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Yesterday presentation RELOADED. I Wish you a great 2009 full of good energy.

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  • 1.A very special for everyone

2. Not satisfied with your 2008? 3. ... Someone say that 2009 will be worst! 4. I dont believe it. 5. Were so strong to move mountains. 6. and weve much things to count on: 7. were confident in what we can do well 8. friends 9. love by our family 10. a warming smile 11. the energy of a hug 12. Sweetness of a word of consolation 13. Awareness that a lot of things are unnecessary 14. Oh yes, i believe that 2009 will be a very special year 15. if will be more value, more energy, more innovation 16. Lets be a very special 2009 for everyone!