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Ft Smith 2600. January Meeting. Subjects of Interest. Owning Western Union Swag for Sale. Owning Western Union. Well sort of… Primarily a prank But, just like many flaws or faults, it can be used to gain a foothold in to a system. Owning Western Union. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Ft Smith 2600January Meeting

  • Subjects of InterestOwning Western UnionSwag for Sale

  • Owning Western UnionWell sort of Primarily a prankBut, just like many flaws or faults, it can be used to gain a foothold in to a system

  • Owning Western UnionThe malicious exploitation of this flaw would be classified as social engineeringSocial engineering often includes lying or truth manipulationIf you are not comfortable with this fact, you should not get into social engineering

  • Owning Western UnionIn order to put a face to a name, this is a western union kiosk.

  • Owning Western UnionRequirements or tools:Cell phonePen and paper (or fancy cell phone)Maybe some phone cord and a female couplerMaybe a regular phone (princess)A little muscleNo fearA ridiculously complex and convincing Western Union (W.U.) mimicking system using asterisk or a real PBX to collect credit card numbers, DL numbers, SSNs, etc.

  • Owning Western UnionFirst, pick up the little phone and listen to the auto-dialer dial. If it doesnt dial, or you have to manually dial it wont work.Locate the phone cord that comes out of the kiosk and trace it to the wall jack.

  • Owning Western UnionYou should see two things. One thing a wall jack

    The other the auto dialer

    Note the access code and the procedures as to how to program the dialer

  • Owning Western UnionUnplug the line from the kiosk to the auto dialer, then plug it directly into the wall jack.

    The phone cord is usually right hereThis is where the extra phone cord may be useful

  • Owning Western UnionNext dial 1-800-444-4444 and take note of the phone number that it says you are calling from.If you cant do that, call W.U. (from that phone) and tell them that you are the manager of # and you need the phone number for this line or call your cell phone and write down that number

  • Owning Western UnionEx:Call W.U.hi W.U. how can I help you?hi this is Betty Jansen of store # 1337 and I need to confirm the number for this line. Could you verify for me? I have . Is that correct? They give you number.is that all maam?y0u Be4n h4>
  • Owning Western UnionPlug the phone back into the auto dialerDial the number you got on your cell following the instructions on the auto dialerProgram the phone to dial your asterisk box Hang up and use the phone to test out the setup Start collecting peoples docs

  • Owning Western UnionA friendlier, slightly less illegal thing to do would be to program the phone to dial 1-800-373-3739 (1-800-freesex)Observe for a while and watch peoples reactions.Dont forget to shout y0u Be4n h4>
  • The End or is it?Go out and try out some variants in a higher Traffic location.

  • Swag for sale We can get t-shirts in all sizes and colorsThe t-shirts can say whatever The t-shirts all have Ft. Smith 2600 on themEmbroidered text available in most fonts

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