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AT FSU... empowering your success is our mission. This is your time to expand your mind and your horizons, to achieve what you’ve always envisioned and even that which you never imagined. After reading the FSU viewbook, you will find out why FSU should be your school of choice!

Transcript of FSU Transfer Viewbook

  • PROU


    DtotO BEBETransfer Admissions Guide2012-2013

  • Transferring to FSU . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2

    Academics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4

    Programs of Study . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6

    Support Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8

    Faculty Spotlight: Carole Boston Weatherford, MFA . . . . .9

    Student Life . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

    Financial Aid and Tuition Information . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12

    Alumni Spotlight: Brandon Halligan 07 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

    A part of the University of North Carolina System and the oldest public historically black institution of higher learning in North Carolina.

    Founded: 1867

    History: The first black public institution in North Carolina

    Mascot: Bronco

    Colors: Blue & White

    Song: Old White & Blue

    Motto: Res Non Verba (Deeds Not Words)

    Fallenrollment:5,781 (5,103 undergraduates)

  • Its all about your vision for the future and how FSU will help you attain it. We believe in your ability to make a positive impact with an outstanding education as your springboard. We believe in results. And we know how to foster achievement. FSU is a university that inspires you to set high expectations for yourself. And you can bet that well expect a lot from youbecause we know the possibilities and the payoffs for your future are limitless. And we have thousands of successful alumni to prove it.

    We care about more than your grades; we take the time to learn what inspires you. Our dedicated faculty and staff will guide you through a seamless transition to our vibrant university and equip you with a wealth of resources as you make FSU your new academic home. Well open our office doors to you, join you for a cup of coffee, help you find an exciting internship and, then, the perfect job. We will be actively involved in making the most of your FSU experience, and as a result, so will you.


    ANythiNgAt Fayetteville State University, youll be proud to be a Bronco!

    yOU wANt tOBEBE

    A SatranSFerStudent, you have unique needs . At FSU, youll find unique opportunities .

    Empowering your success is our mission . This is the place to expand your mind and your horizons,

    to achieve what youve always envisioned and even that which you never imagined . Only at a

    university like ours can you experience the exceptional faculty support made possible by a commitment

    to small class sizes and to recruiting professors with outstanding credentials . Expect challenging courses,

    lasting friendships, and the exhilaration of knowing your life is headed in any direction you want .

    FayeTTeVille STaTe UNiVeRSiTy 1

  • Be in A supportive community AND iN ChARgE Of your fUtURE.t ranSFerringtoFayettevilleStateuniverSity is not only an important step in meeting your goalsits easy . Weve designed it to be that way so that our students can focus on their

    futures, not get swamped by details . We call it having

    a transparent transfer process so you can have a clear

    vision for what it will take to complete your degree at

    FSU . Our caring and helpful staff will work closely with

    you and answer any questions you may have . In addition

    to a quality, supportive learning environment and a fun,

    vibrant campus community, we offer a number of benefits

    for transferring to FSU .

    to Be A studentwith vision

    PRO U

    DPRO U


  • Be in A supportive community AND iN ChARgE Of your fUtURE.

    speciAl opportunities for nc community college studentsFSU has developed a strong relationship with the North Carolina Community College system to lend exception-al support to students in community colleges across the state. If that is you, then take advantage! Heres how:

    tHe2PluS2agreeMentTake two years at your community college and then move directly to FSU to complete your bachelors degree in just two years.

    exeMPtionFroMtHeCoreCurriCuluMThrough our comprehensive articulation agreement, any student who graduates from a North Carolina community college with an Associate in Arts, Fine Arts, or Science is exempt from taking FSUs core curriculum.

    dualenrollMent(doubletHePoSSibilitieS)Be simultaneously admitted at both FSU and one of our partner community colleges. The dual enroll-ment program allows you to move back and forth seamlessly between the two for ultimate efficiency and convenience. Plus, you can transfer up to 60 credits. The only requirement is that you complete at least 25 percent of your curriculum at FSU. Design the program to suit your needs, combining the two locations and even online courses. Find out if the exciting dual enroll-ment program is available in your area of study.

    blendedCourSeSFor students juggling work, school, and family responsibilities, FSU offers blended courses at our com-munity college partner sites. We give you the power to choose traditional classroom settings, interactive televi-sion, online courses, or even a blended format. Go to class one night a week, video conference another night, and take an online course on the weekendsits up to you, your schedule, and your personal learning style.

    dediCatedCoMMunityCollegeCoordinatorSThe FSU staff includes coordinators whose sole purpose is to assist and work directly with community college transfer students. We maintain a constant presence at the community colleges and even have offices on site. We teach courses, help with registration, and support you in the admissions process.

    MaketHetranSitionIts simple. As long as you have credits from an ac-credited institution, are in good academic standing, and have maintained a C average or better, you can join the FSU community and complete your degree. Just submit your application along with the $35 application fee and official transcripts from all colleges, universities, and high schools previously attended. Make sure you fill out any requests for financial aid, if necessary. Then contact a transfer guidance counselor to discuss transfer of credits and your remaining course requirements for completing your degree.

    Office of Admissions Fayetteville State University

    Toll Free: 800 .222 .2594 910 .672 .1371

    Fax: 910 .672 .1414

    E-mail: [email protected] .edu

    FayeTTeVille STaTe UNiVeRSiTy 3

    the nursing grAduAte pAss rAte on

    the nAtionAl council licensure exAminAtion for the mAy 2010 grAduAting clAss.


  • Be A lifelong leArner PREPARED fOR EvERy ChAllENgE AND OPPORtUNity.

    PRO U

    DPRO U

    Dw itHtHeCreditSyouvealreadyearned,you have a great basis for a promising future at FSU . Well help you create that promising future by offering academic excellence, flexible learning options

    and a highly supportive environment . At Fayetteville State,

    we know that the best education is one that continually

    rewards you throughout life . Youll leave with much more

    than a diploma . A degree from FSU will empower you

    with the essential skills of thinking critically, speaking and

    writing effectively, and making informed decisionsall of

    which will serve you well in any personal and professional

    endeavor . Even as you specialize in a particular area of

    study, our curriculum will expose you to a broad-based

    education rich in the liberal arts . The result: youll be

    equipped to grow in a number of career directions and be

    fully prepared for the challenges and exciting opportunities

    in the world beyond college .to Be chAllenged AcAdemicAlly

  • 5Be A lifelong leArner PREPARED fOR EvERy ChAllENgE AND OPPORtUNity.

    the building blocks of an education that will make you proud:> Outstanding faculty recognized nationally for excellence in teaching and research.> Individualized attention through small class sizes and professors who take a genuine interest in your progress.> A variety of program choices and study options that allow you to explore the many possibilities for your future.

    the college of Arts And sciences > A few areas of study include Nursing, Computer Science, Intelligence Studies, Communication, Chemistry, Biology (Pre-Med, Pre-Dental, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Veterinary) Performing and Fine Arts, Social Work, Fire Science, Air Force, and Army ROTC.

    > Online degree completion programs in Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Fire Science, Sociology, and Psychology.

    > New Nursing and Science buildings with state- of-the-art equipment and facilities.

    > FSU is one of 6 locations in the world to have an Electron Microprobe.

    the school of educAtion> Respected for preparing teachers since 1867 and maintaining consecutive National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) accreditation since 1954.

    > Supports in-service teachers through 37 Professional Development Schools that provide professional service as well as academic support to raise K-12 student achievement.

    > Offer scholarships to students in high needs programs, such as Math, Science, Special Education, and Middle Grades.

    > Focused on educating and preparing individuals at the bachelors, masters, and doctoral degree levels for professions in education, research, and service.

    the school of Business And economics> The only AACSB accredited business sc