Essential Question: What are the historical reasons for

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Transcript of Essential Question: What are the historical reasons for

Diapositiva 1establishment of the modern State of Israel in 1948;
include the Jewish religious connection to the land,
the Holocaust, anti-Semitism, and Zionism in Europe.
SS7H2c. Describe how land and religion are reasons
for continuing conflicts in the Middle East.
Essential Question:
previous lesson. Where is Israel?
Israel did not exist.
be permitted to settle in the area of Palestine.
Still…no state of Israel???
Finally, in 1947 the
would you describe the
countries of the world (founded in 1945)
to promote peace, security, and
economic development.
Jewish and Arab kingdoms.
scatter across
the world.
Ottoman Empire
groups think they have the right to
summarize important
vote from the United Nations
(UN) to divide Palestine (former
part of the Ottoman Empire)
into Jewish and Arab states.
The Establishment of Israel
state of Israel was established:
Jewish religious connection
to the land
located in the area:
the Romans (Temple Mound)
The Temple Mound is the
holiest site in Judaism,
but it is restricted.
Temple Mound, the
holiest site accessible
Islam. Jerusalem’s holiness to Muslims
comes from its strong association with
Prophets of Islam whose stories have been
told in the Qur’an (their holy book).
Think, Pair, Share:
so far, how does land and religion
cause conflict in the Middle East?
Both religions, Judaism and
Islam, have religious connection
displaced (moved) Jews and settle
them in Palestine.
when the Jews were first conquered
and began to scatter throughout
Europe and Asia.
Europe. During WWI, Britain worked with
the Zionist movement. However, Britain
had to back down from its support to
calm the uneasy tensions with the Arabs.
What is Zionism? [2:44]
discrimination against the Jews
Jews for centuries because many people
believed the Jews were an inferior race
Some European countries put restrictions
on the rights of Jews
The Establishment of Israel:
Germany forced other countries to
persecute the Jews.
mass murder of close to six million Jews
Hitler and the Nazi party took Anti-Semitism
to a horrifying level
concentration camps