Extrusion of Plastic Metal Combinations - in One Go!

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Transcript of Extrusion of Plastic Metal Combinations - in One Go!

Extruding Plastic & Metal in One Go

Extruding Plastic & Metal in One GoApplications and Manufacturing of Hybrid Extrusion Profiles

Traditional Co-ExtrusionIf one material doesnt meet all technical requirements, it is combined with another material to yield further functions Usually soft and hard thermoplasticsHowever there are many applications which require the combination of plastics and metals,e.g. cables, hinges, spoilers, frames, ...

Surface CoatingA common solution is the coating of the core material with thin layers, either sprayed or glued Usually soft and hard thermoplasticsBut what if the extruded thermoplastic profile needs to have a metallic look or provide metal properties?

Hybrid Extrusion

Hybrid ExtrusionCombining thermoplastics and metals during the extrusion process is called Hybrid Extrusion

Hybrid Extrusion Why?This new approach to material engineering has made it much easier to provide materials with a cool touchChrome- or aluminum glance and combinations of stiff and soft propertiesE.g. conductance, magnetic attraction, and stiffness - all of that in a cost effective way Several new fields of application

Hybrid Extrusion How?1. One base layer the thermoplastic, e.g. PVC, TPU, ABS Granules fed into hopper, melted in screw path2. Forcing of the material through a die & cooling it3. Roll forming follows (different possibilities here, for details see the free whitepaper): apply even pressureThis is the trickiest part which requires experience to avoid surface damage4. Cutting of the material

Hybrid Extrusion Avoid mistakesIt is important to consider a couple of factors before getting started:Design: Can extrusion do the job?Material: Which materials are suited?Processing: Which die architecture makes sense?Line designProcess & quality control

Contact usTo find out how Hybrid Extrusion works in detail, you can get Meldons free whitepaper here:www.meldon.eu/whitepaper/hybrid-extrusion

Contact usFor further questions, you can also contact our experts at MeldonPeter LubbersConsulting Project Manager Product Development [email protected]

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