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  • 1. Food Apps

2. BookshelfSimple design allows for primary focus to be on the books while also maintaining theclassic look of a bookshelf. 3. The BakeSpace stacks cookbooks so you can choose a book based on the binding. I like theBakeSpace idea with the option of scrolling down to see the entire stack of Alta Editions cookbooks.This is not as organized as the bookshelf approach but an interesting layout option. They also haveAdded Material in the bookshelfan About Us book gives information on the company andfeatures while the Kitchen Tools gives the user access to a substitution, conversion and time tool 4. Recipe Layouts Portrait LandscapeThis layout presents a more interactive design. All the features are tabbed so they can be hidden or expandedwith the touch of a finger. This could be a great dashboard for each recipe with the ability to include our tabs(reviews, tools, ingredients, photos, and videos) maybe we can also play with the images on the screen (thetomato when clicked could provide some helpful hints or facts about tomatoes with the option to learn more (andlink to the blog, index, other tomato recipes, etc?) 5. Recipe LayoutThe recipe layout is a key feature to engage users. Gourmet live presents their recipes in a verysimilar format to our single page view and I think this is the most clear cut and elegant. Itunfortunately leaves very little room for interactive content (besides videos and photos andemailing lists grocery lists) 6. Video Index LayoutsI like Best French Cuisine cutting board layout. It clearly and neatly displays all thevideos with the ability to scroll down. I would differentiate and put videos into groups(based on either the chef, the technique or the level of difficulty) 7. Menu Planning FeatureA menu planning feature might add to the interactivity of the eBook. Dishes can beplanned based on occasion, course, method, time, cuisine and ingredients (this shouldbe done after enough content is created within the series). Bakespace uses an interactivewheel design to select category and dish type 8. User Submissions-I like the clean user submission for with the expansion tabs to add **OPTIONAL** information. I think theRecipe Name should default to the recipe title unless the user wants to change it and all the information shouldbe optional (not forcing the user to write stuff in order to complete the upload)-Food spottings simple share page allows users to rank Loved it (I prefer the stars rating but maybe we canaverage this into stars)-The ability to share on multiple social networks gives incentive to post-Big oven is an example of too much in my opinion 9. How to Use the AppFood Network and Foodspotting places an overlay the first time you open the appwhich provides you with the instructions for using the app. I think this is a clearapproach but am not a fan of the darkening of the content I would do something lighter.I like the way Chrome put blue icons that you can hover over with tips on using theirbrowser. 10. Signup FlowA clean look to easily connect with Facebook seems like the best option when creating a sign-upflow. The click through process was fast and easy with familiar steps (Facebook app permissions,etc). I like the use of neutral colors in these clean layouts. I dont think Amazon payments should bea step until to user experiences the bookshelf and a demo book. 11. Expanded Features-Voice activated search and page scrolling.-Local food search function that allows you to pick a recipe based on seasonal produce.-Visual index with descriptions of ingredients and tools.-An ask the experts section might be a way to build engagement by requiring edition chefs to answer aminimum of 100 user questions (we can select appropriate questions and send them to the chef via email). Theanswers can be used in social media, the blog and within the books 12. Addl Ideas-I like this loading interface of Jamie Olivers Recipes, we can do something similar with the Alta Edition sidebarlogos (we can also test copy to say Preparing the kitchen/bookshelf/library/etc instead of the boring Loading.-A settings tab would also be beneficial in informing the user and allowing them to customize their experiencechange font size.-A tab to access our social media pages is a great way to engage users with outside of the app.