HCD-2nd edition Layout 1 - Healthcare DENM vital element of this is telehealth solutions, ... KMD...

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  • Healthcare DENMARKI N N O V A T I N G B E T T E R L I F E


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  • 2 Healthcare DENMARK

    In Denmark our focus on puttingthe patient first combined withefforts to improve efficiency andquality has resulted in a widearray of innovative solutions. I sincerely believe Danish solutions and expertise can have a positive impact on global health.

    Her Royal Highness Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark.Patron of Healthcare DENMARK

  • From the Chairman

    Throughout the world, governments are facing the same challenge:How can we provide increasingly sophisticated healthcare to a population that lives longer, suffers from an increasing number ofchronic illnesses, and expects easy access to treatment?

    In Denmark, we have increased public satisfaction with healthcare services and improved productivity and quality in the sector, while success-fully keeping health expenditures in check.

    How did we accomplish this? Most importantly, we place the patient atthe center of attention and design our healthcare sector to support this idea.We combine sophisticated technology and transmission of data with astrong focus on skills and coherent processes. We prioritise design and quality and innovate by involving users and public-private cooperation.Combined, these trademarks lead to cost-efficient and user-friendly care.

    In short, our success is the result of a well-functioning public sector supported by innovative companies that provide the technologies, products,and expertise which make it possible. We are not perfect, but we have comefar and continue to push forward to tackle modern healthcare challenges intelligently.

    Danish healthcare is not exclusively for Danes: Many years of global presence show that our healthcare products and solutions create value inter-nationally. Danish expertise and products are used every day in ambulances,medical clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes across the world.

    This magazine presents ideas and solutions that exemplify our resultsand experiences. The following pages offer a brief insight into the Danishhealthcare sector, its structure and ways of working, and just as importantly,the links and collaboration that tie the sector together into one coherent patient pathway.

    We hope to inspire you and would like to invite you to Denmark to learnmore.

    Mariann Fischer BoelChairmanHealthcare DENMARK

    The case of Denmark

    healthcaredenmark.dk 3

    Published by Healthcare DENMARK, 2nd edition, February 2014. Text support: Operate. Photos: Steen Evald (page 2), Bjarke rsted (page 3), Mikkel stergaard/Digitaliseringsstyrelsen (page 4 bottom), David Bering (page 5), Martin Wendel/Falck (page 8), Colourbox (page 1, 4 top, 7, 9, 11, 13), KMD (page 15), Vendlet Aps (page 17), Medic OUH I/S (page 18, 19). Graphic design: Christen Tofte. Printed in Denmark by: Oberthur Technologies.

  • Contents

    4 Healthcare DENMARK

    About Healthcare DENMARKLearn more about Healthcare DENMARK andour services.

    At the doctorsThe general practitioner is the most important gatekeeper in the Danish healthcare sector. Approximately nine out of ten patients are fully treated by their GP. 99% of GPs use EMRs, and all have electronic access to patient data from almost every part of the healthcare sector.

    Prehospital treatment In the area of prehospital treatment, Denmark is leading with advanced ambulance equipment, which virtually moves the hospital entrance to the ambulance. The IT and medical equipment in the ambulance and at the hospital are designed to work together and share real time information.

    Efficient and innovative hospitalsDenmark is among the EU countries with the highest patient satisfaction and with the lowest GDP spent on healthcare. Learn how Danish hospitals keep the average length of stay low and how hospitals are integrated with other healthcare services to ensure coherent patient treatment.

    Treatment at homeDenmark is successfully transforming healthcare to reduce the need for hospitalization and to increase focus on patient empowerment and prevention. A vital element of this is telehealth solutions, which offer healthcare professionals a more frequent interaction with patients at home, and secure a quick and efficient flow of data and health advice.

    Supported livingElderly and disabled citizens often value the freedom of living in their own home and to remain as independent as possible. A broad spectrum of technical solutions makes it possible to support living at home while remaining in touch with specialized health professionals.

    Rethinking the hospitalA key element in Denmarks healthcare trans-formation is the investment of more than EUR5.6 billion in new hospitals and the upgradingof existing facilities. Almost one-third of thecurrent Danish hospital capacity will be modernised to meet future needs. This include inventing new approaches inareas like logistics and patient involvement.



  • Quality of life in Denmark

    According to the EU, Denmark ranks among the leading European countries in terms of the popula-tions satisfaction with their lives in general and with healthcare services (Quality of Life in Europe2012 ranking among the 27 member states):

    About us

    Healthcare DENMARK is yourgateway to Danish healthcareexpertise. Our mission is tocommunicate knowledge and insightinto the specific solutions and stake-holders that have made the Danish healthcare system one of the leadingand most efficient in the world. On ourwebsite healthcaredenmark.dk, you canfind information about Danish com-panies, organizations, and initiatives.

    We would also like to extend a warmwelcome and invite you to come experi-ence Danish solutions in practice andmeet the people behind. Thanks to ourlarge network, we are able to arrangevisits tailored to your specific interestsand help plan logistics, such as localtransportation and interpretation.

    About us

    Healthcare DENMARK is a public-privatepartnership with a national, politicalmandate to promote Danish healthcaresolutions and competencies abroad. Thepartnership is a framework for linkinginternational partners with efficient Danish solutions and does not representany individual company or product. Healthcare DENMARK is funded by thefollowing public and private partners:the Ministry of Business and Growth, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry ofForeign Affairs, Danish Regions, Regionof Southern Denmark, the Confederationof Danish Industry, the Danish Chamberof Commerce, COWI, Falck, KMD andSystematic.

    Healthcare DENMARK- An open invitation

    healthcaredenmark.dk 5

    The Danish healthcare system

    The Danish healthcare system is primarily publicly funded and based on free and equal access to healthcare for all citizens. It is a key prioritythat patients experience a coherent patient pathway, and to ensureclose and efficient collaboration across the health sector.

    The National level is where health policy takes its form. The Ministry of Health draws up guidelines for general planning andoperation of healthcare services.

    The Regional level consists of the five Danish regions, which arethe main service providers in the healthcare system. Their healthcareresponsibilities include hospital and psychiatric treatment, and parts of the primary healthcare system such as general practitioners and specialist doctors.

    The municipal level provides rehabilitation and general diseaseprevention as well as home nursing and homes for elderly citizens withcare facilities and associated care staff.

    Life satisfaction and happiness: #1

    Satisfaction with health: #2

    Access to healthcare: #2

    Health services: #4

    Healthcare DENMARK is privilegedto have as patron, Her Royal HighnessMary, the Crown Princess of Denmark.

    Hans Erik HenriksenCEOHealthcare DENMARK


  • At the doctors

    Doctor Prehospital Hospital Telehealth Homecare The future

    The GP as a gatekeeper

    In addition to directly treating their patients, GPs in Denmark have a role asgatekeepers, who can refer their patients to other parts of the healthcaresystem. Upon consultation, patientsmay be referred to a hospital, to treat-ment by a medical specialist, or to pre-ventive services such as weight loss orsmoking cessation. However, most contacts are concluded at the GPs andonly one in ten GP contacts in Denmarkresult in a referral to another part of thehealth system.

    Comprehensive digital access

    GPs keep comprehensive electronic medical records on patients. Data isavailable through the GPs internal systems and from large parts of theother health services patients have beenin contact with previously (e.g. hospitaladmissions, consultations with medicalspecialists, laboratory test results, aswell as medication records). In addi-tion, GPs can use the Danish e-healthportal, sundhed.dk. Through the portal,GPs can extract an array of patient datafrom hospital records. The systemworks irrespective of which hospital thepatient has been admitted to. As a result, GPs are able to include the patients complete medical history intheir assessment.

    When a patient is admitted to hospi-tal, the various physicians who attendto the patient have electronic access toupdated medical records and t