Heroku Meetup June 2014

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How we use Heroku Presented by Vincent Spehner Q2 2014 V0.1 Use cases and business cases

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A presentation by Vincent Spehner on how Tquila is using Heroku.

Transcript of Heroku Meetup June 2014

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How we use Heroku

Presented by

Vincent Spehner

Q2 2014


Use cases and business cases

Page 2: Heroku Meetup June 2014

High level approach

Data externalization

For any reason, Salesforce is not the perfect storage for you data

You have too many transactions, unstructured data, incredible volumes (Billion of records)

Raw computation externalization

Apex complexity too high, Governor limits hit whatever you do to avoid that, heavy processes.

UI freedom and end-user app design

VisualForce, Force.com Site or Site.com doesn’t solve perfectly your

Leverage modern web and mobile frameworks

Heroku in 3 generic patterns

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Customer multi-channel app

Interact with customer using any channel (SMS, Voice server, Mail, Twitter, Instagram)

Description:• Automate interactions with maximum

flexibility• Retrieve lead information/cases more

transparently • Engage all customers, wherever they

interact with your brands

Issue to Solve

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POC: 3-5


Customer multi-channel app

Page 5: Heroku Meetup June 2014

Customer multi-channel app

Favorite Addons and API


inbound and outbound email, delivery status, blacklisting monitoring




automate tweet replies, analyze leads and case request

Comments and Tips:

Success condition for communication services is having a good API

Creating a simple Twilio app will not take more than 4h !!

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Customer facing appPublish, in total freedom, data and business logic stored /defined in Salesforce

Description:• Implement quickly all modern techno

trends• Use any Open Source Framework from

the market and plug it into your ORG• Give your tech team full control of your


Issue to Solve

Page 7: Heroku Meetup June 2014

Customer facing app

POC: 15-20 days

Page 8: Heroku Meetup June 2014

Customer facing app

Favorite Addons and API• DocRaptor, HyPDF• Heroku Connect• Salesforce REST API

Comments and Tips:• Almost all CMS got a Salesforce

connector• Heroku Connect revolutionizes App


Page 9: Heroku Meetup June 2014

Big DataYour various system generate millions or billions of transactions/records and you cant value them

Description:• Store all data you can gather from

(customers, logs, legacy system, transactions, competitors, connected devices, social network …)

• Use State-of-the-Art technology to query hundreds of GB or TB of Data

• Build your very own Single Customer View strategy

Issue to Solve

Find a

Page 10: Heroku Meetup June 2014

Big Data

POC 5-15 days

Page 11: Heroku Meetup June 2014

Big DataFavorite Addons and API

Treasure Data: effective and easy to implement Hadoop Cluster (TB of storage)

Comments and Tips:

Powerful, convenient and affordable storage system to implement Big Data corporate strategy

Data is Petrol of XXI century !!!

Start indexing Data now

Page 12: Heroku Meetup June 2014

©Tquila | Client Name | Date

Salesforce Orgs often grow organically over time, and that even under the strictest governance policies, areas of your Org can become polluted with harmful changes.

Tquila Org Doctor is a free, automated tool that will scan your Org against a set of metrics and provide you with a report detailing how well (or not) you're doing in those areas.

Tquila Org DoctorBusiness Cases

• Limit check• Code

coverage• Recent

Usage• Metadata


Page 13: Heroku Meetup June 2014

©Tquila | Client Name | Date

Tquila SFTools is a dev and admin tool. It will automatically backup your metadata as soon as a deployment is made on the monitored org.

Tquila SFTools is a free solution provided to encourage best practices and ease dev life.

Tquila SFToolsBusiness Cases

• Auto-backup metadata

• Org 2 Org deploy

• Node.js based

Page 14: Heroku Meetup June 2014

©Tquila | Client Name | Date

Business Cases

Tquila Search is Java Based an Enterprise Search solution that can be integrated into any Salesforce organisation. It is a middleware application that integrates with your Salesforce solution to seamlessly handle indexing and search of business-relevant data.

Tquila Search

• 500k profiles

• PDF, Doc Resumes indexation

• Linkedin API

Page 15: Heroku Meetup June 2014

Tquila Portal is a Multiwebsite CMS connected to Salesforce and empowering Custom Tags.

Web Agencies create HTML web sites connected to Salesforce Business Logic using Custom Tags.

Tquila Portal

• Managing external partner sites

• Heavy Busines logic implemented on Salesforce

Business Cases

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©Tquila | Client Name | Date

Tquila Forum is a Ember.js based moderated forum solution. Integrate all recent innovations: • Live update, • scroll pagination,• multi devices, • tagging, • search engine

Could work as a standalone app or plugged into Chatter API.

Unilever organizes a bi-yearly Lab about sustainability

Tquila ForumBusiness Cases

• 20k invited• 2 days

forum • Live social

monitoring• 6 weeks


Page 17: Heroku Meetup June 2014

Be creative, PoC are cheap to build

Create application in total freedom with trendy openSource tech

Use the right technology/language/datastore for the right challenge

Download the playbook: http://herokusalesforceplaybook.com


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All about Tquila

Tquila is the main European Salesforce Partner, specialized on Salesforce implementation, Mobile and Social applications.

The only European Heroku Platinum Partner

102 customers

304 projects

250 employees

204 certifications

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thankyou Vincent Spehner

07 46 29 120 45

[email protected]