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Creative Thinking Skills: Game Tournament Group Document Don’t Drop The Soap

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  • 1. Creative Thinking Skills: Game Tournament Group Document Dont Drop The Soap Group Name: The Slippery Scoundrels Group Members: Mahi Abdul Muhusin Anshika Hari Dass Haziq Zariful Garnette Robert Annisa Habib

2. Development of Game The original game started as a game that only two teams can play at once, it needed a long table, some string, a big piece of paper, plastic cups, duck tape, plastic containers, something to hold up the plastic cups and string, paint, and soap. The game was setup with the big piece of paper covering the table to prevent the table from getting dirty, the duck tape connecting the positions of players from the same team, two chairs two hold up the string and the plastic cups, and the covers of the plastic containers painted different colours. The game was played with 5 players on each team and the players positioned alternately with the players from the other team on both sides of the table, the players start off by passing the bar of soap to their team members standing opposite them by squeezing the soap so that it jumps over the string and the other player catching the soap. This goes on until the soap reaches the last player which will then need to clean the cover of the container pour some of the dirty water into the container and cover it with the cleaned cover, the last player must clean all three container covers before passing the soap back the same way as the start. Once the soap reaches the first player again, the player must place the soap in the plastic cup that was placed on the chair. The first team to put their bar of soap in the plastic cup without having the cup fall or the containers not properly cleaned wins. 3. The current game was thought of by simplifying the game and making it so that three teams can play together at one time. Since three teams had to play together at one point in the tournament, instead of using tables and cleaning the game was changed to the players from a team standing in line and passing the bar of soap from the first player to the last player which will needed to be put the soap into a container. The game was changed slightly to having the different coloured soaps and three matching coloured containers. Besides that, a line will be placed in front of the last player and the last player must not pass the line at anytime during the game. This game needs three different coloured bars of soap, three different coloured containers, a piece of string, paper cups, and tables. 4. Poster Costume 5. The Tournament Containers, paper cups, soaps, string, and tables was prepared enough for three teams to play at the same. The game was setup with 9 paper cups were set on a table with the three different coloured soaps in them for each team, masking tape marked the positions of each player in a line, a piece of string was taped to the ground, and the three different coloured containers was placed on two tables. For the tournament two members had to stay at their game site and facilitate their game while the other three members would play the other 14 games as it was compulsory for a team to play all the games except their own game. The first session of the tournament only had two teams play at the same time, with each game taking up to 10 mins to be played. The second session contained the other 12 games that would be played with three teams playing at one time. During the tournament there would be breaks where there would be a voting session for best team costume, best game and best sporting team. After the second session ended all the teams started to clean up and put away all the materials they used, prizes for best team costume, best game, best sporting team, team with the most points and runner up team was given out. The event ended with a closing speech and comments from the lecturers Ms.Deliya .