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    Foundation Stage

    Parent Handbook


  • Dear Parents and Carers,

    The purpose of this booklet is to welcome you to our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at BVIS Hanoi and to give you useful information on what to expect and what your child will need. Our Foundation Stage consists of three year groups: F1, F2 and F3 and ranges from ages 2 years to 5 years.

    Throughout the EYFS we have large bright and stimulating rooms which are spacious learning environments with a high staff to pupil ratio. We have a team of 5 teachers, one support teacher and 4 teaching assistants who are all highly skilled in fostering childrens development.

    The teachers plan carefully to create an exciting learning environment where children can flourish. The children are provided with excellent conditions to help them in each step of their learning journey and they are carefully introduced to the acquisition of English language alongside their mother tongue.

    Message from the Head of Primary: In our EYFS department you can feel confident that your children are receiving the best care possible I love to visit the units and enjoy the care, passion and enjoyment of learning that is taking place there.

    Qu Ph huynh v Ngi Bo tr knh mn,Mc ch ca cun s tay ny l cho mng Qu v n vi khi Mm non ca Trng BVIS H Ni v cung cp thng tin hu ch cho Qu v v nhng k vng v nhng g cc con s cn. Khi Mm Non ca chng ti gm c ba lp: F1, F2 v F3 v tui t 2 n 5 tui.Trong sut chng trnh Mm non, chng ti c nhng lp hc sng ng v th v trong mi trng hc tp rng ri vi t l cao gia gio vin vi hc sinh. Nh trng c 5 gio vin Mm non, mt gio vin h tr v 4 tr ging u l nhng ngi c nhiu kinh nghim thc y s pht trin ca tr nh.Gio vin ln k hoch mt cch t m nhm to ra mt mi trng hc tp th v cc em hc sinh c th pht trin. Cc em hc sinh c cung cp nhng iu kin tt nht gip cc em tng bc trn hnh trnh hc tp v cc em s bt u hc ting Anh song song vi ting m .Thng ip t thy Hiu ph ph trch khi Tiu hc: Ti khi Mm non ca chng ti, Qu v c th tin tng rng con s c chm sc tt nht c th - Ti rt thch c d gi v chng kin s quan tm, nhit huyt v nim vui hc tp y.

    Welcome to the EYFS at BVIS HanoiCho mng n vi Khi Mm nonca Trng BVIS H Ni

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  • Our PrinciplesNguyn tc ca chng ti

    The EYFS framework sets the UK standards for learning, development and care for children from birth to five. The curriculum is built around four principles:

    1. A Unique ChildAt BVIS Hanoi we focus on how children develop; we recognise they are all different, but should be treated equally. Positive relationships and good communication are vital. Children need to learn about risks and safety, how to make good choices and how to respect boundaries. We make every attempt to provide full opportunity for each child to do their best and we achieve this by ensuring their physical and emotional needs are met during their time in our EYFS setting.

    2. Positive RelationshipsThis theme is about children learning to manage their feelings and build relationships. We respect all kinds of families and aim to develop a positive two-way relationship with parents and carers. We will support, listen and work with the children at BVIS Hanoi to help them learn. Each child will have a nominated key person to ensure everyone has the opportunity of building a close relationship and is well monitored during their time with us.

    3. Enabling EnvironmentsWe plan and check each childs progress and make every attempt to involve parents and the local community. We ensure that inside and outside spaces at BVIS Hanoi are safe, interesting, challenging and engaging. We support children working as a team to help them succeed.

    4. Learning and DevelopmentAt BVIS Hanoi we focus on ensuring young children learn through play and exploration, with support for each individual. We encourage children to develop imagination, to get actively involved in learning and to make decisions. We make every attempt to develop childrens creative and critical thinking, balancing the need for both the children and adults to lead the learning.

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  • Khung chng trnh ca khi Mm non tun th cc tiu chun ca Vng quc Anh v hc tp, pht trin v chm sc tr t s sinh cho ti 5 tui. Chng trnh hc ny c xy dng da trn bn nguyn tc:

    1. Mi hc sinh l mt c nhn c bitTi BVIS H Ni chng ti ch trng vo cch tr pht trin; chng ti nhn thy rng tt c cc em u khc nhau, nhng u cn c i x cng bng. Cc mi quan h tch cc v giao tip tt l rt quan trng. Tr cn c hc v cc ri ro v an ton, cch a ra nhng la chn tt v tn trng cc gii hn. Chng ti lun c gng to ra tht nhiu c hi cho tng hc sinh cc em c th pht huy tt nht thng qua vic m bo rng mi nhu cu th cht v tm l ca cc em c p ng trong thi gian hc ti khi Mm non.

    2. Cc mi quan h tch ccCh ny ni v vic tr hc cch iu khin cm xc ca mnh v to dng cc mi quan h. Chng ti tn trng tt c cc gia nh v lun pht trin mt mi quan h hai chiu tch cc vi Qu ph huynh v ngi bo tr. Chng ti s ng h, lng nghe v lm vic vi hc sinh ti BVIS H Ni gip cc hc tp. Mi em s c ch nh mt bn m bo rng tt c cc em u c c hi xy dng mt mi quan h gn gi v c gim st tt trong thi gian hc y cng chng ti.

    3. Mi trng thc y hc tpChng ti ln k hoch v kim tra qu trnh tin b ca tng em hc sinh ng thi lun c gng thu ht s tham gia ca Qu v v cng ng. Chng ti m bo rng cc khng gian ngoi tri v trong lp ti BVIS H Ni u rt an ton, th v, y th thch v hp dn. Chng ti ng h cc em hc sinh lm vic theo nhm gip cc em thnh cng.

    4. Hc tp v Pht trinTi BVIS H Ni chng ti ch trng vo vic m bo cc em hc sinh c hc tp thng qua vui chi v khm ph bn cnh s h tr dnh cho tng hc sinh. Chng ti khuyn khch cc em pht trin tr tng tng, tch cc tham gia vo gi hc v t a ra quyt nh. Chng ti lun c gng pht trin sng to v t duy ca tr, cn bng nhu cu cho c tr nh v ngi ln lm ch vic hc tp ca mnh.

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  • The EYFS Framework explains how and what your child will be learning to support their healthy development.

    Your child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through 7 areas of learning and development.

    Children should mostly develop the 3 prime areas first. These are: Communication and Language Physical Development Personal, Social and Emotional Development

    These prime areas are considered to be the most essential for your childs healthy development and future learning.

    As children grow, the prime areas will help them to develop skills in 4 specific areas. These are: Literacy Mathematics Understanding the World Expressive Arts and Design

    These seven areas are used to plan your childs learning and activities. It is a curriculum suitable for very young children and designed to be really flexible so that we can follow your childs unique needs and interests.

    Children in the EYFS learn by playing and exploring, being active and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outside.

    How will my child learnCc em s hc tp nh th no

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  • Khung chng trnh Mm non ch r cc em s hc ci g v hc nh th no h tr s pht trin lnh mnh.

    Cc em s hc cc k nng, tip nhn kin thc mi v th hin s hiu bit ca mnh qua 7 lnh vc hc tp v pht trin.

    Cc em s pht trin 3 lnh vc chnh trc. l:GiaotipvNgnngPhttrinthchtPhttrinCnhn,QuanhXhivCmxc

    Nhng lnh vc chnh ny c nh gi l quan trng nht cho s pht trin lnh mnh ca tr v hc tp trong tng lai.

    Trong qu trnh pht trin ca tr, nhng lnh vc chnh nu trn s gip cc em pht trin k nng trong 4 lnh vc c th bao gm:NgnngTonhcHiubitvthgiiNghthutvthitk

    Ton b 7 lnh vc ny s c s dng lm nn tng cho vic hc tp v nhng hot ng m cc em hc sinh tham gia. y l mt chng

    trnh ging dy ph hp vi tt c hc sinh v c thit k linh hot c th p ng nhng nhu cu v s thch ca tng tr.

    Hc sinh khi Mm non hc tp thng qua vui chi v khm ph thng qua s nng ng, sng to v t duy phn bin c trong

    lp v ngoi tri.

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  • Play is an essential part of the EYFS curriculum. It is a time when your child learns the most!Vui chi l mt phn thit yu trong chng trnh ging dy Khi Mm non. y l lc cc con s hc hi c nhiu nht!

    You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation - Plato

    We love sharing experiences with our friends.Chng em chia s nhng tringhim hc tp cng cc bn.

    Being active learners helps us develop our balance, coordina-tion, health and well-being.Vic ch ng hc tp gip chng em pht trin kh nng thng bng v phi hp, c sc kho tt cng nh pht trin ton din.

    Personal, Social and Emotional DevelopmentPht trin C nhn, Quan h x hi v Cm xc

    Physical DevelopmentPht trin th cht

    MathematicsTon hc

    Understanding the WorldHiu bit v Th gii

    LiteracyNgn ng

    We learn lots of new things through sharing books with each other.Chng em hc hi c rt nhiu thng qua vic chia s sch vi nhau.

    Our Mathematics activities make problem solving fun and easy.Cc hot ng trong gi Ton khin vic gii Ton tr nn rt th v v d dng

    We are curious learners and we like to explore, experiment and inves-tigate.Chng em rt thch c hc hi, khm ph, tm hiu v thc hnh

    We learn to be confident speakers through celebrations and events.Chng em giao tip ngy cng t tin hn nh tham gia vo cc bui l v s kin.

    Communication and LanguageGiao tip v Ngn ng

    Play is importantHot ng vui chi c vai tr quan trng

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  • At BVIS Hanoi we value the importance of effective communication and the sharing of your childs learning. To do this, your child is provided with a learning journey. This is started in each of the three years of the EYFS and tracks their key learning moments throughout the course of the academic year. Teachers and their assistants are constantly taking every moment as an assessment opportunity and the photograph and record any breakthrough or landmark achievement in your childs early development. You are welcome to see their learning journey at any time but there are many planned meetings throughout the year so that you can discuss your childs progress with the adults who take care of them and observe them each day.

    There is also a blog for each class. This provides a place for staff and children to exchange ideas and educational resources at school and home. It is a great way for children and parents to share together what is happening in school.

    Working togetherAt BVIS Hanoi we recognize that you are the most important person in your childs life, and them in yours. Therefore we work closely with you and invite you to take part in various activities including information mornings, celebrations, picnics, activity days and much more.

    Ti BVIS H Ni chng ti nh gi cao tm quan trng ca vic lin lc hiu qu v chia s v qu trnh hc tp ca cc em hc sinh. lm c vic ny, mi em c pht mt cun s nht k hc tp t u nm trong ba nm hc Mm non ghi li nhng khonh khc hc tp quan trng ca cc em trong sut nm hc. Cc gio vin v tr ging thng tn dng mi c hi nh gi, chp nh v ghi li tt c thnh tch ni bt v ng nh trong qu trnh pht trin ny ca cc em. Qu v c th xem nht k ca con bt k lc no tuy nhin s c rt nhiu bui hp ph huynh trong sut nm hc Qu v c th trao i v qu trnh tin b ca con vi cc gio vin chm sc v quan st con hng ngy.

    Ngoi ra mi lp c mt trang blog ring. Trang blog ny mang li mt mi trng gio vin v hc sinh c th trao i tng v cc ngun tham kho ti trng v nh. y l mt cch tuyt vi cc em hc sinh v ph huynh cng chia s nhng hot ng trng.

    Mi quan h hp tcTi BVIS H Ni chng ti nhn thy rng Qu v l ngi quan trng nht trong cuc sng ca con, v cc con cng l ngi quan trng nht vi Qu v. Bi vy chng ti s hp tc cht ch vi Qu v v mi Qu v ti tham gia rt nhiu cc s kin bao gm cc bui thng tin, k nim, cc chuyn d ngoi, cc hot ng trong ngy hc v hn th na.

    Keeping in touchLin lc vi Ph huynh

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  • All the fun activities that you do with your child at home are important in supporting their learning and development and have a really long lasting effect on your childs learning as they progress through school.

    If you make time every day to do some of the following things with your child it will make a real difference to your childs confidence as a young learner.

    Tt c cc hot ng vui chi Qu v c th cng lm vi con nh u rt quan trng trong vic h tr vic hc tp v pht trin ca con v c nh hng lu di ti qu trnh hc tp ca con v sau ny.

    Vic Qu v dnh thi gian mi ngy cng tham gia cc hot ng sau vi con s gip con tr nn t tin hn trong hc tp

    Share a bookCng c mt cun sch

    Share your childs class newsletter

    Cng c bn tin lp

    Plant seeds or bulbs in a pot or garden patch

    Trng cy trong chu cnh hoc t vn

    Role play together

    Cng chi ng vai

    Cook or bake together

    Cng nu n hoc nng bnh

    Sing songsCa ht

    Visitsinteresting places

    Ti thm nhng a im th v

    How I can help with my childs learning Cch Ph huynh h tr con hc tp

    Talk to your child about their day

    Ni chuyn v ngy i hc ca con

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  • A day at BVIS Hanoi is definitely full of fun and learning! But there are also a few other things you may like to know.

    Morning Routine

    At BVIS Hanoi safety and care are extremely important to us. At the beginning of each day all children are met at the gates by our EYFS staff who will welcome them and help them to class where more staff will be on hand to start your childs day positively.

    Swimming is important

    Learning to swim is an important part of the curriculum at BVIS and an important lifelong skill to develop. In F1 and F2, the children take part in splash pool sessions and this is one of the activities the children look forward to most. There is no formal swimming instruction at this stage. The focus of our sessions is to build the childrens water confidence and to have lots of fun!

    More formal swimming instruction begins in F3 and when the children are ready they progress to the larger indoor pool.


    We recognize that having a healthy, balanced diet helps to develop and promote a healthy lifestyle and well-being throughout your childs life. We carefully monitor the food your children eat during the day and ensure it is nutritious to help them grow and develop normally. We provide regular snacks in the morning and afternoon to supplement their diet.


    Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day and can independently re-fill their water bottles as and when needed.

    Quiet time

    There are opportunities for the children who need to rest or sleep in the afternoon but it is very important to establish early bed time routines with your child.

    Settling in period

    Starting school is one of the most important times in your childs life as well as yours! We strive to develop your childs confidence and independence as quickly as possible but it does vary from child to child. It is important that we communicate as much as possible to make the early transition to school life as smooth and successful as possible.

    Life in EYFS at BVIS Hanoii sng hc tp Khi Mm non

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  • Mt ngy hc ti BVIS H Ni lun trn y nim vui v hc tp! Tuy nhin cng c mt s iu m Qu v cn bit

    Bui sng

    Ti BVIS H Ni s an ton v quan tm ht sc quan trng vi chng ti. Bt u mi ngy hc, i gio vin Mm non s cho n cc em t cng trng v gip cc em vo lp. Trong lp c cc gio vin lun sn sng chun b cho cc em bt u ngy hc mt cch tch cc.

    Hc bi rt quan trng

    Mn bi li l mt phn hc quan trng trong chng trnh hc ti BVIS v mt k nng quan trng pht trin trong cuc sng. Ti lp F1 v F2, cc em hc sinh c cc gi vui chi trong b bi nh ngoi tri v y l mt trong nhng hot ng m cc em mong ch nht. Nh Trng khng t chc nhng bui hc bi chnh thc trong giai on ny. Cc gi hc chnhthcsbtulpF3vkhiccemsnsngchuynsangbbilntrongnh.Trng tm ca nhng gi hc ny l nhm to s t tin cho tr khi di nc v cc em c mt thi gian vui v!

    n nh

    Chng ti nhn thy rng ba n tt cho sc khe, cn bng gip pht trin li sng lnh mnh v ton din trong sut cuc sng ca tr. Chng ti gim st cht ch n hng ngy ca cc em v m bo rng thc n y cht dinh dng gip cc em ln v pht trin bnh thng. Chng ti cung cp cc ba n nh vo bui sng v bui chiu b sung ch n cho cc em.

    Nc ung

    Cc em hc sinh c khuyn khch ung nc trong sut ngy hc v t ly nc vo bnh khi cn.

    Thi gian ngh

    C rt nhiu c hi nhng em hc sinh cn ngh ngi hoc ng vo bui chiu nhng iu quan trng l phi thit lp thi quen i ng sm cho con.

    Qu trnh thch nghi

    Bt u i hc l mt trong nhng thi im quan trng nht trong cuc i ca con v ca Qu v. Chng ti lun c gng pht trin s t tin v t lp ca con nhanh nht c th nhng mi tr u s c s khc bit. iu quan trng l nh Trng v Ph huynh thng xuyn lin lc con c th ln lp mt cch thun li v thnh cng nht.

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  • What to put in my childs bag dng cc em cn mang theo khi n trng

    A spare uniformMt b ng phc d phng

    Swimming / PE Kit (towel and swimming costume)

    bi/ng phc th dc (khn tm v bi)


    Water bottleChai nc

    Sometimes learning and having fun can be messy. So, a spare uniform may be needed.i lc cc em c th b vy bn trong lc hc tp v vui chi. Do , mt b ng phc d phng s rt hu ch.

    This should be brought during your childs swimming/splash pool session.Cn chun b bi cho con mang n trng khi c tit hc bi.

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