategy

    Creates immediate revenue

    Results are direct and quantifiable

    The effect is temporary

    Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix Strategy

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    Apart from the real estate agents and dealers, the

    company should approach architects and interior

    designers also.

    The company has limited its research to the Delhiand NCR region only; it should go for other regions


    Afollow up should be there for the dealers to whom

    the contact in first meeting is not successful.


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  • 8/8/2019 Homeland PPT


    Thank You All For Your Endless