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Simple grammar exercise to build up your kids confidence in English.

Transcript of Grammar Simple Past Tense Siri 1

  • We use the simple posl lense

    . to show thot on oction took ploce in the post.


    Long ogo, o bird sqved on ont.

    Once upon o time, the rot ond themousedeer wonled to teoch the foxo lesson.

    One dou, o giont sow two childrenin his gorden.

    Lost week, the villogers built obridge.




  • Note: To form the simple post lense, we usuollg odd -d or -ed to verbs.

    Simple Present Tense $imple Post TenseHe, She, It I, You, We, The He, She, It, I, You, We,onnous onnou ofioGA

    i boosts boost^,^-.*,-.-.- - ".". ..-*^-*.-.-*"i






    builds ' build buillI corT'le ; coriles ! come I come i;-;;;+ -*' - -,;;t" ' lnrrt Inrrt i

    Note: Some verbs do not follow the rule given obove.


    i-covei- "' covers----':cover * ***'--l;overed

    'i U'0"-^-* fo"6rdes**-"*"1-aecia; ,i aAa;a It,-*--..".","''--,.j



    I--.._ -... ".......



    -***" **"*-tI


    -srmple Pr;s"cint Tense *"--**^iSimpHFGi TEn$e -**---.*:

    n -Ygv.-ui;Ilr-A,,ilr^ ! x,,rt..t i t-.,,;t+ |


    i visited

  • singtoke

    ; 1999h-""""_r telli write

    Simple, fosl Tense

    $, Underline the simple past tense form of the verb.\JFI The bird (flew , flies) to the tree.2 The rot (does , did) not like the topir.3 Long ogo, beors (hove , hod) long toils.4 Yesterdou, mU porents (bought , buu) me o storg book.5 Comel, the monkeg, (plucked , plucks) some coconuts for its moster.6 There (ore , were) mong crocodiles in the river.7 The mousedeer (pointed , point) the fox's bodg block.I I (listen , listened) to the storg obout how the ont helped the In the storg The Hore ondTheTortoise, the hore (folls, fell) osleep

    under o tree.l0 One dog, three goots (wonted , wonts) to cross o river.


  • Fill in the blonks with the correct simple post tenseform of the verbs given in brockets.

    fTial'onaili rextbook iL u"i, Jj

    't C'^/1-d, t lT.l,4r, .-,69.,fi.:b@!w-w'Fry'{g:5gsi.ffiW

    I Lost night, mg fother2 The crow

    I Once upon o time, thereq Toll Mon

    The wise owl

    Princess Leilo

    The soldiers

    The prince

    The kind mon

    The princes

    The greedg wolves

    The robbit

    Lost week, we

    The topirs

    One dog, o hunter

    The clever mousedeer

    17 The king

    me o storg. (reod)

    the piece of meot lo the ground. (drop)

    the onimols not to quorrel. (tell)

    the little bog. (help)

    to the old costle neor the forest. (go)

    the beoutiful princess. (love)

    the children some food. (give)

    o clever mousedeer. (be)

    his orm to the rock to get the ring. (stretch)

    their friends to help them. (osk)

    oll the food on the toble. (eot)

    the fox ond it ron owou. (see)

    mg grondporents. (visit)

    to bullg the smoller onimols. (like)

    o lion rooring in the jungle. (heor)

    on the giroffe's bock. (.lump)

    to build o beoutiful costle for the princess. (decide)

    o wise old mon. (live)














    l8 Long ogo, there

  • C\*;i;


    Rewrite the sentences in the simple post tense.

    The giont hos o beoutiful gorden.

    2 The rich mon builds o woll oround his house.

    3 The princess remembers the foirg's help.

    4 The soldiers fight brovelg in the wor.

    5 Sito is o kind ond generous girl.

    6 The king finds o bobg in the forest.

    7 Puon Soleho invites her neighbours into her house.

    8 The shoemoker moke shoes for the elves.

    q The kittens ore sod.

    l0 The children plog in the gorden.


  • A Choo se the best onswer to complete the sentences.I We the storg our teocher told us.

    A enjogB enjogs

    A choseB choose

    3 Long ogo, lhere _Ais

    B ore

    2 Once upon o time, the onimols _

    the lion to be their king.

    C enjogedD enjoging

    C choosingD chooses

    o kind ond helpful gionl.C wosD were

    The goung mon to o forowog lond ond found his forfune.A trovelled C lrovelB trovels D lrovelling

    6 I _

    up becouse I heord o loud screom.

    Lost night, mU brotherA osksB osked

    A wokeB woke

    A eotB ole

    A follsB foll

    q The zookeeperA fedB feeds

    A climbB climbs

    me to help him to drow o picture.C oskingD osk

    C wokesD woking

    r Q eolsD eoting

    C follingD fell

    the onimols becouse theg were hungrg.C feedD feeding

    C climbingD climbed

    7 The fox picked lhe ripe rombutons from the ground ond them.

    I When everuone osleep, the thieves come into the house.

    l0 The monkeus _

    up the trees ond picked the coconuts.


  • I I The robbers _

    the moneg ond ron owou.A toke C tookB tokes D toking

    12 We _

    on the door ond woited for someone to open it.A knock C knockedB knocks D knocking

    l3 The children ploged the guiter ond _

    for the giont.A singing C singB sings D song

    14 The ont hord but the grosshopper ploged oll dog.A worked C WorkB works D working

    l5 The bog to the villogers when theg osked 'him obout the mogic stone.A lies C tging

    B lied D lie16 Jomol for help when he fell into the well.A shouts C shouted

    B shout D shouting17 The firemen

    _ into the burning house ond soved the peopre.A went C goes

    B going D gol8 The plonts grew ond the flowers

    A blooms C bloomedB bloom D blooming

    lg The old mon _

    three sons ond he loved his sons verg much.A hos C hovingB hod D hove

    20 It wos roining so we ot home.A stoging C stogsB stoged D stog


  • B\l Look ct the picture ond then read the possoge carefully. Bosed on thepicture ond the Possoge, choose the best onswer to f ill in the blonks.

    one dog, Koi Lun ond his sister, Mei Lin were in the kitchen. Thegto moke some opple juice. Koi Lun (2)

    o knife to cut the opples into pieces. He (g) not coreful sohe cut his finger. The children (4) to sitting room to look for

    She cleoned the cut ond


    their mother. Theg (5)put o ploster on it.

    I A wont2 A use3Ais4 A running5 A showed

    her the cut.











    C wontedC usingC wosC runsC shows

    D wontingD USeSD wereD ronD show