Game Genres: First Quick Look

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Game Genres: First Quick Look. H. Mu ñ oz -Avila. Disclaimer : I use these notes as a guide rather than a comprehensive coverage of the topic. They are neither a substitute for attending the lectures nor for reading the assigned material. Most Popular Games Genres. Adventure games : - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Game Genres: First Quick Look

Finate State Machines in Games

Game Genres: First Quick LookH. Muoz-Avila

Disclaimer: I use these notes as a guide rather than a comprehensive coverage of the topic. They are neither a substitute for attending the lectures nor for reading the assigned material

1Most Popular Games GenresAdventure games:Solving puzzlesStoryline arc is very importantFinding cluesE.g., through conversations with NPCsClassic: The Longest Journey ( Playing Games (RPG)Player assumes fictional roles through Avatars Avatar acquires skills by performing tasks/actionsLevels indicate the progress of the avatar Classic: Diablo 2: Popular Games Genres (II)Strategy games:resource gathering, managing economy, technology researchReal-Time Strategy (RTS)Rapid decision making (classic: Command & Conquer)Turn-based Games (TBS)Take turns (classic: Civilization II)Sport GamesSimulation of actual sport games (classic: FIFA series)Games of chanceOutcome highly influenced by a stochastic environmentFirst-person shooterControlling avatar in first-person camera view (classic: Duke Nukem)

3Most Popular Games Genres (III)And many sub-genresCombine and/or enhance main genres Massive Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG)RPGs with multiple other players in pervasive worldsStealth FPSFPS emphasizing stealth over shootingRTS/RPGCombine both aspects (Warcraft III)RTS/FPSCombine both aspects (classic: Battlezone)

It is recommended for this course that you know at least one video game very well.4Programming Games Without Programming(sort of)H. Muoz-AvilaJarret RaimJonathan Martin

5Thief 2: How to program NPC behavior?

gameplay6Finite State Machines and GamesState: an activity performed by an avatarEvent: something that happens in the game world that makes the state changePatrolEnemy on sightAttack7Let us build an FSM for a Thief NPCStatesAttackChaseSpawnWanderEventsE: see an enemyS: hear a soundD: dieSpawn




ESSD8But it gets even easier (event-on-map)

If player walks here thenSpawn MephistoStarting place of playerPut 3 orcs here9Even at a Larger Scale

If player cross hereThen declare war10Ok Let Us Construct One Finite State MachineLets program High Priestess Mar'li

Step 1: list states and eventsStep 2: Construct the Finite State Machine

11Homework (next class)Pick an existing gameSelect one or more NPCs in the gameCreate a Finite State Machine modeling the behavior of the NPCsList states (at least 5)List events (at least 5)Draw a Finite State Machine

Pick and existing game (can be same as before)Provide an example of an event-on-map12Computer Programs-Program: sequence of instructions that the computer can understand read(x) read(y) z x + y print(z)- For controlling an NPC, we can create an FSM and let someone else (or a program!) translate it into a computer-understandable instructions13Motivation: Scripting Programming LanguagesThe Community Expansion Package is a game created by players, many non-programmers

It is build using a software tool called Aurora which is included in the game Neverwinter Nights

In fact using Aurora, gamers create thousands of their own games modsMost variants of the original gameOthers significant departures

14Scripts- Script: specialized program that uses instructions that are based on game world

patrol() if see-player then attack(monster) if hurt then heal

A Finite State Machine15Two EnginesAdventure Game Studio source: Introduction:

RPG Maker source: EnginesMany games have facilities that allow you to create mods of the gameExample: Aurora (Neverwinter Nigths) from total conversion to art mod


Aurora Neverwinter Toolset By: Nicholas Haines18



21Final RemarksGive some serious thought to doing the optional assignment of creating a gameTry one of the enginesLast time some 80% of the class created oneIts fun andSome 90% of them got exempt from the Final ExamThe remaining 10% got extra credit22