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Tips for a gluten free breakfast, even on the go.

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  • How to take your breakfasts from gluten-filled to gluten free, even on the go!
  • Classic American Breakfast - Eggs and bacon with toast and potatoes Typical Daily Breakfast - Hot or cold Cereal with Milk, or Toast with butter/jam Typical Fast Food Breakfast on the Go - Bagel/Croissant/Doughnut Most Popular Weekend/Restaurant Breakfasts - French Toast, Waffles, Pancakes
  • A meal that is high in sugary carbs causes a spike in blood sugar making you hungrier again sooner While whole grains can achieve a balanced breakfast, if you know you are gluten intolerant or are trying to go gluten free a breakfast that is both balanced and without gluten is essential
  • Eating a breakfast well balanced in carbs, protein, and fat will set you in the optimal blood sugar pattern for the rest of the day
  • Examples of well-balanced AND gluten free breakfasts - Omelettes with or without meat and veggies - Yogurt with a side of gluten free granola - Breakfast taco with corn tortillas - Baked sweet potato with a fried egg
  • I dont eat eggs? I dont eat dairy? I want to cook myself breakfast, but it will never happen? When trying to go gluten free, these what ifs often leave you resorting to bagels, muffins, and toast when on the go because you have to eat something
  • Protein Smothie with a side of coconut milk soaked rolled oats Homemade GF breakfast bars Home made GF protein breakfast muffins Chia pudding Packaged bars such as Kind or Lara bars Mixed nuts and fruit salad Check out for recipes to come!
  • Most fast food places let you order eggs and/or breakfast meats as a side. This reduces having to throw out items you dont want, and eliminates cross-contamination. Cook in bulk! I realize that I will never cook breakfast before work, but I can make muffins or bars that are quick, easy, and dont need to be made fresh.