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1. 1 Ms Chrissy Arguilla F2 Teacher Ms Jacinth Janabajal Fundinotots Teacher Ms Linh Nguyn F3 Teacher Ms M Bi F2 Teacher Ms Sarah Organ F3 Teacher - EY Coordinator Ms Tara Paulino F1 - F3 Teacher Ms Thanh Trn F 1- F2 Teacher Ms Uyn Nghim F3 Teacher Ms Vi Bi Fundinotots Teacher A very warm welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage at the British Vietnamese International School, Ho Chi Minh City. The purpose of this booklet is to provide you with useful information about what to expect in the Early Years Foundation Stage and what your child will need. Our Foundation Stage consists of three year groups: Foundation Stage 1 (F1), Foundation Stage 2 (F2) and Foundation Stage 3 (F3), with age ranges from two to five years old. Our Foundation Stage classrooms are spacious with stimulating learning areas planned to develop and challenge childrens skills and experiences. All children also have daily access to an indoor Soft Play Room, an Early Learning Centre and a designated Early Years Outdoor Area with different terrains, equipment and resources. We have our own Early Years Splash Pool, to which children have weekly access. Each class has a native English speaking teacher as well as a Vietnamese teacher, which allows the children to hear and develop both a good standard of English and their mother language. Each Foundation class is also supported by teaching assistants. Cho mng Qu v n vi khi Mm non trng Quc t Anh Vit (BVIS) Thnh ph H Ch Minh. Cun thng tin ny c thit k cung cp cho Qu v nhng thng tin hu ch v khi Mm non v nhng g hc sinh cn phi chun b trc khi nhp hc. Chng trnh Mm non ca Trng c chia thnh ba nhm lp: F1, F2 v F3, dnh cho hc sinh t 2 n 5 tui. Phng hc ca khi Mm non c thit k vi khng gian rng ri v khu vc hc tp khuyn khch s pht trin xy dng k nng v m rng tri nghim ca tr. Mi ngy, hc sinh c th sc vi nhiu dng a hnh, thit b v tr chi a dng Phng chi Mm, Phng chi Phc hp v Khu vc chi ngoi tri ca khi Mm non. Ngoi ra, Trng cn trang b mt H bi nh dnh ring cho khi Mm non cc em c th vui a hng tun. Mi lp c mt gio vin bn ng v mt gio vin ngi Vit gip hc sinh nghe v s dng thnh tho c ting Anh v ting Vit. Bn cnh , mi lp u c mt Tr ging h tr cc em trong vic hc. WELCOME | LI M U 2. 2 3 The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework sets out the English standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to five. The curriculum is based on four guiding themes. Khung chng trnh Mm non ca Anh quc a ra chun mc hc tp, pht trin v ch chm sc cho tr t s sinh n 5 tui. Chng trnh c xy dng da trn 4 yu t chnh. Each child is unique. At BVIS we recognise that children are constant and active learners, and that they can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured. We focus on how each child develops, observing, supporting and extending their learning, assessing their progress and planning their next steps. We recognise that children are all different but should be treated equally. We value and respect all children and families equally and look to develop close relationships between school and home. Mi hc sinh l mt c th ring bit Ti trng BVIS, chng ti hiu rng tr em l nhng hc sinh lun ho hc ch ng hc hi, linh hot, y tim nng v giu t tin. Chng ti ch trng qu trnh pht trin ca mi hc sinh, lun theo st h tr, m rng tri nghim hc tp ca cc em, nh gi tin v ln k hoch cho nhng bc pht trin tip theo. Chng ti hiu rng mi a tr u khc bit nhng tt c phi c i x mt cch cng bng. Trng cao v tn trng tt c hc sinh v gia nh v lun n lc xy dng mi lin kt cht ch gia gia nh v Nh Trng. resources. We support and encourage children to explore, make choices and take risks in order to understand and learn about safety and independent learning. Mi trng to iu kin pht trin Ti trng BVIS, chng ti hiu rng tr em hc v pht trin tt nht trong mi trng p ng nhu cu ca mi c nhn v thit lp mi lin kt cht ch gia gio vin v ph huynh. Trng cung cp mi trng pht trin ton din c trong nh v ngoi tri vi trang thit b hc tp a dng, kch thch s pht trin. Chng ti h tr v khuyn khch tr khm ph, a ra la chn v mnh dn tri nghim xy dng thc gi an ton v t hc. Learning and Development At BVIS we recognise that children develop and learn in different ways. We focus on ensuring that all our children learn through play and exploration, with support for each individual. We encourage children to develop their imagination,beactivelyinvolvedintheirlearningandtomake independent decisions. We support and develop childrens Positive Relationships At BVIS we work hard to provide a warm and loving relationship with our children in order to develop their sense of belonging. We listen, respond and support children to express their needs, feelings and interests, so that they can be empowered to make good choices and agree and respect boundaries. We encourage children to work together and to succeed in achieving their best. Each child has a nominated key person to ensure they can build close relationships and be well supported during their time in the Foundation Stage. Nhng mi quan h tch cc Ti trng BVIS, chng ti lun n lc thit lp mi quan h m p v giu tnh yu thng vi hc sinh nui dng cm gic gn gi, thn thuc vi cc em. Chng ti lun lng nghe, phn hi v h tr hc sinh by t mi nhu cu, cm xc v s thch ca mnh. iu ny gip cc em t tin a ra nhng la chn ng n cng nh nhn bit v tn trng nhng gii hn t ra. Chng ti khuyn khch cc em cng hc tp v n lc ht mnh t thnh tch tt nht. Mi hc sinh u c mt ngi chm sc chnh gip cc em xy dng nhng mi quan h gn gi v theo st h tr hc sinh xuyn sut thi gian hc tp khi Mm non. Enabling Environments At BVIS we recognise that children learn and develop well in environments which respond to their individual needs and where there is a strong partnership between practitioners and families. We plan and provide rich learning environments both inside and outside with stimulating and varied creative and critical thinking, balancing opportunities for both children and adults to lead learning. Hc tp v Pht trin Ti trng BVIS, chng ti hiu rng mi tr s pht trin v hc tp theo nhng cch khc nhau. Chng ti lun ch trng m bo tt c hc sinh c to iu kin pht trin qua cc hot ng vui chi, khm ph vi h tr dnh cho tng c nhn. Chng ti khuyn khch hc sinh pht trin tr tng tng, tch cc tham gia cc hot ng hc tp v a ra quyt nh mt cch c lp. Chng ti h tr v pht trin c sng to v suy lun ca cc em, ng thi to c hi cho c hc sinh v gio vin cng dn dt cc hot ng hc tp. OUR PRINCIPLES | NGUYN TC CA TRNG 3. 4 5 The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework explains how and what your child will be learning to support their healthy development. Your child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through seven Areas of Learning and Development which are all interconnected. Children should mostly develop the three prime areas first. These are: Communication and Language Physical Development Personal, Social and Emotional Development The prime areas are those most essential for your childs healthy development and future learning. As children grow, the prime areas will help them to develop skills in four specific areas. These are: Literacy Mathematics Understanding the World Expressive Arts and Design The specific areas include essential skills and knowledge for children to learn and develop as successful members of society. Practitioners plan daily activities and experiences across all Areas of Learning and Development, taking into account individual childrens needs and interests. More information about the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is provided at a Coffee Morning at the beginning of the school year and throughout the year by class teachers. Khung chng trnh Mm non ca Anh quc cung cp thng tin v phng php v gio trnh ging dy m bo s pht trin ton din ca hc sinh. Hc sinh s pht trin k nng hc tp, tip thu kin thc v bc l hiu bit ca mnh qua by Lnh vc Hc tp v Pht trin c lin kt cht ch vi nhau. u tin, hc sinh s tp trung pht trin 3 lnh vc chnh. Cc lnh vc l: Giao tip v Ngn ng Pht trin Th cht Pht trin C nhn, Cm xc v Quan h X hi Cc lnh vc chnh l nn tng cho s pht trin ton din ca cc em v to tin cho vic hc tp trong tng lai. Trong qu trnh pht trin, cc lnh vc chnh s gip hc sinh pht trin nhng k nng thuc 4 lnh vc c th. Cc lnh vc l: c v Vit Ton hc Hiu bit v th gii xung quanh M thut v Thit k Cc lnh vc c th bao gm nhng k nng v kin thc thit yu m hc sinh cn tip thu v pht trin tr thnh nhng cng dn ti nng trong x hi. Gio vin s xy dng lch hot ng v tri nghim hng ngy ca hc sinh da trn tt c cc Lnh vc Hc tp v Pht trin cng nh nhu cu v s thch ring ca mi c nhn. Thng tin chi tit v chng trnh Mm non s c cung cp trong bui C ph Sng u nm hc v thng qua gio vin ch nhim ca mi lp trong sut nm hc. HOW AND WHAT WILL MY CHILD LEARN? CHNG TRNH V PHNG PHP GING DY 4. 6 7 PLAY IS IMPORTANT | HOT NG VUI CHI, KHM PH Physical Development Pht trin Th cht Understanding the World Hiu bit v Th gii xung quanh Personal, Social and Emotional Development Pht trin C nhn, Cm xc v Quan h x hi Communication and Language Giao tip v Ngn ng Literacy c v Vit Mathematics Ton Expressive Arts and Design M thut v Thit k 5. 8 9 PROMOTING PARTNERSHIP MI LIN KT GIA GIA NH & NH TRNG At BVIS we recognise that you are the most important person in your childs life. Therefore we want to work closely with you and value the importance of effective communication and sharing your childs learning. There are a number of ways in which we do this. Ti trng BVIS, chng ti hiu rng cc bc ph huynh l ngi quan trng nht trong cuc sng ca tr. V th, Trng lun mun ng hnh cng Qu ph huynh v cao tm quan trng ca vic gi lin lc v thng xuyn chia s v qu trnh hc tp ca cc em. Trng thc hin iu ny qua nhiu cch khc nhau. Learning Journey Blog Each child in the Early Years Foundation Stage at BVIS is provided with a Learning Journey blog. This celebrates each childs uniqueness, strengths, interests and personalities. Practitioners record experiences and achievements for each child on a regular basis across the different areas of learning within the Early Years curriculum, so families can see what children have been