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E14 Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary | San Francisco Chronicle and | Sunday, May 20, 2012

Thank you for joining us to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge.Throughout 2012, we gather to commemorate not just a landmark in time, but a landmark’s

timelessness—its enduring beauty and genius. We reflect on the Bridge as a symbol of humanpotential and the possibility of doing the impossible. And we honor the people behind the “people’sBridge”—the intrepid engineers, the fearless ironworkers, the passionate staff, and the visionary leaderswho built the Bridge and maintain its legacy today and into the future.

That tradition of ingenuity, creativity, and civic engagement lives on in this Golden Gate Festival andour yearlong slate of 75th Anniversary festivities. This celebration would not be possible without theextraordinary support of the Bay Area community, brought together by the Golden Gate Bridge, Highwayand Transportation District and Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy—in cooperation with theNational Park Service, Presidio Trust, and City and County of San Francisco.

We extend heartfelt thanks to our generous donors to the Joseph Strauss Legacy Circle, our dedicatedcorporate and media partners, the wonderful community organizations that are hosting special tributes tothe Bridge, and the hundreds of indefatigable festival volunteers you will meet on May 27.

Their combined contributions to this celebration—like the soaring span over the Golden Gate —embody the essential spirit that “bridges us all.”

Laurence M. Baer Nancy Hellman Bechtle

Michael BilleciMark Buell

Rich Cerussi

Ron ConwayDouglas Goldman

Joe GreenSally HambrechtCharlene Harvey

Diane Gage LofgrenPhil Marineau

Alexander H. SchillingCharlotte Mailliard Shultz

Rich SilversteinStaci Slaughter

Matt StikerGeoff Teeter

Lynn Mellen Wendell

Irene Baran Chip Bergh

Bill BungerothErika Diaz

Steven DinklespielJack Dorsey

Anthony F. Earley, Jr. Stephen Jones

David MillerFrank Vega

Russell Yarrow

Welcome to the 75th Anniversary

75th Anniversary Steering Committee Honorary Host Committee


» We reflect on the Bridge as a symbol of human potential and the possibility of doing the impossible.

Corporate Partners



Organizing Partners

Advertising Feature

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Sunday, May 20, 2012 | San Francisco Chronicle and | Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary E15

(1) International Orange Exhibition (10 am–7 pm, Fort Point)Renowned artists’ installation pieces at Fort Point, offering fresh perspectives on the Bridge asan icon, historic structure, and conceptual inspiration.

(2) Park Information Tent (10 am–5 pm, west Crissy Field)National Park Service rangers and information on the trails, history, and natural resources of theGolden Gate National Parks.

(3) Crissy Field Stage (11 am–11 pm, west Crissy Field)Dance and music organizations and local bands; schedule posted at the stage and available at Information Tents.

(4) Bridge History Tent (11 am–8 pm, Crissy Field)Rare photos, historical exhibits, multimedia presentations, never-before-seen artifacts from the collection of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District. Opportunities to meet present-day Bridge staff. Riveting demonstration near the Tent.

(5) Historic Vehicle Timeline (11 am–5 pm, east Crissy Field)A road trip through history: vintage cars and motorcycles from 1937 to the present.

(6) Before the Bridge: Sight and Sound at the Golden Gate (11 am–5 pm, Bldg 103,Presidio Main Post) Immersive exhibition combining large-format photos and evocative sound effects, telling the story of life in the Presidio before the Bridge was built.

(7) Crissy Field Center Future Fair (11 am–7 pm, Crissy Field Center, East Beach)Activities and demonstrations showcasing sustainability technologies (like the new wind turbines) and “green” innovations, in the pioneering spirit of the Bridge. Also features “Unmasking the Media,” a carnival highlighting media impact on youth, organized by youth leaders of the Crissy Field Center.

(8) Historic Watercraft Parade (Noon–12:30 pm) and Maritime Display (11 am–3 pm)Vintage boats on the Bay; best viewing from Marina Green and Crissy Field. Maritime display at the St. Francis Yacht Club.

(9) Marina Green Stage (11 am–10 pm, west Marina Green)Dance and music organizations and local bands; schedule posted at the stage and available at Information Tents.

(10) Partners Plaza (11 am–8 pm, east Marina Green)Family-friendly activities, DJ stage, and fun displays by 75th Anniversary corporate partners.

Fireworks (approx. 9:30 pm, great views at any spot from east Marina Green to Fort Point)Soundtrack for fireworks spectacular broadcast live on KFOG (104.5 FM).

Food Plazas (see map for locations)Five food plazas feature local favorites; vegetarian and vegan options available.

Official Stores (see map for locations)Get your official 75th Anniversary gear and pick up a memento of this historic celebration.

Additional activities will be held at Fort Mason Center, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company at Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Pier 39.


Festival highlights | See map on next page

Leave Your Car at Home: No public parking will be available in thePresidio, Crissy Field, or Marina Green. There is no automobile access throughthe Presidio; transit, taxis, bicyclists, and pedestrians are welcome.

Walk, Bike, Bus, Ferry, BART, Transit: Come to the event in an environ-mentally-friendly, stress-free way. There will be ample bike parking.

No Alcohol Permitted: As this is a family-friendly event, no alcohol ispermitted at the festival. No alcoholic beverages will be sold at the event.

Be Aware of Limits to Bridge Sidewalk Access: East and west sidewalkson the Golden Gate Bridge will be closed from 6 pm to 10 pm, due to thefireworks display. Sidewalks are expected to be crowded during the holidayweekend, so avoid the Bridge if possible.

No Bridge Walk: Unlike the 50th Anniversary, there will be no Bridge Walk;the traffic lanes on the Bridge will not be closed for pedestrian access.

Enjoy Waterfront Activities, Instead of Bridge Visits: Please note that nospecial activities are scheduled on the Bridge itself or at the Bridge Plaza dur-ing the Golden Gate Festival. Come at another time to more fully enjoy theBridge experience.

Note Traffic Interruption/Diversions for Fireworks Show: Traffic flow tothe Golden Gate Bridge and major approaching highways will be interruptedfrom about 9:15 pm to 10 pm for the set-up, production, and close-down ofthe fireworks show on May 27. Do not travel to the Bridge, Bridge approaches,and access roads during this time.

Use Other Bridges: If you are traveling between the Peninsula and theNorth Bay (inluding trips to and from the San Francisco airport), consider usingthe Richmond-San Rafael and Bay Bridges.

Expect Exiting Delays After the Fireworks: Be aware that many peopleneed to exit the spectator areas. Please be patient, courteous, and safe.

Be BART Smart: If you plan to leave by BART, please get to BART stationsby midnight. Purchase round-trip tickets or pre-fill Clipper card to avoid lines.

Bring Essential Items: Be sure to bring a bottle for water, layers in case ofchanging weather, and a flashlight for the post-fireworks exit. Blankets, lowchairs, coolers, picnic baskets, food, and non-alcoholic beverages are permit-ted (but keep in mind you may be walking long distances).

Plan Ahead; Cell Phone Contingency Advised: Be sure to have advanceplans about where to meet—and what to do if someone becomes lost. Cellphone reception may be spotty due to the anticipated large crowds.

Be Park-Friendly: Please respect the resources and property of city andnational parklands. Stay out of fenced areas and heed dog-leashing regula-tions as posted, to protect sensitive natural resources.

Camping Not Permitted: No camping or overnight stays at festival venues.

For all the latest festival information, please visit


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E16 Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary | San Francisco Chronicle and | Sunday, May 20, 2012

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Sunday, May 20, 2012 | San Francisco Chronicle and | Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary E17

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E18 Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary | San Francisco Chronicle and | Sunday, May 20, 2012 Advertising Feature

The movie-star looks. The engineering-marvel pedi-gree. And the adulation of fans all around the world.

For its 75th birthday, what do you get the Bridge thathas everything?(1) Make a $5 donation with your phone. Text “ggb75”to 20222 and give $5 toward supporting this 75th Anni-versary celebration and the long-term improvementprojects to benefit Bridge visitors.(2) Visit to give $35or more. Help support Bridge-related events and pro-grams, educational outreach efforts, and the ongoingstewardship of the Bridge Plaza; receive a handsome75th Anniversary pin.(3) Take your place in the Joseph Strauss LegacyCircle. With a one-time gift of $5,000 or more, becomea part of the tradition of innovation and courage,embodied by Chief Engineer Joseph Strauss. With a giftof $10,000 or more, your name—or your company’sname—will go on the base of the Strauss statue at theBridge.(4) Become a member of the Golden Gate NationalParks Conservancy. Visit orcall (415) 561-3060 to join 12,000 dedicated supportersof the national parklands that cradle the Bridge.(5) Volunteer with the Parks Conservancy. Steward theparks for future generations! Work on trails, restore habi-tat, grow native plants, and more. Details: or (415) 561-3044.

By giving back to this landmark and landscape, youreflect the “can-do” spirit and civic pride that built theBridge—and characterize the Bay Area to this day.

(6) Thank our Corporate Partners. The civic pride ofthe Bridge is reflected by our corporate partners. Pleasejoin us in thanking our lead "Tower" Partners, who madethe 75th Anniversary possible:

Genentech, the Bay Area-based founder and leaderof the biotechnology industry

Hewlett-Packard (HP), the world’s largest informationtechnology company

Kaiser Permanente, a health care organization for the21st century with deep Bay Area roots

Wells Fargo, a diversified, community-based financialservices company founded in 1852 and headquartered inSan Francisco

Many thanks also go to our “Cable” Partner, Odwalla,and “Builder” Partners: Chevron, Hanson Bridgett LLP,Levi Strauss & Co., PG&E, and Speck Products.

Giving back to the Golden Gate


1935 Marin Tower completed.


Go by foot, on bike, or via public transit. Leave your car at home. There will be no parking or auto access tofestival venues other than first-come, first-served parking for people with disabilities or limited mobility. Enjoy free bike parking! If you’re taking public transit, use or to plan your trip andanticipate delays.Observe “safety first.” Bring walking shoes, dress in layers (wear plenty of International Orange!), and know wherefirst-aid stations are located (see map). Don’t forget a flashlight to guide your way through the crowds, after thefireworks show. Look up the latest details. Bring this special section as your guide. But, as there will be last-minute changes, for updates to festival information.Devise plans ahead of time. In case you are separated from your party, or there is an emergency, it’s best to decideon a meet-up location in advance. This is especially important because cell phone service will very likely be limitedby the anticipated large crowds.Embrace the environment. Keep conservation in mind! Bring your water bottle; there will be plenty of water refillingstations. Pack out what you pack in, and treat the festival venues like the historic and natural treasures that they are. Nurture your sense of Zen. Take after the Bridge. Under all conditions, the span remains balanced, composed, andelegant. So be patient and courteous! This will be especially important at the end of the fireworks, when many willbe leaving the festival.

Six tips for a “Golden” time

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Sunday, May 20, 2012 | San Francisco Chronicle and | Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary E19

The Golden Gate Festival is just one way to commem-orate the 75th Anniversary. Here are seven ideas to

keep the party going all year long!

(1) Enjoy performances, exhibits, films, and more—allthemed around the Bridge. Community organizationsfrom around the Bay Area are hosting public programsthat celebrate the Golden Gate Bridge. The yearlong“75 Tributes” include concerts, art exhibitions, lectures,kids’ activities, and more (full listings at For example, the Presidio Trust and WaltDisney Family Museum will be kicking off a film seriesfeaturing the Bridge on May 26.

(2) Take a tour and fallin love again with theBridge. Sure to delightvisitors and longtimeresidents alike, thesenew guided tours sharethe story behind theconstruction—andenduring allure—of theGolden Gate. Also, beamong the first to takethe night tours, offeringexclusive “after hours”access! Tours run springthrough fall, startingfrom the beautifullyrenovated RoundHouse at the BridgePlaza. Adult ticketprices start at $12.95.Tickets: or(877) 349-7625.

(3) Capture a memento of this historic year. The RoundHouse is also the home of the Bridge Photo Experience,where visitors can take photos in which they are “virtu-ally” pictured on the Bridgecables and atop a Bridgetower! This program is also agreat way to take picture-perfect Bridge photos, evenon the foggiest San Fran-cisco days. Photo hours: 10am–8 pm (spring–fall), 10am–6 pm (winter).

(4) Explore the new Bridge Pavilion and improvedBridge Plaza. The centerpiece of the new visitor experi-ence at the south end of the Bridge is the stunningPavilion welcome center. The Pavilion showcases exhib-its and artifacts that make the history of the Bridge cometo life. Visitors can also browse more than 100 newinterpretive items that capture the grandeur of theBridge and the excitement of the anniversary. Pavilionhours: 9 am–6 pm.

Don’t miss the National Science Foundation-fundedexhibit panels about the Bridge’s engineering genius,and be sure to stop by the revamped Golden GateBridge Café, featuring menu items that highlight Califor-nia’s culinary bounty. Taste the Golden State at the Gold-en Gate! Hours: 9 am–6 pm.

TIP: Although no special activities are planned at theBridge Plaza for the Golden Gate Festival, there willnevertheless be big crowds. Come back after MemorialDay weekend for the best experience of these newattractions!

(5) Take the Bridge’s magic with you, wherever yougo. Download the free, fantastic GoGGBridge app,developed by Antenna Audio. Packed with maps, fun

facts, photos, games, and more, the app helpsplan—and enhance—a trip to the Bridge. Availablefor iPhones and coming soon on Android devices.

(6) Hike the Golden Gate National Parks for newviews of the Bridge. The Golden Gate is the nationaltreasure at the heart of our national parks. Touchingthe Marin Headlands to the north and the Presidio tothe south, the Bridge serves as a “trail” to adventurein the Golden Gate National Parks. Recent projects—enhanced trails around the Bridge and new overlooksabove the Presidio bluffs—showcase the Bridge’smagnificence amid nature’s majesty.

(7) Share a story, inword or image, withfellow Bridge lovers.Visit and clickon “Celebrate>ShareStories and Photos” toadd a favorite anecdoteor photo to our collec-tive Valentine to theGolden Gate. Let’s en-sure these memories—and the beloved Bridgethat inspired them—livefar into the future.

Visitor experience improvements at and near theGolden Gate Bridge are the result of a partnership ofthe Golden Gate Bridge, Highway andTransportation District and Golden Gate NationalParks Conservancy, in cooperation with the NationalPark Service and Presidio Trust.