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Folk Art taken from Students analyze each work for theme.

Transcript of Folk art exhibit

  • 1. Theme: The old represents Wisdom and Knowledge. The middle age stands for Strength and Fertility. The young is Innocence, Agility and the Hope of a better future. HaitianFolkArt Generations
  • 2. Theme: Sisters gather at the market to help one another sell their produce and to renew their sisterly bond. HaitianFolkArt Sisterhood
  • 3. 1980s. HaitianFolkArt Wall of Shadows Theme: The painting speaks of the political turmoil of the
  • 4. AfricanAmerican Sweet Sweet Gardenia Theme: Though the earth is bright and beautiful, Sweet Gardenia will not open her eyes.
  • 5. AfricanAmerican Going to Church Theme: Role of religion in the African American family and community.
  • 6. AfricanAmerican Big Band Theme: The importance of music (jazz music in this case) to the African American Community.
  • 7. CelticFolkArt Walls and Doors Possibly this painting is about the recurring dream of a library without books where history & knowledge live inscribed in walls's content, whether painful or joyful...transformed into an alphabet of colored light.
  • 8. CelticFolkArt Harmony Theme: Harmony and spirituality.
  • 9. CelticFolkArt Dreambridge to Ark Theme: Each time we close our eyes to go to sleep, we take a journey.
  • 10. AmericanIndian Folk Art Black Stallion Theme: Independence, strength
  • 11. AmericanIndian Seeking Creative Expressions Theme: The painter represents his need to create art on a daily basis
  • 12. AmericanIndian Ketchican Totem Pole Theme: Totem poles were built to commemorate ancestors and to remember the past.
  • 13. MexicanFolkArt Angry Rebellious Doll Theme: Hand crafted by an extremely poor artist to give a voice to those seeking political and economic freedom
  • 14. MexicanFolkArt Bright Ocean Flower Trees Theme: Represents the beauty of Mexico
  • 15. MexicanFolkArt Huichol Mural made with coloured string Theme: The painting seems to speak of the busy nature and diversity of the community.
  • 16. VariousAmerican Thanksgiving Autumn Country Farm Rural Americana Theme: Rural America is a land of plenty
  • 17. VariousAmerican Angel Inn Theme: Eat, Drink, and be Merry
  • 18. VariousAmerican David and Catherine Crane Theme: Marriage is _(You fill in the blank on this one)