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Free to Exceed. An Old Idea Made New By Mary Gregory St. Lucie County School District. Sh-h-h-h-h-h. CHF (Cold Hard Fact) #1. Student science experiences are directly proportional to the comfort level of teachers. Many students never do a classroom based experiment. CHF #2. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Free to Exceed

  • Free to ExceedAn Old Idea Made NewBy Mary GregorySt. Lucie County School District

  • Sh-h-h-h-h-h

  • CHF (Cold Hard Fact) #1Student science experiences are directly proportional to the comfort level of teachers.Many students never do a classroom based experiment.

  • CHF #2National Board Certified Teachers are seeking mentoring hours.

  • CHF #4Middle School considerations:- students and parents burned out-researchers have less than safe habits- students with minimal parent support are frustrated

  • CHF #4Money Is a Problem

    - NBCTs are Free- Free to Exceed materials are low cost- Food services will help us- Grants ???

  • CHF #5

    Support and board approval is needed

    - 4 labs per year will become a requirementin place by Jan. 05Elementary Expo will be on a moratorium for 3 yearsGrant writing efforts will be supported

  • Galileo said that all objects fall at a uniform rate of 9.8 meters/second/second.

  • Galileo said that (in a vacuum)all objects fall at a uniform rate of 9.8 meters/second/second.

  • The Pyramid Plan for Free to Exceed

  • How the Free to Exceed pyramid plan works:GreenYour Curriculum Specialist for Science (Mary Gregory) facilitates efforts of eighteen (or more) National Board Certified Teachers.BlueThe NBCTs meet as a vertical team of 18 Experts to insure maximum and appropriate coverage of Sunshine State Standards for all grades K-5.They also meet horizontally as grade level teams of 3 to select the best four activities to cover their grades needs. They will continue to meet both vertically and horizontally throughout the year.

  • How the Free to Exceed pyramid plan works:OrangeEach Expert becomes a life line to 25 or 30 K-5 teachers in a common grade to describe and assist with the four selected activities throughout the year. Teachers and NBCT Experts are matched based on proximity and convenience rather than zone. As a mentor-mentee relationship for these 4 activities is establishedmentors help teachers exceed if they wish and can communicate these new extensions back to their other grade level NBCT horizontal partners.YellowThe classroom teachers in every grade bring the 4 activities to all K-5 students.

  • At Each Board Microphone!Ongoing Scientific Experiment

    Do NOT Open

  • Quotable QuotesStudents comprehension of text improves when they have had hands-on experiences with a science concept.

    Motivating and engaging students to speak, ask questions, learn new vocabulary, and write down their thoughts comes easily when they are curious, exploring and engaged in science inquiry.

    Asking students to record data and conclusions in a science journal or to articulate and defend their views about science-related issues provides excellent opportunities for students to clarify their thinking and develop communications skills. Kreuger, A., & Sutton, J. (2001): Edthoughts: What We Know About Science Teaching and Learning. Aurora, CO: Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning, p. 52-53

  • Goals

    Every K-5 student will actively participate in four designated hands-on, minds-on science activities each year.

    Every K-5 teacher will actively facilitate four designated hands-on, minds-on science activities each year.

    All are Free to Exceed.

  • TimelineTimeline (summer) ambitious!6/8/048-10 amOverview10-12 amOrganize teams1-2 pmOrganize Eighteen Expert toolboxes2-3 pmMake shopping lists6/9/04AMNick Z. and NASA suggestions Create a map of activities, using National Standards as a guidePMDiscuss troubleshootingComplete shopping listDesign common rubricDesign common format

  • Timeline (summer)August, 2004Horizontal team meetings as desired Four activities selected /gradeMaterials lists completed and sent to schools *Aug. 14 Saturday meeting

    September, 2004Rubrics completedQuestions completedTeacher binders ready to go*Sept. 11 Saturday meeting to practice and learn from each other

  • It Could Have WorkedOctober, 2004All kits ready to go**Oct. 2 Saturday meeting to complete kits

    November, 2004Teacher training all month (especially 11/12) informal and flexibleAll kits distributed to all schools *Nov. 6 Saturday meeting to go over training

    December, 2004Present progress report to School BoardTwo activities are ready to goAll teachers ready for two activities

  • More to consider for Free to Exceed

    Common Format We chose KWL..W..LW..LW

    Common method of distribution We chose good old worksheet style

  • EvaluationCommon rubric

    First some questions:What do I want the student to be able to do?What do I want the student to know?How can I tell when the outcome was achieved?

    Common journal (or logbook)One book to follow student from K through 5.

    In every journal:One new question I have isThe big thing I have learned is.One new thing I can do isI want to remember

  • Following the Rubric for AssessmentFree To Exceed Design WorkshopSummer 2004

  • Behind the scenesWhole group meetingsFree to Exceed vertical teamsNTLB (No Teacher Left Behind) grade teamsOne on one mentoring/coaching/ modelingToolboxesFor Experts (Lifelines) For Teachers

  • 4 Clusters of Science SSSPhysical/Chemical



    Scientific Thinking

  • Including all SSS Free to Exceed Design WorkshopSummer 2004

  • Criteria for Selecting Free to Exceed ActivitiesIt is student hands-on.It fits our Free to Exceed framework.The materials needed are very low cost.It will generate student questions.It connects !

  • National Board Teachers making Some Tough Choices

  • Free to Exceed Frameworks Summary

  • Reviewing Criteria for Selecting Free to Exceed Activities

  • The 24 Square Worthy Activities

  • Th3 24 squares (cont.)

  • Consultants from Our Scientific Community Providing Input

  • Whats Next?Field TripsOur research community is waitingIt is just a matter of time