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  • 1. events Henry Ford estate4901 Evergreen Road | Dearborn, MI 48128 313.593.5590 | www.henryfordestate.orgHenry Ford Estate Cover & back cover photos www.SpecialMomentsUSA.com

2. We Have BUILt ahome In tHecountrysInCe I saW yoU... and We love It very MUCH...Clara Ford, letter to a friend, 1919 www.SpecialMomentsUSA.com 3. History The Henry Ford Estate, a National Historic Landmark on the campus of the University of Michigan - Dearborn, is the former home of automaker, Henry Ford, and his wife, Clara. The Fords lived at the estate from 1915 until their deaths in 1947 and 1950.The success of the Ford Motor Company brought a stream of uninvited callers to the doors of Henry and Clara Fords Edison Avenue Detroit mansion. Reporters, salesmen, and job seekers deprived the family of the privacy they desired. They soon wished to build a new home, one removed from the rapidly expanding city, where they could satisfy their love of nature, gardening, and bird-watching. The Fords chose their hometown of Dearborn, about two miles from the farm where Mr. Ford was born. The world-famous automaker had been buying property in the area for several years. So in February 1914, work began on what would be the couples final home.Reflecting the Fords love for nature, the residence was built with rough-hewn Ohio limestone to harmonize with the surrounding countryside. The goal was to make the house appear to be a natural part of the land. Designed by noted landscape architect, Jens Jensen, the grounds were transformed from farmland into a natural, native landscape. All photos on this spread www.wallyspicephotography.com During Fords residency, the 1,300 acres of the Estate bustledauction of the homes furnishings; other sales occurred to disperse with activity. In addition to the residence and its powerhouse, less valuable furnishings. In 1952, the Ford Motor Company the estate included a summer house, man-made lake, staffpurchased the estate from the heirs and, after renovating parts cottages, gatehouse, pony barn, skating house, greenhouse,of the interior, established its corporate archives in the residence. root cellar, vegetable garden, thousand-plant peony garden, Ford Archives stayed until 1957, when the company donated ten-thousand plant rose garden, a Santas Workshop forthe residence, powerhouse, 210 acres, and $6.5 million to the Christmas celebrations, maple sugar shack, working farm for University of Michigan for the creation of the Dearborn campus. the Ford grandchildren built to their scale, agricultural research facilities, and five hundred birdhouses to satisfy Mr. Fords The Henry Ford Estate, including 72 of the original 1,300 acres, interest in ornithology.was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1966. Public tours of the historic home were reintroduced in the 1970s. Since Henry Ford enjoyed the estate for over thirty years until his death then, a limited staff, generous contributors, and approximately in 1947. When Mrs. Ford died three years later, her grandchildren 250 volunteers successfully continue the process of rebuilding commissioned Parke-Bernet Galleries of New York to conduct an the estate and reviving its former splendor. 4. An Elegant Setting LIBrary The Library reflects many aspects of Mr. and Mrs. Fords lifestyle. Mrs. Ford enjoyed reading aloud to her husband from their collection that contained as many as 4,000 books. MUsIC rooM The Music Room was used for family gatherings and recitals. A magician might also perform in this room for the delight of family and friends. Mrs. Fords stUdy Mrs. Fords Study was originally designed to serve as a billiard room, with Edsel Fords entertainment in mind. However, Edsel lived at Fairlane less than a year before he and Eleanor Clay married. After 1920, the room served as Mrs. Fords study, her private office, and retreat. sUn porCH The Fords enjoyed the Sun Porch year-round, and it was considered to be their favorite room of the house. They had an excellent view of the landscaped riverbank and a glimpse of the cultivated gardens nearby. Additionally, they enjoyed watching various songbirds, wandering deer, and other wildlife. ForMaL dInInG rooM The Fords entertained guests of nobility and achievement in their Formal Dining Room. Mr. and Mrs. Ford enjoyed their meals at the small linen-covered table in the window overlooking the Blue Garden. pooL rooM Edsels 50-foot indoor swimming pool was equipped with a marble fountain at one end. The fireplace was at the opposite end near the two diving boards. When the grandchildren were invited to the residence for a day of wholesome exercise, Mrs. Ford would be seated on the observation deck that was positioned directly in front of the fireplace. GaraGe (poWerHoUse) The Fords 12-car Garage was located on the main floor of the Powerhouse. Some of the vehicles that still exist in the Garage today include Mr. Fords All photos on this spread www.SpecialMomentsUSA.com personal 1920 Model T and 1929 Model A, as well as his 1942 V-8 Sedan, the car he rode in on the day he died. The Garage is a museum setting in itself Host your next event in the spacious rooms where the Fords entertained some of the worlds most influential a unique location in which to host your next event. people, including Charles Lindbergh, the Duke of Windsor, and President Herbert Hoover. rooMBanqUet CapaCIt ydIMensIonsMusic Room 70 24 x 47Mrs. Fords Study4024 x 29/13 x 19Sun Porch40 10 x 30Formal Dining Room n/a 13 x 25/13 x 19Library 8 10 x 31Pool Dining Room200 40 x 70Main LevelTent 300 5. Capacity CereMonIesWeddingsHoUrs Outdoor wedding ceremonies can be performed in the Rose Garden or on Daytime events may be scheduled between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and between 10:00 the Music Room Terrace, and can be set with up to 150 white folding chairs.a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Saturday. Evening events may be scheduled between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and midnight. Available evening Indoor ceremonies are held in the Music Room, and can be set with up to 100event times vary slightly from weekday to weekend. Please contact your sales representative for specific times. Deliveries to the banquet chairs.estate for your event may begin two hours prior to the event rental/start time.A one-hour rehearsal prior to your event can be scheduled for a small fee (subject to availability), and can usually be confirmed one month prior to the event. LIqUor servICeHenry Ford Estate cannot sell alcoholic beverages, but will be happy to provide bartenders to serve alcoholic beverages In the event of inclement weather, a planned outdoor ceremony can be moved provided by the client. Alcoholic beverages can only be served in conjunction with food. In order to provide for the safety of indoors to the Music Room. The custodial staff needs at least a one-hour your guests, as well as to limit both your liability and ours, all persons must be at least 21 years of age, and be able to provide notice to set the seating for an indoor ceremony. A standing ceremony canproper identification to be served alcoholic beverages. Additionally, our bartenders are instructed not to serve alcohol to any be arranged should it become necessary to move indoors with less than aperson that is visibly intoxicated. one-hour notice. reCeptIons Weekend days: Either the Music Room or the Pool Dining Room can be booked for Saturday morning events and can accommodate parties of up to 120 guests for a served meal, 112 for a buffet, and 150 for a standing hors doeuvres reception.Weekend evenings: We can accommodate parties of up to 200-seated guests, and up to 300 for a standing hors doeuvres reception. The available size of the head table will depend on the guest count. Please note that any event with a guest count exceeding 250 requires the tenting of the Music Room Terrace. Assigned seating is required for groups of 64 or larger.Food servICeOur executive chef and entire culinary staff stand ready to prepare a variety of savory dishes, presented in a style worthy of thehistorical atmosphere in which they are served. Whether your preference is for traditional favorites, one of our award-winningsignature dishes, or something slightly more exotic, our executive chef is available for a tasting and to consult with you regardingevery detail of the cuisine for your event. One menu and entre must be selected for all guests, although limited dietary substitutions can be honored with sufficient advancenotice. Henry Ford Estate must provide all food served with the exception of special occasion/wedding cakes. It is the policy ofthe Henry Ford Estate that all food prepared for an event must be consumed on the premises. In order to ensure availability of only the finest ingredients and the preparation of food to the high standard we have established,we must have menu selections made three weeks prior to your event. There may be limited availability for menu selections madein less than the specified time frame.toUrsAs a further complement to your special day, historic interpretive tours may be arranged in advance for group functions at anadditional charge. Unescorted guests are not allowed on either the upper or lower levels of the estate. Please contact your salesrepresentative for further details or to schedule tours.GIFt sHopThe Estate Gift Shop is open to the public Tuesday through Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and Sunday 2:30 p.m. to 6:00p.m. Arrangements can be made through the CateringEvents office to have the Gift Shop open during your event. Unique guestgifts or favors are also available through the Gift Shop. For further information, please contact the Gift Shop directly.All photos on this spread www.SpecialMomentsUSA.com 6. www.wallyspicephotography.com www.wallyspicephotography.comCorporate EventsWhether it is a meeting, banquet, or social gathering, the Henry Ford Estateallows you to offer your guests a radical departure from the