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    4 Rate My Professor Do students find Rate my Professor useful when it comes to registering for classes?

    6 Dorm Life Is dorm life for everyone? What are the dorm essentials? And how do boys and girls rooms differ?

    8 Where Are They Now? Wonder where star FSU athletes are today? Check out this article on page 8!

    10 Fact or Fiction Find out if the myths about FSU are fact or fiction.

    Fun & Games

    12 Live Twitter Feed See what is going on at FSUs campus by reading a twitter feed of the top tweets.

    13 Word Search Challenge Search for FSUs hardest words in a Seminole word search.

  • As a freshman, this little forum could either be a godsend or a very cruel joke. Coming into the universitys new environment, freshmen generally have no idea which professors to take and which to ditch. This website offers real-life students take on real-life classes and lets the reviewers give numerical ratings in four categories: easiness, helpfulness, clarity and the reviewers interest in the subject. Students can even assign professors chili-pepper icons if they think they are particularly good-looking! !On one hand, freshman might think, I have all the answers to my questions about professors! These reviews are so helpful! But, critics of the website have stated that RateMyProfessors.com really has no way of verifying whether those who are doing the ranking have taken a class with that professor or have even attended that college. There is also nothing stopping students who mightve earned a bad grade or who, for one reason or another, just did not like the professor, to strike back at said professor by offering bad

    rankings and providing their bad experience as future warning. In short, students should take the ratings lightheartedly. The top professors on RateMyProfessors.com after all, are not the top professors in the nation. Rather, theyre just the top professors on RateMyProfessor!s.com.

    Rate My Professor To Trust The Reviews Or Not To Trust The Reviews?

    By Brittany Cunnien !


  • Katie said, My chemistry professor was nothing like the reviews on RateMyProfessor.com! Ive learned to take the reviews with a grain of salt!

    Mary Katherine said, Well, I base my entire schedule on RateMyProfessors.com and it has yet to fail me!

    Michael said, One of my absolute favorite professors got terrible

    ratings on that website! Im still going to use it, but Im going to use SUSSAI, FSUs very own

    professor rating system, too.

    Ashley said, RateMyProfessors.com is a hit or miss sometimes! But Ill still use it.

    FSU Weekly polled 2nd semester freshmen on their experience with RateMyProfessors.com and asked if, based on their experience,

    they would return to the website when making their schedule for their fall semester of their sophomore year. !


  • Living in a dorm might be a freshmans worst nightmare or best experience they have had. But is dorm life for everyone? How do you know what to expect and what to bring? And how are boys and girls dorms different? These are the questions many college students face when entering their freshman year at Florida State University.

    At FSU, freshmen are not required to live on campus like some universities, but it his highly recommended. Housing on campus is very competitive to get the best dorm and is not always guaranteed. Since living on campus is not required as a freshman, this gives them other opportunities to live elsewhere to accommodate their needs. On campus housing offers students a more social experience, and the convenience of living on campus. Students will have the opportunity to make more friends because they will always have someone to eat with, and meet more students of their age. Living on campus also cuts back on the time it takes to get to class. FSU is a larger campus,

    which means living off campus may require more travel time to get to class. But dorm life is not for everyone. Some freshman may choose to live off campus in an apartment or house. This offers students their own space, quiet study time and more responsibility. There are pros and cons to living on or off campus as a freshman, but it depends on the student and what experience they would like to have. Living on your own for the first time might seem overwhelming and stressful, but if you bring the right items, dorm life will be much more easier and successful. A dorm checklist is essential before move in. Making sure you have everything ahead of time will cause less stress when it comes to the move in date. All dorms

    on FSUs campus come with a bed, desk and dresser already in the room. It is up to you on what else you would like to bring. The top essentials for a dorm room are as follows:

    1. Bedding 2. Rug 3. Desk lamp 4. Closet storage

    materials 5. Kitchen basics 6. Towels and bath

    caddy 7. Laundry bag 8. Cleaning supplies 9. Fan 10. Artwork

    These 10 items might not be for everyone, but can defiantly give you an idea of what to pack before move in!

    DORM LIFE Is Dorm Life for Everyone? What are the Dorm

    Essentials and How Do Boys and Girls Rooms Differ? By Sara Ariav


  • A girls dorm and a guys dorm can be

    very different in many ways. Most boys just bring the basic essentials to

    college, while some girls go above and beyond. Girls have a tendency to bring more artwork for the wall, color coordinate and be very organized, while

    boys on the other hand are not. We took a look at two dorms on FSUs campus, a girls room and a guys room. As you can tell from the pictures provided, the girls room is much more decorated and organized than the guys.

    Beds are made, clothes are put away and the room is clean. Guys do have the potential to keep their rooms just as organized as girls, but it is their choice. This shows how gender roles and stereotypes affect dorm life too. Girls are stereotyped to be more high maintenance and organized, while guys are stereotyped to be simple and messy. The differences between rooms may vary, and not all girls and guys rooms will be the same. *Note: these pictures were from one girl and one guy only. This is not showing how all dorm rooms will look.

    The students who choose to live on campus choose their dorm experience. There are many benefits from living on campus, essentials to dorm room success, and gender roles when it comes to guys rooms and girls rooms. Dorm life experiences changes from student to student and is what you make out of it.




    As a baseball commit to The Florida State University, Posey showed that he could play any position After his first season, Posey was

    named Louisville Slugger Freshman All-American. During the offseason, Martin saw potential in Poseys arm and decided to put

    him at the catcher position, which now looks like was a genius move. After only one season

    of playing catcher, he came in second to winning the Johnny Bench Award (a

    prestigious award given to the best catcher in NCAA Division one baseball.) The following

    season, he won the Johnny Bench Award and was awarded Collegiate Baseball player of the Year. Clearly showing he had MLB potential,

    Posey was drafted by the San Francisco Giants with the 5th overall pick in the 2008


    NOW'Recently receiving a nine-year, 167

    million-dollar contract, you can assume that things are headed in the right

    direction for Buster. That incredible contract is the second largest contract

    for a catcher in MLB history. With already 2 World Series rings coming in 2010 and this past 2012 season as well as receiving the National League MVP

    award last season, it is clear he is doing something right. Posey is making all of

    us here at FSU extremely proud.

    By: Corey Kula !


    THEN'Being the number 20 all time FSU

    basketball scorer is good, but not great, right? But heres the catch, he only

    played for FSU as Junior and Senior! Known as a big scorer, Cassell

    understood he had big expectations. Needless to say, he didnt let one

    person down. Averaging 18.3 points per game and leading the ACC in steals his senior year, it is apparent that he

    was completely dominant on the court.

    NOW'Cassell is a three-time NBA champion and

    was selected once to play in the NBA all-star game. When he retired in 2009, the Wizards

    noticed Cassells outgoing personality and passion for the game. They instantly

    offered Cassell a contract to become their assistant coach, working under Flip

    Saunders. He accepted, and has been working for Washington ever since. For all of Cassells hard work and commitment he has given to us here at FSU, Florida State

    retired his jersey in 2008, making him only the fifth player in FSU basketball history to

    get their jersey retired. 8

  • THEN'Choosing Florida State wasnt a difficult

    decision for Ponder considering his father played football for FSU in the 80s. Ponders first three seasons were solid, dont get me

    wrong, but injuries really held him from proving how much talent he had at the quarterback position. He was having a

    phenomenal junior senior, throwing for 2,700 yards along with 14 T.Ds and what seemed like heading for the NFL draft a year early,

    but Ponder unfortunately separated his shoulder against Clemson when trying to make a tackle on an interception return.

    Ponders senior season, however, really gave his career a boost. He was the first

    quarterback for FSU since 1999 to beat both Miami and UF. Furthermore, he received the well-respecte