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Paintings, Silver & Jewellery | 18th March 2015

Transcript of Halls Auctioneers

  • Wednesday 18th March 2015

    Sale Starts at 10a.m.

    Paintings Silver Jewellery

  • We are now consigning for our

    Pictures, Silver, Jewellery and Watches Auction to be held on

    Wednesday 24th JuneEntries now invited

    A seven stone diamond cluster ring 4000-6000

    For further details please contact:

    Maryanne Lineker-Mobberley FGAAllan Darwell Caroline Dennard Derek Ainsworth

    T: 01743 450 700 E: fineart@hallsgb.com W: www.hallsgb.com/fine-art

  • Paintings, Silver & Jewellery Auction

    Which will be sold by auction on

    Wednesday 18th March 2015Sale starts at 10.00am

    at Darwin SaleroomHalls Holdings House, Bowmen Way, Battlefield, Shrewsbury, SY4 3DR

    Viewing:Monday 16th March 9.30am 7.00pmTuesday 17th March 9.30am 4.30pmand on the morning of the auction

    Auction no. 5048

    Front cover illustration: lot 360Back cover illustration: lot 76

    Contact:Maryanne Lineker-Mobberley FgAAllan DarwellCaroline DennardDerek Ainsworth

    Internet address: www.hallsgb.com/fine-artwww.the-saleroom.com/hallswww.liveauctioneers.com/halls

    T: 01743 450 700 E: fineart@hallsgb.com

    Catalogues 10 plus postage

    Credit card facilities available

    HALLS HoLDIngS LIMITEDCompany Registration no: 06597073VAT Registration no. 549 7365 94

    Society of Fine Art Auctioneers


  • Jeremy Lamond MRICS FNAVAFine Art Director


    Andrew Beeston MNAVASenior Valuer


    Martin DeaconPorter

    Carl HumesPorter

    Maryanne Lineker-Mobberley FGASilver & Jewellery


    Derek AinsworthWatches, Coins

    & Medalsfineart@hallsgb.com

    Caroline DennardCeramics & Militaria


    Stewart OrrToys and Collectablesfineart@hallsgb.com

    Rebecca MossAsian Art


    Peter BoothSaleroom Managerpeter@hallsgb.com

    Sue BelshawFine Art Secretarysue@hallsgb.com

    Chloe BarkerFine Art Secretary


    Sue BennettFine Art Secretarysue@hallsgb.com

    Allan DarwellPaintings


  • Silver & Bijouterie

    Order of Sale

    Lots 1 90 Silver & Plated Wares

    Lots 91 95 Bijouterie

    Lots 96 192 Jewellery

    Lots 193 196 Amber

    Lots 197 264 Rings

    Lots 265 309 Watches Coins and Medals

    Lots 310 332 Watercolours

    Lots 335 361 oil Paintings

    Lots 362 370 20th Century Contemporary

  • Lot 1A CANTEEN OF SILVER PLATEDCUTLERY, comprising; twelve ivoryhandled side knives, twelve ivory handledtable knives, twelve table forks, twelvedessert forks, twelve dessert spoons, sixegg spoons, three salt spoons, a mustardspoon, eleven teaspoons, two knife rests,twelve tablespoons, two sauce ladles, asoup ladle, a pair of sugar tongs and athree part ivory handled carving set, allpresented within fitted oak two drawerWellington style canteen with engravedcartouche J.M.H June 1914 and brassswing handles, 47.5cm wide, 31.5cm deep,23cm high 200 - 400

    Lot 2Lot 2A GEORGE III SILVER HELMET CREAMJUG, RE, London 1788, of typical form withengraved initials to the body, beaded rimand elongated reeded handle, all raised onsquare pedestal foot, 16cm high, weight4oz 80 - 120

    Lot 3A GEORGE II NEWCASTLE SILVERSALVER, John Langlands, newcastle 1757,of circular form with embossed scroll andfloral decoration, engraved crest to thecentre and raised on three stepped hooffeet, 24cm diameter, weight 14oz

    200 - 400

    Lot 4A SILVER PRESENTATION BOWL, MartinHall & Co Ltd, Sheffield 1924, of quaichform, engraved to the body I.D.S golfCompetition 1929, raised on squarepedestal base, 11.5cm high, weight 25oz

    250 - 450



    Lot 1

    Lot 3 Lot 4

  • Lot 5A VICTORIAN CASED SILVERCHRISTENING SET, Walter & JohnBarnard, London 1887, comprising; knife,fork and spoon, together with a furthercased silver Christening set, Sheffield (2)

    60 - 80

    Lot 6AN EDWARDIAN CASED SET OF SILVERFRUIT KNIVES AND FORKS, LevesleyBrothers, Sheffield 1902, comprisingtwelve knives and twelve forks with brightcut foliate decoration, silver ferrules andivory handles, all presented within fittedcanteen 100 - 150

    Lot 7A CASED SILVER MOUNTEDCONDUCTORS BATON, V & S, London1928, the two part ebonised baton withengraved silver mounts, with screw fittingto centre, presented within original fittedBoosey & Co Ltd, London box

    note- The box also contains a card statingPresented by A Spencer-May SoleProprietor & Manager Palace orpingtonKent, The orpington Picture Palaceopened in 1911 and was operated by thelocal Spencer-May family throughout itsfirst three decades 180 - 220

    Lot 8Lot 8A SOUTH AMERICAN WHITE METALMOUNTED PHOTOGRAPH FRAME, ofrectangular form with embossed stylisedMayan motifs, easel back support, 48.5cmx 39cm 200 - 400

    Lot 9Lot 9A SOUTH AMERICAN WHITE METALMOUNTED PHOTOGRAPH FRAME, ofrectangular form with embossed floralmotifs, easel back support, 48cm x 39cm

    200 - 400


    Lot 6

    Lot 5

    Lot 7

  • Lot 10Lot 10A SOUTH AMERICAN WHITE METALVASE, the hammered tapered vasestamped to the base Plata **** 900, 48cmhigh 200 - 400

    Lot 11Lot 11A SOUTH AMERICAN WHITE METALCHARGER, of circular form withembossed stylised Mayan scene to thecentre, the reverse stamped 900 AnTo,36cm diameter 100 - 150

    Lot 12Lot 12A WILLIAM III DOG NOSE SILVER SPOON,Thomas Allen, London 1697, engravedcrest to terminal, 19cm long, weight 1.6oz

    100 - 150

    Lot 13Lot 13A CHARLES II SILVER TREFID SPOON, I.Pwith Rosette below, London 1682, withcontemporary engraved initials to theterminal, 19cm long, weight 1.8oz

    100 - 150

    Lot 14Lot 14A WHITE METAL TODDY LADLE WITHTURNED WHALEBONE HANDLE, thebowl with engraved initials and coin inset,36cm long, weight 1.4oz 70 - 100

    Lot 15Lot 15A COLLECTION OF SIX SILVERHANOVERIAN PATTERN SPOONS, variousdates and makers, total weight 10oz (6)

    100 - 200

    Lot 16Lot 16A GEORGE IV SILVER QUEENS PATTERNSOUP LADLE,William Chawner II, London1822, with engraved crest to terminal,32cm long, weight 9oz 100 - 200

    Lot 17Lot 17A PAIR OF GEORGE III EXETER SILVEROLD ENGLISH PATTERN SPOONS,Richard Ferris, Exeter 1798, each withbright cut engraved decoration andengraved initials, total weight 3oz (2)

    60 - 80

    Lot 18Lot 18A PAIR OF GEORGE III IRISH SILVERTABLESPOONS, John Daly, Dublin 1796,each with engraved initials to theterminals, total weight 4oz (2) 60 - 80


  • Lot 19Lot 19A LATE 18TH CENTURY OLD ENGLISHPATTERN SILVER TABLESPOON, HesterBateman, London, date mark rubbed,together with a further silver tablespoon,a set of three Victorian Kings patternteaspoons, an 18th century picture backteaspoon, a further teaspoon, a sugarsifter ladle and a shell moulded saltspoon, total weight 8.5oz (9) 100 - 150

    Lot 20Lot 20AN EDWARDIAN SILVER SUGAR CASTER,Sibray, Hall & Co, London 1906, ofcylindrical form with reeded band to waistand pierced cover with urn finial, 17.5cmhigh, together with a silver christeningmug, Birmingham, 7.5cm high, totalweight 9.8oz (2) 80 - 120

    Lot 21Lot 21A GEORGE II SILVER SPARROW BEAKCREAM JUG, possibly Richard green,London 1928, of plain polished balusterform with scroll handle and raised oncircular foot, 9cm high, weight 3.7oz

    200 - 400

    Lot 22Lot 22A GEORGE III SILVER GOBLET, makersmarks rubbed, London 1801, of half reededcircular form with engraved initials andraised on circular pedestal foot, 16cmhigh, weight 11.5oz 120 - 180

    Lot 23Lot 23A SILVER EPERGNE, makers markindistinct, Birmingham 1913, designed asa central trumpet vase issuing threeremovable vases, all raised on circularfoot, 27.5cm high (loaded) 200 - 400

    Lot 24Lot 24A VICTORIAN SILVER CHRISTENING MUGR*, London 1871, of circular form withbright cut engraved decoration and vacantcartouche, with scroll handle and beadedbase, 10cm high, together with a furthersilver christening mug, London 1893, withengraved inscription, 10cm high, totalweight 10.5oz (2) 120 - 180

    Lot 25Lot 25A VICTORIAN SILVER SHELL BUTTERDISH, Josiah Williams & Co, London 1892,raised on three bun feet, weight 3.5oz,together with a silver mounted cigarettebox, William Comyns & Sons, London1929, of rectangular form with engineturned decoration to the cover, 11.5cmwide (2) 100 - 150

    Lot 26Lot 26A GEORGE III SILVER WINE FUNNEL,makers mark rubbed, London 1810, oftypical form with reeded rim and engravedinitials to the body, 13cm long, weight 3oz(at fault) 70 - 100

    Lot 27Lot 27AN EARLY 20TH CENTURY SILVERMOUNTED PHOTOGRAPH FRAME, JamesDeakin & Sons, Sheffield 1911, of shapedrectangular form with canted corners,22.5cm x 16cm 70 - 100


  • Lot 28Lot 28A SET OF TWELVE VICTORIAN SCOTTISHSILVER QUEENS PATTERN TEASPOONS,Robert Scott, glasgow 1849, each withengraved initials, together with a set of fiveIrish point pattern silver teaspoons, JS,Dublin 1899, total weight 9.5oz (17)

    80 - 120

    Lot 29Lot 29AN ART DECO SILVER MOUNTED DESKCALENDAR, Padgett & Braham Ltd,London 1932, of triangular prism form withthree glazed faces and removableterminations, 15cm wide 100 - 200

    Lot 30Lot 30A SILVER PEDESTAL BOWL, Wakely &Wheeler, London 1940, the circularshallow bowl with decorative panel andbead border, raised on circular pedestalbase, 25cm diameter, weight 18oz

    150 - 250

    Lot 31Lot 31A VICTORIAN WHITE METAL MOUNTEDIVORY CONDUCTORS BATON, the taperingbaton with white metal embossed foliatemounts to the terminals and cen