Five most popular trend of prom dresses in 2012

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  • 1.Five Most Popular Trend of Prom Dresses in 2012Brought to you by

2. When choosing prom dresses many girls tend tochoose those dresses that are in line with thelatest trends. In fact, your aim should be tocreate your own look by taking in the mainconcepts used in these dresses. But it is stillimportant for you to remain abreast of the latesttrends. Every year there are some specific stylesof party dresses and evening gowns thatbecome the trend of the season. Withoutexception, in 2012, there are some patterns fordresses that score above the others. If you aretrying to decide on a dress for the prom, then itis of great importance that you take a look at thetrends. The following part are five of the mostpopular trends for prom dresses this year. 3. Slit Dress: This is a pattern for evening gowns that has been around for several decades. Thetrend this year is that the slit has become higher than normal. It may be a great idea to have theskirt of the dress made of flowing fabric. 4. Cutout Dress: A pattern that is picking up in a huge manner is that of the cutout dress. This dressmay seem a little indecent and is best suited for girls who are slim and petite. So most o f thecutout dresses are normally petite dresses. With such a dress, it is possible that you appear alittle bit older than you actually are. 5. Sequin Dress: For someone who loves head-turns, this sparkling, shiny dress may be the outfitthat they have always wanted. A full length gown embedded with sequins or made of a shinyfabric that glimmers when you move is getting popular. Not only is this gown a ramp scorcherbut it is sure to make for an excellent dress for the prom. 6. Mermaid Gown: This is more or a less a classic style for wedding gowns but it is becomingextremely popular as a prom dress pattern as well. Try and pick out a gown in brighter colors.Again this is a silhouette that one needs to be careful with as it tends to emphasize the lowerhalf of the body. Opt to wear a strapless version of the gown for a movie star appearance. 7. Short and Long Prom Dresses: This is one of the most popular trends for prom dresses in 2012.This dress is fashioned in such a manner that the front half of skirt of the dress is short and theback half is long. This dress can trace its silhouette to dresses worn by Tango dancers. It is anextremely popular fashion for young girls attending their prom. 8. Except for the trendsaforementioned, thereare numerous otherwell-liked types of thisperiod, for example,the one-shoulder dress,off-the-shoulder dressas well asthe halter gown. 9. The aforementioned suggestions are for your reference, you canchoose any of them according to your preference. For moreinformation about petite dresses, mermaid gown or long promdresses, please go to