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Decorative Folk Art - The art of upcycling

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  • 1. Decorative Folk Art by Lorraine Stylianou The art of upcycling

2. Gypsy Style Old, tired, forgotten furniture (and other items) can be given new life through the application of a fresh coat of paint and decorative patterns and you dont need any experience to start. The Gypsy look is similar to much of the worlds folk style. It includes the use of bold, symmetrical patterns and bright colours characteristic of eastern European furnishings or South American designs. 3. Why bother? Its not wise to waste and upcycling is part and parcel of the trend to make do and mend. Generally, no matter how faded or scuffed an item looks, you can transform it to its former glory with a few simple steps. 4. Some inspiration from William Morris Have nothing in your homes that you do not know to be useful and believe to be beautiful There is no excuse for doing anything which is not strikingly beautiful Ornamental pattern work....must possess three qualities: beauty, imagination and order. Beauty is a human need 5. Materials A sheet of sandpaper, some acrylic paint and good quality brushes are all you really need, not forgetting a dust sheet, water pot and adequate lighting. 6. Getting started! Add a base coat to the furniture item before outlining your pattern. 7. Cut around or trace your pattern on the surface 8. Develop the pattern Keep adding more and more detail - White acrylic paint gives great coverage Add several layers of colour on leaves and petals before outlining in black. 9. Take a seat! Acrylic paint usually dries within 30 minutes of application and leaves very little odour. Apply a coat of acrylic varnish to make the colours pop and seal the paint against scuffs and finger prints. 10. Other Junk Jewels (suitcases, bedside tables, screens) 11. Want one? To purchase your own one of a kind hand painted case or furniture item contact Lorraine Stylianou at