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Transcript of High Voltage Direct Current Systems - SNC-Lavalin...

  • High Voltage Direct Current Systems Since the 1970s, we have established ourselves as a world-renowned engineering provider for high voltage direct current (HVDC) systems. Our journey with HVDC began while working on some of the most complex and geographically challenging HVDC systems throughout Canada. We have since expanded our reach globally to some of the largest and most complex projects, like the Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority (GCCIA) HVDC link.

    Our Expertise in HVDC Systems

    We were amongst the pioneers in the implementation of multi- terminal HVDC technology, through the world’s first large-scale multi-terminal HVDC projects: the Radisson-Nicolet-des Cantons project in 1986. Our expertise includes HVDC bulk transmission systems, overhead lines, and underground/undersea cables at voltages up to ±600 kV; back-to-back converters; and a variety of flexible alternating current transmission system (FACTS) devices such as static VAR compensators (SVCs), and STATCOMs.

    Our team consists of highly experienced HVDC specialists and project delivery teams supported by our network of world-renowned industry experts. Our combined expertise in technology and project delivery ensures the power systems we design perform optimally and are cost effective, ensuring complete integration of complex technologies into a predominately alternating current (AC) network.

    Our Services

    We deliver the full suite of system and design studies, detailed specifications, request for proposal packages and technical evaluation of tenders, as well as complete detailed design, procurement, installation, construction, and commissioning for the balance of plant. This suite of services includes surrounding transmission infrastructure, lines and interconnecting AC substations, as well as complete protection and control, SCADA and telecommunication interfaces.

    Our team can provide the technical study scope for HVDC and FACTS projects, including:

    › Planning studies, system impact assessment and techno- economic analysis

    › Load-flow, short-circuit and dynamic studies to determine functional parameters

    › Harmonic impedance studies required by manufacturers for filter design

    › System network model processing for the purpose of HVDC/ FACTS application

    › Technology selection (Line Commutate Converters [LCCs] vs. Voltage Sourced Converters [VSCs])

    › Development of detailed ratings specifications › Electrode detailed design and specification › Detailed review of manufacturer studies and design against

    required performance

    › Supervision of real time digital simulator (RTDS) testing of control systems

    › Supervision of specialized equipment factory testing (e.g. thyristor valves, capacitors, and reactors)

    › Detailed validation of user-defined PSS/E and PSCAD models › Supervision of final commissioning and acceptance tests on site

  • Our Global Footprint

    We are a Tier-1 provider for the development of HVDC systems. We have built some of the most complex power lines for AltaLink, a major Canadian utility operating HVDC and HVAC lines integrating renewable and thermal generation sources throughout Alberta. Globally, we have worked on some of the longest and most challenging HVDC systems.

    Find out more about our projects at www.snclavalin.com/projects

    Why SNC-Lavalin?




    IE Rio Madeira ±600 kV DC Transmission Line

    Brazil › Owner’s engineering services for a 2,400 km (1,492 miles)

    transmission line (the world’s longest as of July 2014)

    › More than 4,900 steel towers crossing eight rivers, 115 km (71.5 miles) of sensitive forest and existing lines

    › Carefully chosen route with detailed environmental report

    Lower Churchill

    Canada › EPCM for 1,500 km of ± 350-kV HVDC and 315-kV HVAC

    transmission lines

    › 394 km of electrode lines with one shoreline pond electrode station

    › Seven air-insulated, converter and transition substations

    Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection

    Persian Gulf › Owner’s engineering services to interconnect six countries

    through 1,000 km of 400-kV AC line, a submarine cable and three (3) 600-MW HVDC back to back converters

    [email protected]

    Western Alberta Transmission Line


    › EPC of two 1000-MW, 500-kV monopole HVDC converter stations (with STATCOM on one facility)

    › 350 km (217 mi) of 4000-MW +/-500-kV HVDC transmission line

    › 995 towers and 500 kV and 240 kV AC switchyards to establish an HVDC link