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Teach children to add, subtract, divide and multiply with fun and interactive math puzzles!

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2. These exercises test your mental math and observation skills. 1. While you are out eating at the food court with your family and friends, do you keep a mental note of what is ordered? Calculate the total of this dinner .Weekly Childrens Newspaper 3. 2. Spot the numbers in this image!Weekly Childrens Newspaper 4. 3. When you roll two dice, what is the highest total score you can get?Weekly Childrens Newspaper 5. 4. The Price is Right! We have three items below and we want you to guess the correct price of each itemWeekly Childrens Newspaper 6. 5. A magician wrote out an incomplete cheque to you. Spell out the number in the box to find out how many magic coins you won!Weekly Childrens Newspaper 7. 6. Crack the Secret Code! Use your expert skills to crack this secret number code in the image below!Weekly Childrens Newspaper 8. Answers: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.Rs 1,815 Bus, bus stop and number plate 12 Nutella: Rs 110, RobinAge: Rs 15 and Pav: Rs 2 each Ten lakh fifty thousand eighty only 15 and 200Weekly Childrens Newspaper 9. Thank You! Connect with us @ this slideshow to teach kids offline!Weekly Childrens Newspaper