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  • 1. Genre Analysis Genre: Fantasy

2. The Fantasy Genre has been around long before movies meaning that it was books as well and before books it was stories told from one person to the other. Without meaning to people have been telling stories of witches, sorcerers, heroes, slayers of beasts and the prince and the princess and this has encouraged the idea of the Fantasy Genre. Many books and movies have been made whether based on the fantasy genre itself or one of its many sub genres it has. Depending on what type of Fantasy Genre a movie/book is based on will depend on what was the first movie made of that genre but the first overall Fantasy movie made was French Film Pioneers A Trip To The Moon which was made during the silent age of movies. The most notable ones of the early fantasy genre is Douglas Fairbanks' The Thief of Bagdad (1924) and Fritz Lang's Die Nibelungen (1924) and Destiny (1921). 3. The Usual Characters The usual characters are characters that normally show up in most Fantasy movies making them kind of the same in some areas. Sometimes the character types will change but normally not by much. Protagonist/Hero: The main character of the movie, taking up all the attention and usually has the most amount of screen time. This character can start off as a thief only looking out for himself or a poor kid tat grows up looking out only for himself but either way will always do what is right at the end of a movie. 4. Sidekick: The sidekick is normally the one who helps out as much as possible but gets little recognition for it. In some fantasy films they come to resent this fact making them turn on the hero or they do not care at all whether they get the attention or not. The sidekick has either always been with the hero as a friend or gets picked up along the way on the journey. 5. Follower/Best Friend: The follower is normally the one who accompanies the hero helping out as much as they can but at the same time doing as little as they can making the hero get more attention and giving them more of a chance to appear heroic. The follower is normally the one to find the hero and then never leave his side.Damsel/Person in distress: The damsel is the one that needs rescuing by said Hero. The damsel is normally a female but there are ones where the person who needs to be rescued is a male man or child and occasionally when it is children it is sometimes both a male and female child. 6. Old Wise Man: This character is normally the wisest out of every character but normally has no part in the journey except to give the protagonist help and advice from time to time. Normally the protagonist has heard of or known this character for a while. 7. Antagonist/Villain: The antagonist is normally pure evil and is motivated by either wanting to take over the world or by wanting to change the world for the better. Sometimes the Antagonist actually be the Protagonists friend and then turns on him for some reason. In these types of films, Fantasy type, the antagonist will try and use some form of magic to take over or change the world and in some occasions can only be killed by obtaining a specific magic object of spell. 8. Right Hand Man The right hand man is the Antagonists most trusted Henchmen. This person normally takes on the hero multiple times only to keep getting defeated. This one only dies when the protagonist actually meets and fights the antagonist in the final fight. Sometimes the antagonist themselves will kill their own right hand man out of a fit of rage or because they had failed the antagonist in some way. 9. Henchmen The Henchmen are normally just warriors that will just fight for the antagonist as he/she has provided a reason for them to fight for them or they are just scared into servitude. Normally the Henchmen arent too smart and will follow the Antagonists orders with no questions. They will sometimes try and do their own things but put will be put into place by another henchmen reminding them of their duties toward the leader. 10. Fantasy films can either be realistic enough to think that could happen, for example the movie series Starship Trooper where there is another sentient species out there but its a bunch of bugs that plan on killing humans so it urns into a war across the universe which is set in the future.Or Fantasy films can be completely unrealistic movie like the movie Stardust where it is basically about a guy crossing a wall and finding a land of magic and stuff and falls in love with a star that turns out to be a human that three evil females are trying to eat the heart of as it gives them a couple hundred years of youth again.