Fort Worth Skydiving

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Fort Worth Skydiving

Fort Worth Skydiving Sloane BaxterKatelyn JenningsAvery ReiffMaddy Schulz

Reach For the Sun

About the Industry$2.4 Billion Industry; 118.2 Million participants as of 2009Population Growth by Age

Industry BreakdownLargest Income Distribution Segment: approx. $25,000Largest Demographic: 18-24 Year-Olds

Corporate ExpansionExpand internationally DubaiAustraliaAvenues of implementationSaaSLegal Compliance

Business Management SoftwareERP vs. CRM

Potential vs. SAP

Improved Database

Mobile Strategy

Ft. Worth Skydive Mobile App

Utilizing Social MediaFacebookTwitterGoogle+YouTubeInstagramPicturesXXXXVideosXXXXSource LinkingXXXCustomer ReviewXXUser ActivityXXXXX

Land On the Earth.