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  • Evaluation         After  producing  and  editing  my  stop  motion  animation  I  conducted  a  screening   where  roughly  20  people  had  the  opportunity  to  act  as  film  critiques  and  analyze   my  animation;  giving  important  criticism  and  feedback  in  the  form  of  answering   an  online  questionnaire.    The  overall  response  was  extremely  good  and   rewarding  and  it  was  interesting  finding  out  peoples  opinions  on  how  things   were  successful  and  unsuccessful.  As  you  can  see  pictured  below  nobody  disliked   my  animation,  which  was  pleasing,  and  even  better  was  that  people  actually   thought  it  was  executed  very  well.    

          Genre     People  generally  responded  positively  towards  my  animation  and  from  the   initial  question  they  were  able  to  understand  the  intention  behind  it.  People   recognized  that  it  was  designed  for  trailer  purposes  almost  teasing  for  what’s  to   come  with  the  full  film.  However,  people  interpreted  it  differently  to  others   (Which  was  the  impact  I  wanted  to  bestow  on  people)  one  of  the  answers  even   considered  the  possibility  of  it  being  an  advertisement  apposed  to  a  film  trailer.     The  genre  that  was  unanimously  opted  was  Action/Adventure.    (Screenshot  from   the  trailer  pictured  below)    

        People  were  able  to  spot  connotations  relating  to  the  genre.  For  example,  the   scenes  containing  violence  and  fighting  instantly  make  you  think  the  genre   would  be  action,  due  to  there  being  a  significant  amount  of  action  people  were   able  to  decide  early  on.  Plus,  when  you  think  of  superheroes  you  naturally  think   heroic  adventure  films.  From  my  own  perspective  the  genre  I  was  aiming  for  was   indeed  action  and  adventure.  So  subsequently  people  were  able  to  work  it  out   which  suggests  that  my  genre  was  made  clear.  Lot’s  of  previous  work  exist  in  this   genre,  in  fact  some  of  my  initial  ideas  came  from  watching  stop  motion   animation  from  the  likes  of  ‘YouTube  ‘and  ‘Daily  motion’.  There  are  too  many  

  • examples  to  possible  name  or  choose  between  because  the  standard  found  on   YouTube  can  range  from  complicated,  intricate  pieces  and  lesser  standard  ones.       Characters     I  asked  multiple  questions  relevant  to  my  characters  within  my  production.  The   main  one  I  was  intrigued  with  was  ‘from  watching  my  animation  who  would  you   regard  as  the  main  character?  What  impressed  me  was  the  variety  of  answers   that  I  received.  Ranging  from  the  likes  of  ‘The  Joker’  to  ‘Captain  America’.      

        Because  the  joker  voiced  the  narration  so  I  was  expecting  that  too  be  the  more   common  answer;  and  it  was.  However  it  was  nice  to  see  multiple  o  her   suggestions,  which  means  people  interpreted  it  different.  Which  is  the  effect  I   want  people  to  experience  when  watching  my  animation.    The  majority  of  my   characters  were  recognizable.    I  only  used  these  well  known  characters  apposed   to  the  lesser  known  ones  because  when  appealing  to  my  target  audience.   Because  I  was  generally  aiming  for  people  around  my  age  such  as  fellow  students   I  understood  that  superheroes  are  not  everybody’s  cup  of  tea.  So  I  decided  to   only  use  the  big  names.  However  to  my  surprise  everyone  who  answered  my   questionnaire  were  able  to  decipher  the  difference  between  Marvel  and  DC.      

        I  got  inspiration  character  wise  from  films  such  as  the  avengers  and  other  highly   rated  superhero  films.  I  thought  with  the  more  noticeable  characters  in  it  the   more  likely  a  better  reception  would  occur.  The  Characters  and  their  stories  are   fairly  ambiguous  so  I  doubt  from  watching  the  animation  my  audience  could   relate  to  them.    The  style  of  the  piece  is  fairly  clear  due  to  the  choice  of   characters.  This  allowed  people  to  understand  early  the  tone  I  was  aiming  to   achieve  within  my  production.  I  feel  the  target  audience  could  range  from  a  very  

  • young  age  to  even  an  old  age.  It  is  down  to  personal  opinions  and  what  people   like  to  watch.  Superheroes  are  commonly  associated  with  the  younger   generation  and  are  promoted  through  likes  of  comics  and  toys.  However,  a  lot  of   the  previous  generation  have  grown  up  with  the  whole  superhero  concept  and   could  still  be  keen  on  the  topic.       Narrative     The  narrative  much  like  the  story  behind  the  characters  was  intended  to  be   ambiguous,  what  I  mean  by  this  was  tat  intentionally  the  narrative  was  meant  to   be  unclear.  My  plan  for  my  animation  was  for  it  to  be  a  trailer,  but  as  the   production  and  editing  was  underway  I  realized  that  for  a  more  successful  out   come  I  should  consider  making  it  a  teaser  trailer  instead.  This  then  creates  the   sense  of  mystery  of  what’s  to  come.  By  not  revealing  too  much  I  was  able  to   create  that  ambiguous  feel  I  was  trying  to  obtain.  Some  of  the  answers  however   thought  there  was  a  clear  narrative  and  the  storyline  for  what’s  to  come  is   understandable.  Fortunately  two  people  were  unable  to  see  a  clear  narrative  and   gave  an  honest  answer.  I  find  this  beneficial  when  people  have  contrasting   answers  because  it  allows  me  some  middle  ground  when  it  came  to  the  final   production.  My  target  audience  for  the  narrative  was  open-­‐minded  people,   people  who  were  willing  to  accept  what  they  watch  and  then  try  and  decipher   what’s  to  follow.  The  narration  was  initially  going  to  be  voiced  by  a  fellow   student.  However  due  to  unforeseen  circumstances  he  was  unable  to  do  it.  So  I   considered  the  next  best  alternative.    By  using  snippets  from  the  infamous  ‘Dark   Knight’  film  I  was  able  to  piece  together  something  that  sounds  like  a  memorable   speech.  ‘  I  think  it  was  used  effectively.  ‘Using  the  Joker  as  the  narrator   emphasizes  the  utter  twistedness  and  nihilistic  tendencies  of  the  character.  I   think  more  voices  would  have  disrupted  and  fragmented  the  tone  and  energy  of   the  trailer.  Using  one  voice  carries  and  continues  the  growing  energy  of  the   trailer  rather  than  it  changing  with  each  different  voice’  was  a  response  that  I   was  overwhelmed  with.      

        It  effectively