Gta Aerospace Cluster2

GTA Aerospace Cluster Cluster Specific – Marketing Assignment MRK625


GTA Aerospace Cluster Assignment for MRK625

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GTA Aerospace Cluster

Cluster Specific – Marketing Assignment MRK625

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GTA Aerospace Structure

• 2nd largest aerospace industry in Canada

• 350 firms with 25,000 employees in the industry

• Generated $6.5 billion in revenues with 80% accounting for exports

• Skilled Engineers, Scientist, and Technicians fuel innovation and technology development

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Specialized Aerospace Manufacturers for ?

• Air Conditioning Systems

• Avionics Displays

• Business Jet Aircraft Integration

• Electrical Power Distribution Systems

• Integrated Avionics Systems

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• Landing Gear Systems

• MRO and Aircraft Modifications / Conversions

• Regional Turboprop Aircraft Integration

• Space Robotics Systems

• Turbine Engines

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Highly Recognized Knowledge Centers

• University of Toronto Aerospace Studies• Ryerson Institute of Aerospace Design and

Innovation• York University’s Space and Engineering Program • The Association of Colleges of Applied Arts &

Technology of Ontario (Centennial’s Aerospace Centre for Training and Education has a $6.1 million facility that is used by more than 300 aerospace students and features high-tech labs and expanded aircraft hangar).

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Major Partners & Investors

• Bombardier Aerospace

• MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates

• Messier Dowty

• Pratt & Whitney Canada

• Honeywell

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• Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC)

• Aerospace Action Partnership (AAP)

• Federal & Provincial Government

• Boeing and Lockheed Martin invests $341 million dollars in Ontario aerospace industry for aircraft technology and development.

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Few Achievements

• University of Toronto Aerospace Studies – Students embedded 32-processor SGI® Altix® 3700 compute server into fleet designs to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency on commercial aircrafts

• First supersonic airplane, the CF-105 Avro Arrow was once based in Mississauga,. Mississauga helped the construction of the plane through their aeronautical design and expertise.

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• Quebec (Montreal) Aerospace Cluster

• Nova Scotia (Halifax) Aerospace Cluster

• Western Canada Aerospace Cluster

Competitor from Abroad

• Colorado (Denver) Aerospace Cluster

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Montreal Aerospace Cluster

• 4th largest aerospace cluster in North America• Generated approximately $10 billion in revenue from

exports (95 percent of Quebec’s aerospace cluster success)

• 170 private companies and 35,000 employees in the industry

• NRC Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Centre, located on the Université de Montréal campus.

• Quebec Aerospace Development (AQA)

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• Quebec Federation of Labour’s Solidarity Fund invested $11 million in Paris-based FCPR Aerofund – Strategic alliance with France aerospace firms who are 6 years ahead of current Montreal based aerospace firms

• Hosting the 47th International Paris Air Show Le Bourget 2008 by Aeromart – Popular 2-day aerospace event.

• Host the event Lean Directions Aerospace Canada –Focuses on aerospace workshops, technical resources, training, keynote presentations, and networking.

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Nova Scotia (Halifax) Aerospace (Emerging) Cluster

• Emerging Cluster in the Aerospace Industry• Pratt & Whitney is transforming their aircraft engine

plant in Nova Scotia to a state of the art, world class aerospace centre

• The plant will assemble and test small to medium-sized turbofan engines. The engines entail the latest materials, fuel efficiency and environmental technologies on the market.

• The province of Nova Scotia will be donating $12 million towards the expansion project.

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Western Canada Aerospace Cluster

• $3.08 billion generated in revenues from exports

• British Columbia Institute of Technology (Innovation Centre)

• Honeywell donated $2.2 million into the latest generation of avionics digital technology on the campus of BCIT (A glass cockpit that emulates all the gauges and switches in a traditional cockpit but replaces the switches with computerized display systems).

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• Trying to compete for a multi-billion dollar contract from the Canadian and U.S defense department.

• “This facility will offer more than 40 classrooms and labs with the latest training computers, equipment and wireless technology; a lecture theatre with global tele-conferencing capabilities; an integrated research and resource library; laboratories and classrooms that will support new programs in air traffic services and homeland security; and, a dramatic 40,000 square foot hangar for the BCIT fleet of 20 aircraft, at the centre of the new campus.” (BCIT News Release, 2007)

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Colorado (Denver) Aerospace Cluster

• More than 300 firms in the space industry with a workforce of 20,500 private workers (77% of workers and 71% of companies account for the total aerospace cluster in Colorado).

• The National Space Symposium - Held annually in Colorado Springs

• The Colorado Space Coalition (Consists of military leaders, aerospace companies,, academic groups, and economic development organizations who collaborate to advance current legislations vital to increase growth in the cluster)

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